Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? - Who Needs To Fix It?

čas přidán 21. 06. 2020
This video is part of a series about climate change supported by Breakthrough Energy - a coalition founded by Bill Gates, that is working to expand clean-energy investment and support the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero carbon emissions.

Also a special thanks to the team at Our World for helping us out with data and research!

Sources & further reading:

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have released over 1.5 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide or CO2 into the earth's atmosphere. In the year 2019 we were still pumping out around 37 billion more. That’s 50% more than the year 2000 and almost three times as much as 50 years ago. And it’s not just CO2. We’re also pumping out growing volumes of other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. Combining all of our greenhouse gases, we’re emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.
And emissions keep rising - but they need to get down to 0!

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  • China is worse is because population is most so china expend to cities instead of towns so we need to do things fast before it gets worse and worse all around the world people are littering or known as pluting so some people are saving are planet home earth animals reptiles they are in danger since people expend animals run for there life

  • We all know china is the answer

    • China has contributed ~13% of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The United States has contributed ~25%. At the current rates, China won't overtake the US in terms of total emissions until 2050. Even assuming the US maintains its current rate of reduction since ~2007 and China maintains its current rate of increase since ~2000 (2007 and 2000 being the most recent major changes in respective rates), China won't overtake the US for another ~15 years.

  • 🇰🇭?

  • best way to fix climate change is to stop having kids. in an ideal world, we would also pass around euthanasia drugs. the human race absolutely does not need to exist.

  • Aliens are to be blamed.

  • Aight, Do your fuckin part.

  • 4:09 you have used the wrong flag for india ;)

  • Because blame fixes things...

  • Better idea world…. Rather than pointing fingers at who needs to do what instead everyone do something and we’ll fix it

  • Fun fact United Kingdom has the most fossil fuel so England trades fossil fuel for other country’s so England has the most

  • Судья и суды - это люди с щепками в глазах, выглядывающие соринки в других, - это слепые, водящие слепых, это учителя мести и злобы, не могущие ничему иному научить, как мести и злобе.

  • 7:44

  • China really needs to sort its shit out.

    • Stop blaming others. All countries need to fix it by working together.

    • All countries do

  • How much carbon dioxide does mongolia make?

  • Bro 4:08 Indian flag is not correct 😅😅😅

  • 산업혁명 이후 이산화탄소 배출량이 급격히 증가했으며 기후변화에 많은 문제를 야기하고 있습니다. 청청 에너지에 대한 관심과 사소할지라도 개개인의 실천도 중요하다고 생각합니다.

  • The biggest problem I have for these debates is how people try and make it all politics and blame games. But here’s the thing: stop caring about politics, or who’s to blame. Do research, read, find solutions, rather than a scapegoat. This isn’t a politics issue; it’s a people issue. Saving everyone, rather than blaming others. It doesn’t matter, in the long run, if there’s a specific political side to blame: what matters is finding the source and cutting the emissions, starting large, then working down. Damage control, if you will. It ain’t about sides, it’s about if you want to save others, or kill our planet for the sake of your personal reasons. We just can’t keep going like we are now, that’s the worst thing we can do.

  • I love how he didn’t blame anyone, he didn’t just say “ oh yeah uh America and China need to do the most work, yeah it’s all their fault”. He explained how all countries were a contribution, and how much CO they emitted, and how they could help

  • consumers shall be responsible for most the CO2 emitted to make the product, if not 100%.

  • I wonder how high wealthy amounts would rise if they didn't outsource to china

  • What about bitcoins?

  • Blame scientists for save human life, Blame European for colonization, Blame BLM for save black people life, Blame feminists for save women and girl life, Blame men for man-made, Blame Congress for make laws, Blame people sex make babies, Blame people buys everything brands, Blame people make business and companies, Blame people foods come from farms, Blame people make farms in world everywhere, Blame people use lights and electricity, Blame people make enemies and war, Blame humans for knew be intelligent is dangerous, Blame people for ignore warning climate change, Blame young people for still use media social, Blame old people for mess up everything from past, Blame people for who don’t believe climate change, Final Blame by who… that YOU!!!

  • Everyone should start helping the earth. Make our environments cleaner and less pollution and all of that. We all live on earth it is our job to keep it healthy and clean. If we all live in the same planet we all should help the earth. Yes some countries are richer I think they should help too if they aren’t. Even you can make a change! No matter if you’re rich or poor. Soon the earth will die and we might die with it as well. But we can make this a better place for everyone, to play their role. We all should work together to save earth!

