When you are VEGAN in Italy 😂

čas přidán 29. 01. 2023
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  • If you are vegan in Italy... RUN

  • As an italian I can confirm, when you say "Thank you I already ate!", the nonna/mamma really starts to ask you non stop if you want "xy" to eat, until you say yes.

    • im not italian, but my nonna is so its almost the same thing

    • So the croatians got that from u? My visit to croatia to visit my moms family. My grandma:Want some spaghetti... Me:no Gran:Cooked chicken .... Ofc

    • Da italiano, confermo totale :) *as an Italian, I confirm everything

    • Everybody who loves you, will be like this ❤️

    • @J J nur Fleisch macht Fleisch sagt meine Oma dann immer 😂👏

  • "I'm Vegan" Nonna: I have poison too.

  • New fear unlocked: don't be vegan in italy.

    • @Shanti Doss 🤫 except there are. I provided links to the studies, feel free to actually read them.

    • You @Mad Max and Chad Williams both having no proof in whatever you are trying to saying. There is no such studies like eating only vegetables are healthy or eating only non veg are healthy. Actually both of food like vegetables and meats are healthy. In meats, There are white meats like chicken and it have high protein, less fat if you boil them and eat it. There are some foods causes carcinogenic like MSG but this compounds also found in cheese and tomato. Mad Max if you tried to ate both food I mean veg and non veg in balanced then you don't face problems. You can't inform such inaccurate info about vegan life gives you longer life. There are many have allergies to certain types of nuts, vegetables and fruits. I have also been allergic to eating clam meat. So I can only eat chicken, fish, eggs, crabs and vegetables.

    • ​@Iodicodino minestrone soup

  • Your nonna looks suspiciously handsome

  • The fact that Nonna said Chicken alfredo breaks my heart.

    • @Pinoz hell yeah it does, it was invented in rome

    • @UsrNmTknit’s really hilarious to read all these food debates because all the tambourine dancing about aUtHeNtIcItY is just another way to feel superior to other people. They call some basic dishes disgusting, like dude it’s just chicken and cheese, shut up and enjoy your meal

    • @Seitan Beats Your Meat Why do you assume I'm American? Anyways, keeping food in an unbending state kills creativity and exploration. All cultures across the globe have "traditional" foods. However even within the same cultures there are debates on the "real authentic traditional" recipe is. It should be about good food while maintaining culture instead of staying in a fragile tiny box where nothing can come in or go out. Also it's clear you've never had a good American Southern BBQ meal. Countries have so much more to offer then just food. Instead of the death grip on food. How about relaxing a bit ya?

    • @UsrNmTknfood in Italy is serious business and culture. It’s not gatekeeping to keep a heritage… American claim to fame is what? Pop tarts? Hot dogs? Stay in your lane

    • I’m American, and married to an Italian (we live in Italy) and I made him chicken Alfredo… not only was he super mad I called it an Italian dish but wanted to know “Who is this Alfredo, and what is his sauce!” 😂😂 That was 10 years ago, now I know better

  • As an Italian myself, I know for a fact that if I said that to my Nonna, she would genuinely not know what that means and would be confused.

    • Wouldn't she think it's the new way to say 'gay'?

  • That's funny. I'm vegan and Italian been one for over 25 years. I grew up outside Siena. I had to bring my own food with me everywhere 😂. I didn't get to try tofu until I went to university and met Asians. Today it is so much easier to be vegan today in Italy so many places have vegan options.

    • Living in a majority vegan people country I couldn't imagine how you have managed. Respect your decision dude. Well if you wanna try more vegan dishes try Indian cuisine. Trust me it'll take you a very good amount of time to cover all the dishes and dessert😁. We literally offer 56 type of vegan dishes at one time to Krishnaji (one of our God) so you can imagine the amount 😆

    • 25 years?! Amazing 👏🏻 👏🏻💚 I'm vegan and Italian has always been my favourite food, I don't let it stop me from eating Italian (inspired) food on the regular lol. But I'm glad to hear Italy has more options for us when I eventually get to go 😁

    • tofu tofu tofu tofu tofu❤❤❤

    • Thank you wanted to go to Italy as a tourist 😅

  • *Grabs the spoon cutely*

  • "I am vegan." Nonna: *Death glare*

  • Grandma even appealed to Chicken Alfredo 🤭🤭

  • The ending! 🤣 we need more of nonna mattè!

  • I knew like 5 Italian foreign exchange students from Italy and 3 of them were Vegans. They actually had a lot of recipes that you did not need meat, or animal by products, they did really well and I enjoyed their food, cause Italian food with or without meat is just so freakin delicious.

    • @17lyra777 thank you for the information.

