WHIS VS BROLY FIGHT in Dragon Ball Super BROLY!?

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TRY VRV FREE: www.vrv.co/geekdom | Dragon Ball Super Broly TRAILER 3 dropped yesterday and one of the highlights of the FINAL Dragon Ball Super Broly trailer is what LOOKS to be a confrontation: A Broly vs Whis FIGHT? Is this happening in the movie!? MJ: tinyurl.com/mjxtv | Kal: cs-tv.org/username-KALSKingdom

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  • All Whis does in the movie is dodge Broly's attacks and laugh at him. Broly couldn't even touch him.

  • Whis probably just jumps back because a platform he is standing on sinks into the lava lol.

  • broly actually fought whis but just for a short time but broly couldnt even lay a hand ..whis dodges them all

  • Teambroly all day. He's a legendary super saiyan. I wish they'd make a super saiyan devil broly now that would be epic.... Like Devil Jin in Tekken or Akuma in street fighter or evil Ryu lol

  • Angels aren't allowed to fight. I think that Paragus will get to know that Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta, that's why Broly is attacking Frieza in the first trailer. But later on in the movie, Paragus gets to know that Beerus is the one responsible for planet Vegeta's destruction. Paragus will order Broly to attack Beerus, and I think Beerus is gonna have a hard time on Broly. That is probably why Whis is there to protect Beerus. We all know Whis will 1 hit Broly easily, but Beerus can't. I totally see Whis just standing there to make sure Beerus doesn't get his ass beat by Broly

  • Whis could possibly just be holding off Broly long enough for Goku and Vegeta to do the fusion dance

  • It could just be the same location at an earlier point in time.

  • Whis i bet is stalling so Goku and Vegeta can do the fusion dance.

  • So here is what I'm thinking - Whis is going to have to step in and fight (or at the very least break things up and stop a fight) but its not going to be with Broly. No, our good pal Whis is going to be jumping in to stop our Saiyan protagonists and end their fight. But it's not the fight with Broly that he is stopping. Nope, it's to keep Goku and Vegita (or a fusion or just Vegeta) from fighting / killing Beerus. Think about it, this movie heavily involves the destruction of planet Vegita... Remember who is responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan home? Beerus. Sure Freeza blew it up, but as we have heard several times in Super - Beerus told him to do it. Beerus has gone out of his way to keep this from the Saiyans and if ever there was going to be a near perfect dramatic moment, that makes narrative sense, this would be it. Keeping in mind that the Saiyans would have likely just finished an incredibly tough fight that likely resulted in the death of the only other known living Saiyans, emotions will likely be high. I can easily see Vegita losing it and going after Beerus intending to kill, or Vegito/Gogeta if they fuse. Hell, maybe they actually do kill him and Whis has to turn back time to stop it. We don't know what could happen if an actual god of destruction dies, it could maybe destroy the universe for all we know. Regardless, it cant lead to anything good. I'm sure things won't play out exactly like this, they may not even happen at all, but I just really don't think Whis will fight Broly at all. There are too many issues with it, and it wouldn't make sense from a storytelling/narrative perspective. The plot point of Beerus's order needs to be addressed at some point and it would be pretty hard to come up with a setup that's better than this, so to me it just makes sense to do it now. Even if the Saiyans don't kill Beerus, them fighting seriously would do likely major damage to the fabric of the universe and need to be stopped, and Whis is just about the only one that could stop them. Also, it does leave the story of Dragon Ball in a very interesting place to move forward from if the movie ends with serious bad blood between everyone. Regardless of whether or not my theory plays out in any capacity I'm sure that this movie is going to be brutal and fantastic and I can't wait to see it on the biggest damn screen I can find.

  • Whis confronting Frieza in some way? Because Whis isn't fighting Broly. That just...no. No.

  • Whis (or any angels) should never fight. Dragon Ball fans can be very shallow so the minute an angel remotely goes "all out", the fandom will be in an uproar. "How did this guy get so damn strong", "this makes 0 sense..." We know how we can be 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Whis would murder him. Brolytards need to tone down their obsession with him being the strongest, especially in his debut.

  • I think whis is just there to give Goku & vegeta some tips just like in super or just watch the fight

  • Whis would beat the shit out of Broly

  • Come on now mj "dawg, scrap" please don't try to sound hood while talking About dragonball

  • Has anyone touched on the importance of the 'Halo ' in Dbsuper

  • lol whis has never powered up he tapped beerus once and put him to sleep

  • Whis is gonna recruit Broly to be God of Destruction

  • the fight is probably to give goku and piccolothe time to teach vegeta the thing.

  • At this point I don't care much about Goku's or Any other z fighters power..!! What I really want to know the is power of Gods and angels. It was mentioned a lot of times that angels are really Powerful but was never fully show in the animé..!! For me ,the only way I'd be really excited is when or if we see a serious fight of an angel.. & Also I also wanna know more about grand priest,who in my opinion is the most mysterious character in Dragon Ball

    • I would like to see the opposite thing of those angels which is...the demons. A fuckin' demon realm would be awesome.Don't you think?

