When turning around can get you banned instantly

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  • Why is Hutch wearing a sweat with a GREEN frog on it?!

  • Is that miz merch? Wee

  • For a moment I thought she was the mother of these two.

  • Yup, I have clinical depression........my room looks like that when we dont want to do anything but sleep. Buying clothes make us feel good.....when most of the time we just feel horrible. We don't give a rip so we just leave them on the floor.

  • 16:19 Henry initiates "Cut It " Chanting intensifies 😆😆 5 seconds later Kill it ! Kill It ! Henry : What the Hell are you guys chanting ? lmao

  • Hachubby's reactions to Henry's "man of culture" comments is hilarious.... Must be how Jeannie used to feel 😂😂😂😂😂

  • sooo whos the korean streamer on thumbnail

  • Wait how did Jeanie multiply

  • The way HAchubby read that title reminds me so much of Little Misfortune.

  • I want the cubic window

  • Them being surprised you can grow a pepper plant from a pepper seed truly shocked me. That and they didn't know they can change colors as they ripen.

  • Tha surfer was smoove wit it

  • 0:12 Henry dies inside

  • anyone got the sauce for 19:43

  • none of those seats at the baseball stadium were dirty they were all sun damaged some plastics can get bleached of there colour when left in direct sun light for hours/days at a time

  • or my gor

  • 9:26 it is good, try it

  • OMG i have serveral ambulances coming in my direction!!! LISTEN 0:02

  • Eats octopus? Wth😶

  • Wat did I tell you?""Do Not pet the Lion""!....

  • seriously guys , that is a 'blow torch" not a "flame thrower". HUGE DIFFERENCE

  • The new girl was weird

  • Hi MxR. I really enjoy your videos and genuinely great couple. I don't really know what to call it but this is something I have noticed anytime people from cultures that are very different and have a totally different way of speaking come and interview or react to Amrican customs it seems that the "Americans" in this situation will almost immediately start changing their general way of speaking.... almost mimicking the accents and kinda breaking things Down barney style as if these foreigners certainly wouldn't understand our complex American conversations. I think its hilarious and i have also been guilty myself lol

  • So this is the side chick you cheet on geenie with off camera

  • I swear if you listen to this and not watch the video you start to wonder if your still in youtube.

  • jesus a third of a year xd, its not that much, besides those two came from a seed out of what, 50?

  • Clean your room first... Jordan Peterson approves of this message.

  • BRO that lion looks exactly like my carpet creepy

  • I like how the thing that was most shocking to them was that you can grow a plant from a seed.

  • After watching this i thank myself that I'm single 😌

  • thsi video shows that henry and jeannie are more american than asian haha

  • You get it wrong TWICE? :) Fucking Gawd parted the Red Sea.

  • 18:51 - I've never felt so understood before.

  • Disliked cause my favorite color is green. 😅

  • I need me some Ha Chu on the piano now 🙃🖤

  • That face Henry makes to the camera when Jeannie asks if they like her outfit. "Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anything" We've all been there buddy.

  • I hope y'all actually know seeds grow to plants

  • 19:39 my pleasure

  • Why tf are you guys so surprised at plants growing and shit like that? How do you think bell peppers are grown? And how are those pool steps so gross, Jeannie and HAcubby you guys are wusses

  • At this point they'll have a whole group of streamers reacting together

  • *Imagine having a very raunchy thumbnail and risking people to look at it before getting your video taken down*

  • Henry convinced them to do waifu noises at the start. Perfect.

  • 19:39

  • I am a manic deprressant and the depression room video is some real shit .

  • Can I ask the name of twitch streamer near the end of the video dear Henry or any one in the comments to dive me a answer?

  • Takoyaki is octopus btw

  • A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one!


  • Yoo

  • who was that streamer at 19:40 ? (for research purposes)

  • I'm new here... is it supposed to feel so awkward..?

  • Seiso

  • You wanna find that person, who when you *slap*, it's perfect... 😏

  • Henry awkwardly touches shoulder " you satisfied"

  • Dude dosent know what alge is. Your Fired!

  • I liked Hachubbi. She was very "real".

