Why Europe Doesn't Build Skyscrapers

čas přidán 14. 08. 2019
Why have many major European cities not embraced the skyscraper? We explain. For more by The B1M subscribe now - ow.ly/GxW7y

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Additional images courtesy of IIP Photo Archive, John Charlton, Ullstein Bild, Frank Rust, and David Skinner. Narrated by Fred Mills.

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  • am a simple guy, I get notification from B1M I stop all and watch

    • I even stop breathing

    • @Pliny Elder Simple..? I thought he said Single, and was looking for some action....

    • @Luxus Häuser It's certainly older...

    • @Starlord Stavanger - yes, agreed, how many times have we seen "comments like these are so unoriginal" - it does rather get boring.

    • @Luxus Häuser - that is quite obvious - if you want modern ugly, just look at London!!

  • THANKS GOD...We dont have sky scrapers..we have old castles and many other old buildings that are beautiful! We dont need 9/11 in europe..thanks!!

  • Warsaw has sky scrapers

  • In the active places on there countries DC they already built buildings with there own presentation (hotels , companies ...) and they aren't ready yet to replace it , as long as it works like... It doesn't matter is cute white or black as long as it could catch the mouse

  • Well maybe Europe understood what B1M didn't see right away: cs-tv.org/tv/video-6yi4mqGkmqk.html

  • What I'm missing is a bit more of an explanation as to why Europe doesn't build skyscrapers. This video feels more like a 'why don't they embrace efficiency and the modern city' rather than 'what valid reasons do they have'. 'Preserving the historic centers' is all nice and well, but that can't be the only reason, or can it?

  • No need to build skyscraper because they will stop wind and raise humidity

    • @fun for all fun for all Well, the building where I live is in the middle of a small park. Nevertheless actual humidity now 92%....outside!

    • @ZZM simple as that where do find fresh air in your room or at sea side or park

    • Where I live our "skyscraper" has only 8 floors. Microsoft European headquarter wanted to buid an higher building but the city coulcil said no and they moved downtown.....can you tell me why the humidity will raise? Idk why..

  • Because there smart !!! And God's willing they never will..most of the big city sky scrappers will come down. Guaranteed.

  • North American cities are generally ugly. I was born and raised in Toronto, and most of the buildings there are an eyesore. New York is a little nicer in terms of character, but so filthy. Los Angeles, is just a hot mess. Miami feels more like the Caribbean than like North America, which I prefer. But honestly, Europe doesn't need to replicate our cities in North America. Their cities are far more beautiful and sustainable, better planned.

  • Live in Asia and man I'm glad my place doesn't have skyscapes. Those things sucks

  • I've been in Europe and I love Europe

  • Simple. Europe used to be aspirational and forward-looking, where the sky was the limit. Now it’s a self-regarding carcass in its death throes. Europe represents a dying past.

    • Like Detroit?

  • It's called culture

  • There is an ego component also. Its like a true symbol of business success to have the tallest tower in town here. Imagine being at the top of your career with nothing left to buy, why not a bigger fancier tower than everyone else?

  • I love European architecture! They shouldn’t build them!

  • Europeans are smarter than the rest of the world. Europeans don't have to do anything. They sell what they have - their own culture and their own history. There is no need to copy others or sell other culture. Just be proud to be an European.

  • Ironically the Europeans have a greater sense of self-importance. Shorter buildings but taller pride. European buildings aren't tall but the architecture reflects prestige, grandiosity, wealth, status, imperial ambition etc. This creates a self-important personality On the other hand the American and Asian live and work in functional houses and office spaces. Rows of tightly packed suburban houses, space saving high rises, grid like cbds. Which is also their attitude to life - to improve functionality and efficiency European buildings are not designed for modern life. They're designed for a class of people that no longer exist - kings and queens and knights and nobles. They are a beautiful anachronism. Which is why they serve as such a popular tourist destination. It's like travelling back in time.

    • ??? BS I live 3 km far away from my office. "prestige, grandiosity, wealth, status, imperial ambition" has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • Europe is the best and nicest place to live!!!!!