    • ​@Ram T Aglio e olio is basic but delicious 😋 and accidentally vegan friendly. But there are plant based alternatives to practically everything, and just like with omnivorous foods, some of it is wonderful and some of it is not great

    • @Ram T Well a lot of their recipes didn’t use cheese, but they would use vegan cheese I suppose, of course it’s not the same to those of us that consume dairy products but if it made them happy, why not. I still enjoyed it.

    • how was it without cheese

  • This is accurate but I’m not Italian if I ever say I’m vegan or something I will actually be kicked out lol

    • @belgium comics It's already getting more open minded in the last years between young people, but Italy is a country with lots of culture and traditions with a majority of old people so that's why it's an harder and slower process than in other countries..i think.

    • ​​@Degra In the light of that do you think Italian culture needs to get more open minded about these things?

    • I'm vegetarian from Italy, when i said that to my grandma it was as hard to accept as when i told her that i don't believe in god...

  • "Death" By starvation 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ​@Danny Esse Aglio e olio has been one of my favourites, pre and post vegan lol there's so much we can already eat and it's too easy to adapt recipes nowadays anyway 😄

    • Shame that there are hundreds of vegan dishes in the traditional Italian cuisine. Farinata, pasta e ceci, pasta e fagioli, pane e panelle, minestrone, caponata, pasta al pomodoro, pizza with vegetables and so many salads… just a few examples.

  • You know you’re fucked when Nonna brings out the wooden spoon 😂

  • Matteo upgraded his nonna game with the wig! I love it! 🤣

  • *takes out pasta sword*

  • Ah, yes. The wooden spoon of death, also known as "spooning"...

  • What a good grandmother... Ending the misery that is her fai- I mean grandson...

  • Never be vegan in Italy🤣🤣🤣

  • Im forcing that vegan teacher / Karen English teacher to go to Italy

  • Ironically, the few Italian vegan recipes that exists slaps. There is a cherry tomato pasta recipe I cook more often than I want to confess.

    • The few that exist? There are a lot. What are you talking about?

  • Even American grandmas would’ve been heartbroken. 😅

  • I can confirm, la mia nonna doesn’t take no for an answer. “Mangia!” “Mangia!”

  • As a vegan, going to Italy was one of the best experiences in my life. They are veeeeery inclusive.

  • If that vegan teacher goes to Italy, it would be this

  • As a huge Lord of the Rings fan, this is especially funny 😂❤ Also, in all seriousness, what about people with Celiac’s who can’t eat gluten? I feel so like so much Italian good includes gluten

    • The gluten free aisle at my local Mercato is huge.

    • Italian restaurants are very good about food intolerances. I am lactose intolerant, and even a temp Waiter will know exactly what it is, and what I can’t have on the menu.

    • @EM Cash yeah, it's a bit of a bummer :( but there are also restaurants certified so people don't have to fear food contamination and can eat safely ☺️

    • @kp8ttie wow I never realized that. I always felt so bad for Italians with Celiac’s…

    • we are gluten-free pasta and bread and pizza. plenty of my friends have celiac's (it's rather common) so you can find equivalents in every market. also if it's tested you have celiac's, you are also eligible to a fixed monthly check for food expeses as these subsitutes are more expensive. ofc it's not enough to cover the gap but it helps. also you can find pasta made with flours from plenty of gluten-free ingredients as well :) like lentins pasta!

  • Remember, if vegan teacher ever act up to you send her to Italy

  • She was so concerned she even asked if he wanted chicken fettuccine Alfredo

  • Nonna: heart attack🥲

  • I never thought I’d hear an Italian offer Chicken Alfredo as a meal, I thought it wasn’t approved :0

  • When I visited my family in Italy they made me the best vegan food of my life for every single meal

  • chicken alfredo... another choosen death :D

  • *Nonna knows that there's no such thing as "No thanks, I already eat" in Italy.*

  • Dosnt matter what country your from, grandmas will always stuff our faces with food.

  • Nonna Matteo! I'm dead 😂😂 Approved!

  • Having an Italian grandma sounds awesome lol

  • Those meal names sound like a poem when grandma counts 🌹

  • Imagine if That Vegan Teacher discovers this short...

    • I don't like her but she'd never starve in Italy there are tons of accidentally plant based foods in Italy, and it's very easy to veganise almost any omni meals

    • Done. 😁

    • 😅😅😅😅 we can post it on her channel.

  • This is so heart wrenching esp. saying no to your grandmother

  • Oké I really needed this! 🤣🤣 Grazie mille!

  • She can still make pasta with tomoto sauce

  • ThatVeganTeacher should see this video lmao

  • Italians whenever someone insults their food:

  • if you see this woman while vegan..i recommend you to run

  • Nonna really said, I'm sending you to a different country including a broken leg

  • Just found this channel - laughing so much had to subscribe. Love from the UK

  • Well actually italy is known for having a big vegetarian menu

    • @GraviTrax Okay. I thought you didn't know.