  • Henry, seeing a Bell Pepper seed: "Wait, you can grow a whole pepper from that?" Boy, do you not understand what a seed is???

    • Then he said waiting all that time for 2 of them to grow. Um Just plant more of the seeds and boom you are good for a while.

  • Tornado omelette is just undercooked omelette.

  • Sorry, but she makes me cringe.

  • After 30 seconds in...I immediately don't like her. Please don't have her on again. She ruins the Henry/Jeannie chemistry.

  • Why didnt this video recommended to me 2weeks ago :(

  • That food is very common in China..delicious as well..

  • She looks like she could be their child

  • Yes, Jesus parted the Red Sea … not Moses

    • Well actually it was God that did it.

  • I hope this is how they raise their kid someday minus ya know Henry

  • Every time hachubby says something interesting Jeanie is like "ohh" lol

  • 1:35 Is he getting his fur cut ? If so, the Husky race isn't meant to have it's fur cut, it's special, it protects them from cold weather AND hot weather too, so it's rlly bad for them to cut their fur. at least that's what i know

    • No he is not getting his fur cut. The dog is shedding. So they are using a blower to remove the excess amount of loose fur.

  • “Im married with her.” Henry: *r/dyinginside*

  • 1:58 ok, i get r/unixporn flashbacks idk why but... 8:30 i want this as a wallpaper... is covered by a terminal 99% of the time, but it looks nice... 11:52 removing corpse paint... but removing it traditionally is better, just use a lot of blood... i guess corpse paint is the only kind of makeup, that let you look like a mix between a living corpse and a drunk panda... (sry i'm a black metal head)

  • You honestly didn’t know that bell peppers grow from seeds? Do you eat calamari?

  • Nice!

  • I like it when You have guests on.

  • 19:23 rhythm heaven flashbacks

  • We need to see Henry In that outfit

  • Did y'all not know how plants work... Like even a little? lmao

  • It looks unfinished. I'm not a big fan of salmonella myself.

  • I'll tell you what's on them floors and frat houses. Booze, vomit, other bodily fluids. Maybe some food and drink that isn't alcoholic, but predominantly booze, puke, and sex stuff.

  • The Green stuff is a form of under-water algae that will grow in untreated water!!

  • 18:49 Henry's probably right about that, sadly.

  • Him: thanks for being here Me who skipped everything and went to the end to see the thumbnail: ok....

  • That comment was racist

  • Three Asians one math problem

  • Octopuses don't have a long lifespan, sadly.

  • Oh God, they're multiplying

  • Uhm, that omlette... *insert Gordon Ramsay* "It´s fu*kin' raw!!"

  • I need that lady that cleaned the depression room to clean my room, LOL. OMG that Lion made from straw is fricking Awesome.

  • @8:08 Says she doesn't like Green. Camera pans to show her wearing a hoodie with a GREEN FROG on it 🐸 😂😂😂😂

    • Should have seen the way she reacted to eating a vegetable. Like a 5 year old throwing a tantrum.

  • hachubby looks a jeannie whenever... henry does something weird, lol!

  • This is mega asian entertainment.

  • Some guy would pay $100 for that! 😳🧐🤣

  • HAchubby is the coolest!

  • What's the girl in the thumbnail

  • Yes Jeanie . The Red Sea… she corrects Henry about saying Jesus parted the Red Sea and then doesn’t know it was the Red Sea LOL. Oh well good thing it’s a made up thing that never happened haha

  • Oh thumbnail got me here who's that streamer on thumbnail. Ey yo somebody give me that girls twitch ID

  • I don't know how to explain it, but I definitely got a "take your daughter to work day" vibe from this. With jeannie and Henry both wearing white (making both seem older) and them both being taller than her and them explaining Satisfy (1:00).

  • She's not ok yet, she still takes drugs. Depression, is a helluva drug!

    • But she is showing lots of progress. I say good on her.

  • Oh no theres 2 of them😳

  • nice

  • noooo dont kill an octopus to eat it,there realy cool and intelegent creatures.

  • Holy crap Hachu looks super tan, i couldn't tell when she was in LA and Texas, i guess it's noticeable when she visits cloud-land Washington.