  • I just wanna be at the round table debating. How can I? I’ll figure it out. Stay tuned.

  • We need an angels story arc. All 12 of em versus their daddy would be cool.

  • This is reaching

  • Skip to 1 min.

  • I got one question where’s Trunks

  • the complete addition of Whis & Beerus kills all tension this series had, even tho it didnt have much before.. i dont even think they'll ever surpass Beerus. the day Beerus is surpassed by Goku is the day Beerus' character becomes obsolete

  • Well if anything Whis could just be standing from afar, observing the fight happening at the moment

  • Don't be one of those guys. There's no fight. It's trailer trickery for sure

  • Whis i think is a distraction

  • broly the real god of destruction

  • Whis + fights full-powered Broly = defeated full-powered Broly = full-powered Broly +zenkai boost = LEGENDARY SSJ BROLY!!!!

  • What if whis recruits broly for new god of destruction

  • Whis might swap hands with Broly to see if he is a good candidate for a god of destruction.

  • What if Broly kills Goku and vegeta in the middle of there fight and whis is there to do the temporal do-over. Then broly sees whis and whis just zips around him without having to fight broly.

  • Whis gonna catch broly with a karate chop

  • Also if Whis goes against Broly it should be a pretty short. Whis is gonna body his ass

  • For those that do not know Vrv no longer has funimation

  • Whis isnt gonna fight broly at all, what i think he is there to do is test his power probably after sensing his power and seeing him smack down frieza to see if hes another candidate for beerus’ replacement. If broly can beat frieza goku and vegeta all without ( until otherwise stated) GOD KI, and since goku and vegeta would ofc be apprehensive to becoming the new god of destruction and leaving their families and lives behind broly with his raw power and no ties to mortals other then his father who very well may be gone by the end of the movie would make the perfect replacement for beerus because he is also stated to not be evil in his redesign and after training with whis to harness god ki. I believe whis will possibly dodge him a few times maybe even block a punch but thats about it in my opinion.

  • Amon Amarth intensifies

  • Here's what I think... Whis will act as a distraction so that Goku and Vegeta can figure out how to fuse.. since it's been eluded that Gogeta will be in here. Remember This is fusion dance, different from the earrings, it's harder to be in sync.. so they need time. Whis will act as a distraction.

  • Whis will one shot broly , they hinted it in battle of gods he is going to eat wasabi thank me later.

  • Ever since the infinity war trailers I no longer trust them any more.

  • I like the theory that the guys at Team Four Star came up with where Whis steps in to hold Broly back while the Spoiler character appears

  • Yo, what if Goku and Vegeta can’t handle Brolly, and Goku can’t tap into ultra instinct so they use Whis to contact Jiren and bring him to planet earth where Jiren and Brolly just go at it. That would be soooooo dope!!! I would be flipping out at the theater if they have Jiren come in to finish Brolly

  • Everyone keeps saying Whis vs Broly. My prediction is after Broly destroys Beerus Whis will transfer the title of God of destruction to Broly. Have you guys already forgot about the 4d simulation in Japan called God Broly.

  • I think he transports them to alternate realm to fight

  • Idk if this is possible but whis vs broly could happen we havent seen what happens to a very powerful character when whis rewinds time so like jiren was strong enough to transcend time against hit well what if broly ist affected by whis time rewind cause of his strength idk just a thought

  • I believe from a leaked video. Goku wishes with the Dragon Balls to fight the strongest from all the universe. That Broly is being forced by Shenron to fight Goku.

  • Geekdom have you ever thought that maybe goku is of royal blood (related to vegeta)? I mean if it's normal for saiyans to send out weak family even if it's their own wouldn't it be possible? Radittz even looks like vegeta, and the story of yamoshi talks about good sayains fighting bad saiyans and the bad sayains won correct? Maybe at some point goku and vegetas great grandfathers were brothers and somehow got into a fight over who would be the next kings and that was the fight they talked about.

  • whis can beat any one no one can beat a angle they are on a hole nother level broly can not beat whis.

  • broly will be asked to the next god of d

  • Whis tryna recruit Broly for the new god of destruction facts look at whis eyes he’s intrigued by broly destruction

  • Wow they are really pumping up broly

  • NO, they will not fight. this theorycrafting is stupid

  • Everybody: goku lost? We’re doomed Whis: hold my beer

  • I think this is a huge setup for the next movie/arc for super and I believe whis will recognize the demonic in broly and get his head right and broly will team up with goku and vegeta and jiren later on and eventually take on the grand priest

  • Whis finger flicks Broly into space dust.

  • I think whis is going to save broly in the end of the movie. Maybe on the verge of broly dieing goku or vegeta will ask whis to save him because they know that whis can revive and cure people.

  • Broly the next God of distruction

  • Is the broly movie gona be shown in the uk?

  • i think the angels are too powerful to fight they just troll and keep the gods of destructions in check.