    • @LilyLotus your text does not make sence sorry

    • @GraviTrax thought you didn't know when difference. you wanna know how I know, a vegan will tell you every five seconds....

    • @LilyLotus i'm talking about vegetarien and not vegan

    • And do they use cheese or eggs in those dishes? If they do, it is not vegan.

  • Showed this to my grandmother who is from Italy LOL she started laughing like death.

  • Just say yes, it’s much more compatible with staying alive

  • 😂😂😂 In Iraq you will face difficulties when you are vigan 😂

    • @Maryam Tashan Thank you for your information , and you are from which city in Iraq?

    • @rozha omer dolma isn't really an iraqi cuisine but we make it in our own style and each home uses different recipes i hope the Europeans see this so they can recognise iraq more 😁 and ofc there is masgoof and pacheh

    • @Maryam Tashan Yes it's so tasty 😋 Iraqis cuisine is the best cuisine in the entire world

    • @rozha omer i love dolma 😋

    • @Maryam Tashan Yes we have falafel 🥙 and I don't like it 🥲

  • I was in italy it was great loved it

  • “I’m vegan” “So you have chosen death.” GOT ME DYING😂😂😂

  • You're in danger 😂😂

  • Not vegan but a lot of vegetarian options in Italian food that i must confess are at par with my greatest love of all time and that is Indian food❤

  • Your friend is no longer a friend, but your grandmother

  • non-vegan vegan 👇 👇

  • Nobody's going to talk about how the ending was from Lord of the Rings?? 😭

  • Honestly, death by blunt spoon would be merciless torture. 🤣

  • Omg l got hungry !!! Italy is full of good food!

  • Calling all Italians, calling all Italians Robert can cook made another mistake

  • Never change, my friends

  • Italian and Filipino grannies kinda have the same vibes, they're not easy to be pleased and stubborn. And when you fucced up of eating their prepared dish you'll end up straight in limbo.

  • I love this Chanel, it shows what True friendship is,

  • No grandma in the world will leave her grandchild hungry

  • Lol this is more like an Italian American granny than an Italian one

  • That wooden spoon is a weapon of mass destruction

  • Last summer, we were in vacations, in a group of 12 friends. Most of them were vegetarians, not vegans. One of the girls was Italian, and yes, she had troubles with those who didn't eat meat. That, and the fact that they couldn't cook pasta right.

  • There's always a bit of space for grandma's dessert

  • I am Italian. And I confirm this

  • It doesn't matter if you ate before going to nonna's house if you say no thank you. You've basically chosen death by wooden spoon

  • Similar like in Poland. Try to explain to “Babcia” that you are not hungry 😅

  • Send this to that vegan teacher 💀

  • you made me hungry from this

  • Similar to Greece. “He don’t eat no meat? I’ll make lamb.”

  • Actually the Italian kitchen as a lot of vegan recepi. I love to go to an italian restaurant voor pasta and tomato/eggplant sauce or pizza (Vega) with tomate and garlic etc... Saved my life very often🤭💕

  • as a pescatarian i would say let the land animals live🤣

  • What’s worse than being vegan in Italy? Being gluten free.

  • Bro committed the prohibited thing in every grandmas house

  • hahaha.. approved it 🤣

  • if i love italy its only for food and lionfield, thank you guys❤️ (im italian by the way)

  • These "Noona" Series are very entertaining 😂❤

  • Same thing in Australia, we got pies beer and sausages and that’s it

  • Ah as a vegan in Italy - the meat part is easy but the eggs and diary, they’re everywhere

  • Nonna sound like “nuna” in korean which means elder sister

  • *“So you have chosen death by S P O O N”*

  • Italy when someone is vegan :choose your weapon.

  • i want italian nonna 😭😭

  • There is always one choice : The ananas pizza.

  • As a person who is not vegan I think I would love Italy 😀

  • Già che la nonna parla inglese é incredibile

  • the smol spatula (ladle?) was so anticlimactic was what made it funnier!!! lol

  • Rumour has it that you have sign a waiver to not be a vegan and never put pineapple on your pizza to get through italian immigration.

  • My Nonna always has every food available when I’m at her house. but I have to eat it all and I feel so bad when I have to say, no more.

  • my grandmother used to be like that... I miss her so much 😔💖

  • As an Italian and a vegan I can say that I eat all of those dishes but the vegan version, still very yummy, provare per credere!

  • These guys should play Pizza Tower.

  • Ahhh I can hear the screams from here in montana.

  • I was expecting a cross but a spoon is fine 😂