  • Good hope china keeps pumping and pumping it out goood

  • America lives life sitting on computers complaining about everything . Hell what about china another war what it gona take to stop them

  • Mayb of they stopped chemtrailing..with aluminium particles...which mirrors our heat which normally radiates to space..back at our planet!!

  • Did anybody notice how he put 1085 in front of 1985!🙂

  • You just changed the India's Flag to another one in 4:07 XD

  • Honestly as an Albanian I think china is to blame, they betrayed Albania and hate the US

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  • lol

  • Fun fact: Wilhelm scream @1:58

  • Also, even though China emits the most, it does this as part of manufacturing goods for the rest of the world. That demand is just as much the responsibility of those demanding goods as it is China's

  • china, its nickname is factory or something CHINA GUESS B4 END

  • It isnt russia atleast.

  • Kurzgesagt - in a Nutshell in a nutshell: plz be aware of this climate doom and do something useful ;-;

  • Short answer: Whos to blame?: everyone Who should fix it?: all of us

  • Anyone who is truly worried about climate change but is not suggesting nuclear power is a total hypocrite.

  • Genuine question: who invented fire and left all the coal there?

  • Ok

  • 4:09 get your maps correct. That's not an Indian flag.

  • No country No people gonna take initiative they just gonna talk that's why we need Thanos 💀 who agrees with me

  • Oil and gas companies are responsible because of their propaganda and making young children believe that their personal carbon footprint is responsible for climate change

  • China sus for COVID-19 and I will always sus china for it.

  • .

  • 10 animal species gone extinct from climate change

  • I got a little chuckle out of the term "zero carbon world." While I know what you meant (presumably "carbon neutral" or "net zero carbon emissions"), taken in a literal sense, a "zero carbon world" would be a world devoid of life as we know it. I mean... because we're all organic creatures and that. But that's just me splitting carbon-based hairs. ;)

  • In my country people burn huge stocks of garbage right in public place it even blows in your home and you cant do anything about it, it makes me sick and the epa here don't care here in Guyana

  • 7:45 Such a cool image.

  • @4:07 that is NOT the flag of INDIA. Kindly correct. Also let us know if India stood 4th in terms of historical CO2 emissions. Was it mentioned correctly in your narrative?

  • It’s not one country that caused climate change. We all are responsible, and all need to chip in if we actually want to achieve something.

  • Thats not an Indian flag at @4:05

  • Consequences come to everything

  • 4:00 my personal opinion is that we in this situation not look at the past but the present situation

  • Wait how about philippines

  • im ugly

  • Look at china their fuckin capital is full of pollution

  • Where's Finland!?


  • Great explanation, very objective view!

  • Personally I think some people think America is Dubai and I get it there is a lot of opportunities here but we aren’t the wealthiest in my opinion or the strongest anymore, I feel like America’s military is advanced while as it’s economy has been the same and needs a serious change

  • I do not care who, but FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • De her title er i dansk

  • Hey why dont we just plant trees next to the factory pipes so CO2 can turn into H2O

    • Too bad the people already done that

  • How do you measure which country contibute a certain percentage of CO2 emission?

  • one thing that comes a bit short is the average emission per person... averages are always skewed (also very frequently in average incomes) The actual emissions are caused mostly by the industry...the more industry there is in a country the higher is the average... the video kind of portrays it as the average person would cause the emission when in reality its the industries in those countries driving up the averages. the people actually profiting from it are the ones to held accountable.

  • Governments and corruptions are responsible for the change in climate. For most people, all that needs doing is a change in their Habbets.

  • From india:kearala has been thru extremely strong rain,flood, it's super effective in India

  • This channel is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

    • You are paid by Donald trump to write this comment

    • Youre channel is funded by Bill and melinda gates foundation

  • Everyone and everything-

  • Whats to blame Lemme think HUMANITY

  • Chiba

    • Hong Kong and Taiwan still emits as much as China

    • Not including Taiwan and Hong Kong

  • did china won or usa and eu won?