  • Damn I look up and all I see are skyscrapers and these mfs look to the skies and see nothing but the sky lmaoo

  • Europe: aesthetics America: futuristics

  • I love how most European cities keep the look of their famous cities

  • We all love skyscrapers. Screw cultural values - whatever that means. European cities could space out a little. They are just tough situations with ugly skylines - imo Oh yay look at all those dirty roofs!

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  • Quality guys quality...

  • So, there's no skyscrapers

  • It is classical continent in the world

  • Moscow does not belong to Europe

    • Africa?

  • But Europe builds the all components and machinery needs to build skyscrapers😂😂😭😭

  • They have less skyscraper but still the best place to live on Earth...History about Europe is really great, even though i am an Asian but my heart is always for europe😊

  • I real love Asia especially china most developed country .love from Tanzania Africa

  • I hate skyscrapers. Bunch of boxes. Very bland.

  • Residential skyscrapers were uncommon in Melbourne before the year 2000.. Depending on your exact definition of what a skyscraper is, the past 20 years has seen between 20 to 50 residential towers built in the city centre. Although the skyline can look impressive only a small number of these buildings actually look good close up. The majority of designs are architecturally average or poor with many diminishing the character and charm of the city.

  • Because high rise is ugly. Old buildings have character.

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  • if there are no skyscrapers in Warsaw, there are and more ..

  • Ok but like europoors are under developed.

    • @Rashad Arbab Dude, you wrote Europoor. Quote to yourself "that literally means nothing are you ...." Do you remember?

    • @ZZM that literally means nothing are you saying y’all are 132 times richer than Japan because one yen is worth significantly less than a euro?

    • @Rashad Arbab That's the reason why we need only 86 cents for 1 $. This is not a joke. Who is the poor now?

    • It was a joke mate. That’s why I’m calling you guys europoors.

    • Mmmm, That's the reason why we can write proper English?

  • Other: Why Europe doesn't build skyscrapers? European: Acrophobia.

    • Every skyscraper has the 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th floor.....

  • Europeans, you do understand that there is more to America than just New York, L.A., or Chicago right? We have many towns and cities of all sizes. It’s not just towering skyscrapers across the continent. BTW, we love you. Stop with the shit talking.

  • I'm Asian and I hate skyscrapers

  • Because Europe is making so much $$ showing off their castles built from imperialist money they stole from colonies lol

    • Btw the castles don't belong to "Europe".Europe is a continent...

    • ???? Since when did Poland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Letonia, Lituania, Hungary, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Malta, Switzerland and you can patially count Italy and Germany too, Colonize anything???? Plus all the wealth in Europe was destroyed in WWII so all the wealth is from current times (from 1950 to 2021). On top of that, Castles were built in Medival times when Europe hadnt colonized so stop saying bullshit. What an ignorant...

  • We are afraid of highs

  • Honestly I'm prout to be European, I couldn't live in an area with a lot of tall buildings. For now I live in a 3 stories high building with maybe a dozen apartment inside, but plan to move just outside of the city in a smaller town to enjoy a more quiet neighborhood I get that skyscrapers are optimized, but honestly who cares about optimization compared to quality of life ? (i guess people obsessed with their work) I think that's why we won't see a lot of skyscrapers in Europe even in a few years, that way of thinking is kinda cultural in a way

  • Would think this the trend of Building Skyscrapers and cramming millions of people into a small geographic area is hopefully going to come to an end with the improvements in internet access. Hopefully more people will work from home!

  • We don't need them, we have culture.

  • In the Finnish capital Helsinki, skyscrapers were banned until 2013. After that there has been a big skyscraper boom. In the next 10 years at least 20 new over 100m high towers will be built. The tallest will reach over 200 meters.

  • I saw this video like 3 times now but I keep forgetting why Europe doesn't build skyscrapers so I always click this. 😔

  • God i hope the skyscrapers dont become common here in my lifetime. They are ugly eyesores.

  • Cause they have style

  • Europe has 5000 years of history while the US 300 lmao

  • Is Europe fully developed? No. Old buildings don't mean today's standards and safety, infrastructures no longer meet social needs and requirements. Sometimes you need to upgrade from a wind-up telephone to a mobile phone.

    • Are you talking about Battle Creek (USA) in 2015?