  • This is what happens when nerds have too much time to think

  • Here we have two broly haters

  • No he's not fighting broly

  • I don't think so much fight more like observe and dodge

  • Broly isnt the bad guy here its paragus

  • Whis and broly wont be fighting

  • You said it man, universal threat, on a power level anyways.. Whis probably feels the need to intervene

  • Maybe Whis is scouting Broly and offers to train him towards a potential path to the next God of destruction

  • I feel like if Whis does face Broly, it will just be a diversion. He might just step in to toy with and distract Broly, giving Goku and Vegeta just enough time to fuse.

  • Broly next god of destruction

  • We've barely seen MUI and SSB2/Royal Blue utilized so I doubt we'll see Broly beating or going toe to toe with Whis.

  • We could see a Full Powered Beerus in this movie, Broly is meant to be stronger than G.O.D's soooo......Full Powered Lord Beerus, Ultra Instinct Goku and Evolved Blue Vegeta?!

  • This version of Broly is not only several times stronger than his previous incarnations, he is now above Jiren, but I don't think Broly would be a problem to Whis, I think the angels are so above not even Broly can touch that level. But this is just especulation because angels can't meddle with the humans, only Beerus can.

  • Broly is an example what whis told goku and vegeta to do. Stop relying on transformations and train their base forms

  • God of Destruction Broly calling it now!

  • Gohan Blanco is going to defeat Broly. Im calling it!

  • y would whis fight broly whis and berrus is not going to be inferring the fight remember that guys

  • He's may buy someone some time and broly is way to unstable to become a God of destruction OR this is a long shot but what if the supreme kai just happens to be in the vicinity of Broly rages and intervenes for the sake of saving SK which in turn keeps Beerus alive

  • What if Broly killed Vegeta or Goku and Whis rewind time? Perhaps he bought Frieza to help?

  • It don't make sense to make an angel more powerful than a god

  • I love how Geekdom already knows what happened in the movie since he watched the premiere (supposedly) since he posted it on twitter

  • Broly is no match for Whis

  • Who tf are these 2 other dudes... kinda annoying lol tell them to kick rocks

  • Could Whis be on that planet training Frieza on the sly? And what we see is a trailer misdirect whis is training with frieza then it cuts to later in the trailer when Broly fights Frieza?

  • Am I the only one thinking the reason beerus ordered frieza to destroy planet vegeta was because of the birth of broly? Perhaps Frieza would use this as an excuse to take things too far to sate his own prejudices and hey maybe the oracle fish showed beerus a vision of an unstoppable Broly in the future that eclipsed even his own power. Anyway, food for thought.

  • *Reads the title* *My pant is outta here*

  • I’m posting this before I watch. I think whiz is going to transport the battle somewhere else because of the level of destruction being caused on earth. I think he’ll hop in and transport them. Broly will be enraged n shit and probably rush whiz. He’ll dodge and watch from the sideline. I think Beerus and whiz being gods wont really care about the outcome but the battle will be entertaining to beerus. He just Dosent want earth destroyed because of the food lmao. If Broly goes toe to toe with whiz...having UI. It’ll nerf whiz REALLY BAD.

  • I wanna see this fight

  • The title sounds like click bait

  • *Botamo can still beat Broly in a fight...... Unless they gonna retcon him again*

  • I think Weis will just avoid Brolys attacks and then bounce with whomever is involved in the fight. But my real question is about the dragon balls do you think they will wish for Brolly to have his control tech back on to try to stop him?? I really don't think that they will be able to beat him without some sort of trickery.... Thoughts??

  • Hey geekdom could you review my song k Zeus - ultra instinct there’s a lot of dragon ball street fighter and naruto references

  • Dude it’s simple, whis instant transmissions Frieza to that planet that broly is on, broly probably charges whis and he just is like later guys and bounces out lol

  • I wana see whis get angry vein poppin pissed jus once lol

  • Plot twist, broly is the protagonist.

  • Whis and broly with touch gloves. Went back (since this guy didn't show the clip about his topic in the video) and take a look at trailer 3 for some clues. I see that whis faces him before going full out cause he fight goku in possibly this same place while in base form, now this might trigger him going full tilt not being able to hit whis. Not what is not known is why whis was there and a fair guess would be to tell or give the boys something and broly attracts him for a sec before he leaves. Since we don't know where this takes place it's hard to say that it's to avoid destroying earth and it's yummy food.

    • Or his can disappear right before broly lands the hit like we've seen several times before

  • None of this makes sense, why we'll here goes. Whis is beeres trainer so broly would now be stronger than beeres Thanos (that's what I call that other guy from the tournament) was the strongest ever and called stronger than a God so why is broly now being seen as such a surprise when not long ago they went up against thanos.

  • Whis is going to distract Broly while Goku and Vegeta perform the fusion dance, similar to what Pikkon did to Janemba in Movie 12

  • Remember when the supreme kai told everyone that there are only a handful of species that existed in Universe 7, and most of them were too weak to compete, how is it that the supreme kai or whis not mention broly?