  • If this would be done ina more serious fashion, they will ban the usage of Fossil Fuels, and anything that can produce CO2 that is man made. The only reason they don’t want to do it now is because of resources, which, I think they don’t have, and heck, we are starting to get electric cars, so if that becomes cheep, and usable, we can say goodbye to all the fossil fuels and live in a better place for our Earth. Yeah the world will get colder, but that better than the world getting super duper hot to the point that air conditioning is required for life on Earth to continue striving, but then, we hit a road block, which causes our Earth to Freeze into an Ice Age, which, of course, we don’t want, which also means that we need a balance of CO2 throughout the world. At least have the world get heated by CO2 alone be 10%, this way, our world won’t be in a frozen wasteland, but still cold enough to keep what’s frozen up in the North and South, frozen. If the world is starting to attempt to get rid of plastic, then we should also start to attempt to use 50% less CO2 a year than what’s considered “Normal” by today’s standards. I know, I know, it’s sounds super easy on paper, but when this little planet has more than 7B people living in it, it’s gonna be hard in practice, maybe even a bit in the impossible side, but knowing us humans record when doing the impossible, we manage to over come it, with time, but maybe with time, this is gonna be a huge issue. So, please, for everyone who reads this comment (honestly, I doubt a lot of people will read this comment), start changing. Yeah it’ll take some time, but in the end goal, our planet will look more green than whatever is the color for pollution. Only use CO2 if it’s absolutely necessary, to prevent all of these natural disasters, or we should really call “Man Made Disaster”, because we made it easier for these disasters to come. This, starts with me, starts with you, starts, with all of us (I feel like that’s a quote from somebody/something, but I can’t remember where it came from, that made me think of that quote)

  • Geoengineering.

  • 2000:We need to reduce energy consumption! Nobody. 2010:We need to reduce energy consumption! Nobody. 2020:We need to reduce energy consumption! Nobody. And now:We need to reduce energy consumption!

  • I lame China because they made COVID-19 now. It’s China’s foot

  • Seeing this being graphed makes me wanna right a bike from now on godamn

  • Good advice

  • not Me - Thane Meh-Tane

  • I say it’s everyone’s fault for climate change and we need to work together to reverse it. We need all the help we can get.

  • 7 million people emitting CO2 using their devices:

  • The country that consume the most resources like oil, gas, plastics, meat, large military foot print, large trucks or SUVS and large houses and is the biggest consumer of the world 🌎 resources is responsible for CLIMATE CHANGE.

  • propaganda

  • Stupid fucking adverts halfway through... Come on

  • We all know mrbeast is gonna save us

  • It's 2031

  • China. 100%.

    • Your country cause more pollution. 1 billion less population still on the second number in the world. 🤢

  • Un mundo hermoso para que este tipo de personas lo arruinen, no merecen vivir

  • The uk isnt in the EU anymore

  • Climate change in reality isn't anything that we effect. There is a climate cycle and it is a 20,000 year cycle. We have perfect records of each cycle for the last 1.5 million years from every region on the planet from core samples. What those core samples tell us is that our climate is exactly where it should be at our current point in this cycle. Stopping this cycle is impossible there is no way to stop the earth from spinning on its 3rd axis or stopping the tectonic plates from moving. It just isn't going to happen. Most people don't even understand the earth creates and destroys massive amounts of water every day or that most of the ice covering parts of the planet is abnormal. It is a huge problem to even discuss this when there is so much blatantly false information over shadowing the facts. It constantly causes insane comments about wanting to keep what is abnormal conditions while blaming the normal conditions. Somehow every storm is being called the worse in history no matter how mild it is. When anyone who opens a history book would easily be able to find a stronger storm in every region. In all honestly there is only 1 time in history when people have actually caused a massive event. It was during the war of 1812. The British burned down the capital. That fire burned so hot and fast that it was described at the heavens opening up for the wrath of god. It caused tornados along with this massive rainfall and lightning striking all around them. They were completely caught off guard in this massive storm they had created. It was so disconcerting that it delayed their next attack giving the US much needed time to prepare fortifications to repel the British assault.

  • We are not just talking about climate change we should talk about the virus to so I say all the countries should team up on China so they we can get our revenge

    • Virus barely make a dent on us while climate change will kill us all

  • I think everyone should be responsible we are all people we should be responsible for our own problems

  • Lets honestly all admit it, we are all ruining the earth either way.

  • So China is responsible

  • I came back here after watching Don't Choose Extinction

  • Elon musk be like:why not use electricity

  • Great vid. Concisely explains fundamental issues in tackling global heating whilst short enough to maintain modern attention span. One point I would like discussed more often, when referring to yearly emissions, is scope 1,2 and 3 calculations and how that affects, even distorts relative contributions of each nation.