  • As a European i profoundly hate skyscrapers and hope it won't become more and more usual

  • We dont like to destroy our heritage and culture in return for money

  • Can someone please give me a short summary? I have problems understanding him sadly :(

  • Also: a grid of large needle-like skyscrapers has an enormous surface area. Which means it's much worse in terms of heating/cooling energy usage compared to compact cube-shaped city blocks. I think for the future it might make more sense to build dense, well-insulated mini-cities -- less high than skyscrapers, but taking up more space in all dimensions.

  • Europe just likes preservation simple, we understand destruction and how it impacts our world, we have had thousands of years to understand this unlike new world enforces who just want quick rich destructive schemes

  • Actually, you have it totally wrong. The age of the sky scraper is over, as it is acknowledged to be a uneconomical construct. In other words; you're an eejit, simple as that.

  • Kako god...evropljani čuvaju stvari svojih predaka dok Amerika nema šta da sačuva...skoro su se ispilili i misle da znaju sve

  • Europeans are smarter than the rest of the world. They respect and appreciate their own culture.

  • European countries all have a stable and declining population and relatively large territories. Land value is extremely expensive. With a stable population and a characteristic European culture unique to Europe, there is no need to build an expensive infrastructure of a large and ugly city and ruin the beauty and character of what is Europe and being European.

  • 5:11

  • Preserving the architectural heritage is as wonderful as promoting and celebrating tall buildings where needed. The cathedrals and churches that most people like so much in European cities, were the skyscrapers of its time. Low rise buildings are suitable in low density towns, but cities with high demand for housing and businesses should allow tall buildings to provide opportunities for everyone who need a place to live and work.

  • Funny how no one wants to talk about the economic impact this has on the average working class citizen in Europe. No no, go on about how pretty our cities are though! Who cares about economic success and stability going forward?

  • When you invest, you are buying a day that you don't have to work. I pray everyone reading this becomes successful in life.

  • Berlin: One reason why there was no skyscarper (yet) but was considered is the ground that is not suitable for weight. The ground water in Berlin is too high or something. High buildings are risky. However, a Russian investor was in the news already twice in the past twenty years for planning to build a "tall" building in the center of the city which would be next the river Spree. I believe it is just a rumour and hopefully not true. There is also a big barrier of bureaucracy and historical movement to protect buildings for their background. One organisation is the UNESCO which loves German cities apparently. It doesn't mean there are no scandals. At the Spree some investor was able to build two identical high buildings directly at the water line, it's near Treptower Tor I believe. I was informed that it is actually forbidden by law...

  • Do not compare europe to usa europe is the best continent

  • The U. S. will tear a two year old perfectly good building down in order to build bigger and newer.

  • Real Reason: Height limit is 320 blocks.

  • Moscow?? Europe?

  • Just in case - although this video only shows crappy Soviet mass construction buildings of the 70-ies, there is a lot of nicer architecture in Kyiv, both older/shorter and newer/taller.

  • Europe preserved its looted culture well 🙂🙂🤣

  • cos skyscrapers are effing ugly

  • Try to visit Korea, and you will see the mixture of traditional heritage sites and modern skyscrapers because our govt, balance our historical sites and modern infrastructure and design or convergence it together very fluidly based on Yinyang principles. (So it wouldn't be an eyesore to viewers) ... in seoul, you can visit and dress yourself with our traditional dress called Hanbok and stroll around our historical palaces and traditional HANOK village its so cool and fun, imagine you dress with traditional hanbok and you enter in an old building loaded with hitech gadgets!! Anyway, i like to visit, italy, greece, spain and some eastern europe for more historical sites after pandemic...

  • I appreciate Europe's approach on this topic.

  • I am in Asia, but I don’t like so many skyscrapers, I like Europe :)

  • Europe is not "one of" the wealthiest continents, it is by far the wealthiest continent in the world.

  • Why would we?

  • The answer is simple really, they're cultured..

  • Not mentioning Warsaw is joke

  • yeah i love europe for the reason that the buildings are so beautiful and historic, reason i moved here

  • The landscape of the European cities that keep a great history and culture is more beautiful, while the monotonous and boring skyscrapers. It's a shame that many asian countries with great culture are embracing the hideous american way in its cities.

