When You Find The Perfect Unique Weapon in Minecraft Dungeons

čas přidán 22. 05. 2020
It's all about finding better loot. Before I even started today's adventure I grinded out a full set of unique items. These are the rarest that can be found with all the right enchantments. I even brought Blitz along today for some assistance. We made it through the dungeon with only a few setbacks. But it's all in search of better and better items. Now that I'm into the game I can see what I need to do.. Minecraft Dungeons gameplay with my commentary as always!
MInecraft Dungeons - www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons
Microsoft provided a copy of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’ to me for review because they're awesome.
Blitz channel - cs-tv.org/username-Blitzkriegsler
PC Specs - Intel - Core i9-9980XE 3 GHz 18-Core Processor
2xNVIDIA - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB Founders Edition Video Card (2-Way SLI)
Samsung - 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Corsair - Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-4000 Memory


  • Little did he know how far he would go... Also, he and Blitz are the perfect duo, I remember watching him in his early slime rancher vids. Those were awesome

  • when i saw him put chilling on the armor instead of final shout made me cringe

  • I give you a dislike because you are keep pausing the video then coming back to it.

    • I had a stroke while reading this... what

  • ive been doing soggy cave for two days on adeventure on hardest level and i keep getting greens but im looking for fighters binding

  • This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

  • DF is so quick-witted, it’s honestly impressive.

  • Blitz:oh no! Kevin died! Me: *_Flashbacks to people playground_*


  • When DF said, “So many things to kill, so little time,” it reminded me of “Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.”

  • Fiery forge also known as “level with the extremely gay boss”

  • 11:19 I'm sorry did I just hear DF of ALL PEOPLE laugh a little

  • Yay blitz

  • D F: right after it comes out is level 25 Me after 2 weeks:level 30 ._. Him now after 2 weeks 100 something-

  • What!? He is teamworking!?

  • 900k

  • *To beat the game you need to be good* *Do not die by not dying* *If your in lava try not to*

  • DF is like the micheal reeves of video games, wanting to see people suffer by doing crazy things

  • Is this video from a live stream? Would be fun to watch you

  • i was watching this while playing the game when i jumped of the edge as soon ad blitz threw the tnt it was PERFECT TIMING

  • I can't wait for global online play.


  • i have that hammer

  • Brooo i love this guys voice its the best

  • I genuinely can't tell if it's the 1st episode or not

  • Kevin and Kevin? What is this, Come From Away!?

  • I was like: that sounds similar, is that........ blitz? Description:YAAAAS

  • This game is baby's first diablo: torment -100

  • When I got that hammer I named it mjolnir after Thor’s hammer

  • He’s come along way from divorcing people in Stardew vally

  • Missed opportunity to name the hammer "bacon"

  • I had the renegade armor with that hammer and sharpness plus something else an kept that combo until I got something super good because 20-30% attack speed and doing 109 damage is awesome

  • 11:20 IT LAUGHED HOW WHAT WHEN WERE WHY THIS IS IMPOSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I knew these two had similarities now their playing together

  • New skill obtained: Emotions Everyone thinks DF is evolving, and... They’re right

  • Your voice is funny

  • He is one of my favorite youtuber because he is so layed back and chill

  • 11:19 he actually laughed wtf

  • Why tf everyone ripping this man. Maybe he prefers solo player games

  • F for kevin

  • Almost invincible punching fox build This build carried me from adventures lo the way until the end of apocalypse Weapons & gear : Fighters bindings :radiance 3,swirling 3,critical hit 3 Fox armor :chilling 3,protection 3,final shot 3 Imploding crossbow: infinity 3, power3, multishot 3 Artifacts : Death cap mushroom Firework arrow (combines with Infinity) Soul harvester The attack speed of the fighters bindings makes and insane amount Of radiance keeping your alive at all times IF you are constantly attacking and moving Please feel free add whatever you want to this and let me know it works for y’all

  • Lmao look at these scrubs only level 30. I’m already level 100. JK love the content. My personal favorite load out is: - a weapon (preferably a glaive) with swirling and/or leeching. - I also find fast attacking weapons such as sickles or daggers with radiance and swirling to be absolutely godly. - Armor (I like the Champion’s Armor) with Potion Barrier, Final Shout, and the Shock Roll to also be godly. - Shock Powder, Deathcap Mushroom, and Love Amulet are really good for rushing into crowds of mobs as well. Basically I’m a melee focused build with great crowd control. I typically roll into a crowd of enemies which shock them all, pop the mushroom and love amulet, the friendly mobs provide a meat shield for me while I can slash with the daggers which do the radiance thing very very often, so I’m practically always healing. If I’m in a pinch I use the potion barrier with Shock powder, roll out of the area and then go on attacking from the outside. With this load out I’m practically invincible. I have a lot of fun with it.

  • The best weapon combo in this game is the unique gauntlets with radiance and shockwave on them. And for artifacts combine that with the mushroom and the gong, you literally won't die with that combination

  • idk why but u sound like the people from Jerry Vs Harry

  • Lol i like that you're dogs nickname is kevin because that's the name of my actual dog that looks like the Minecraft wolf

  • Ayy he’s playing with Blitz! I had no clue they knew eachother

  • low level. boring af to watch

  • He sounds like king julien on crack

  • Hahaha I’ve got at least 8 uniques now on my new character and I just started

  • why does he open the supply chest and not take the arrows and the bread

  • I actually found a diamond pickaxe

  • Brooo what is that armor

  • Don’t get Minecraft dungeons on switch if you have drift you constantly do flips can someone please tell me how to stop contestant flips

  • So since you like leaching so much I just wanted to say I got an axe with double leeching mods

  • Oh, woah! Blitz is here, two of my favorite CS-tv content creators 😀

  • Omg you have friends

  • Minecraft Dungeons is a pretty good game, already level 51, and I use to watch the both of ya alot and now your gaming together, nice.

  • When does the funny part of DangerouslyFunny start? DangerouslyAnnoying, maybe... DangerouslyFullOfHimself, very likely... But DangerouslyFunny is false advertising, for sure 😕

  • I got the Stormlander the first time I played Fiery Forge

  • DF once blitz's fan and now they became friends, wow! since that bird io game, i think?


  • WHERE'S PART 1?!?!?!?!¿??¡¡!!?!!!!¿

  • 12:17 df raises voice xd

  • Is nobody gonna talk about him leaving behind a unique

  • alguien mas ve a diablo demasiado pixelado ??

  • I’ve been playing all the missions by myself cuz none of my friends list play the game rip me

  • There's a better I think

  • DF plays with people. Why did that not ever cross my mind as a possibility

  • How can you get Thor’s hammer

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  • btw u can load the bow so it does more damge i use it a lott exspeciallity for bosses

  • I also found Mjolnir last night. It kinda sucks, honestly. The venom glaive is better.

  • I am SO HAPPY about this partnership of CS-tv Gaming Entertainers. PLEASE DO MORE!!!!

  • I didn’t know you could reespawn until i got to the finel boss

  • Let's play minecraft! I'd rather place diablo. Good new I found Diablo with minecraft graphics!

  • My 2 favorite video genre youtuber co-op, brings a tear to my eye

  • When he said Kevin I thought he was playing with callmekevin

  • I got that exact same hammer, it started to suck on the final level. Rip.

  • *has mjolnir *His friend leT'S CALl IT kEviN

  • The wall giveth and the wall taketh away

  • How do u get the lightning hammer??