  • Why Europe doesn't build skyscrapper . . Europe : *we dont need 'em, Duh*

  • Because Skyscrapers are soulless products of capitalism instead of culture. I'm glad the taint of soulless architecture isn't as widespread in the old world

  • Because Europe development the whole continent 500 years ago, before skyscrapers were possible, that's why they All came to America and slaughtered the natives, then kept a steady stream of immigrants to the us for the next 500 years., You know That reason, but I'm sure you have some other nonsense to push

  • Moscow and Istanbul are Europe? Did I miss something?

    • @Daan Demeyer OK, Europe is not a country and " In the EU we have human rights and democracy, both Russia and Turkey do not have these standards nor do they claim to be part of the EU. ......." has nothing to do with geography. Continental part of Europe???? Is there a non-continental part of Europe? Yes of course their territory is not on the UNITED KINGDOM or Ireland, or Island..... Edit: Listen I don't care, geography is not an opinion. Ask some gulugulu "Moscow and Istanbul are Europe? Did I miss something?"

    • @ZZM I’m pretty sure I’m not confusing geography with something else. What I’m clearly saying is that a city within a country is part of that country. If that country isn’t part of Europe that city isn’t part of Europe. Only in geography. In the EU we have human rights and democracy, both Russia and Turkey do not have these standards nor do they claim to be part of the EU. They have parts of their country on the continental part of Europe, that’s all.

    • @Daan Demeyer I'm afraid that you're confusing geography with something else.... 1st. Moscow is in Europe but Russia is so huge that a part of it is in Asia. Nobody ever said Russia is in Europe. Siberia, Markowo or Leningradsky are still in Asia. The same for Turkey but not bc is a huge country. So democracy has nothing to do with the question "is Moscow in Europe or not?" Btw for a part of Egypt is the same. They are called transcontinental countries.

    • @ZZM for some sad part Russia is considered Europe by a lot of people but Turkey sure isn’t. Although we break human rights ourselves more often as I would personally like as a European we still have democracy. Something very important in society what is clearly missing in Turkey and Russia. We don’t need or accept dictators in the European Union.

    • @Daan Demeyer You mean the territory, but I can assure you that many people live in European countries IDK how many are left the Asian part... IN case... I repeat once more: Only 1 third of Istambul is on the European continent as well as IDK less than 1 third of Turkey.

  • How the F is Moscow in Europe ???

    • Bc Siberia is in Asia.

    • Russia is to big until located at Asia and Europe

  • Because we want to stay pretty. Thank you and goodnight

  • Because Europe is a socialist hellhole and unable to build them.

  • Asia should adopt Europe style

  • europe is the most united continent with the EU and good relations

  • skyscrapers are ugly

  • Here in the Netherlands-Rotterdam we have a ok amount of skyscrapers. But indeed, we do have a little amount of them in the whole continent. 4:46

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  • 6:13 also Melbourne?

    • @Gahhaa Jajsjwj You are welcome, I googled the W-T too. I know why I didn't see it at the time, it was built 2 years later than I was there.

    • @ZZM thanks for the reply, I googled it. Then I saw the Walkie-talkie, that's the building I meant ;). Yes it's crazy how quick these buildings can stand.

    • @Gahhaa Jajsjwj I think you mean the London Egg. It's funny 9 years ago there were only 3 big buildings there...

    • @Regular Person ohh, what is the name of the building in the center (the curved one)

    • Thats London

  • While China now wants to limit new ones to 60 floors since there is less need for bigger more expensive ones that the government is increasingly paying the bill for.

  • I would rather see areas with historic midrises with their beautiful architecture rather than a bunch of cold skyscrapers.

  • skyscrapers are a waist of fund,,, when u stroll downtown most floors are not occupied...it blocks the sun and made living more expensive in the city, its only for display

  • Because they’re useless

  • Tbh, most of melbournians live in the suburbs because of how terrible skyscrapers are

    • Yea man, for the same price you get a small shaggy home, why not live in an actual house instead

    • And how stupidly expensive it is to live in the centre of Melbourne too mate.

  • Europe doesn t have that many skyscrapers cause we are smart

  • its all about quality of life and how much a society values it! Skyscrapers, no matter if commercially or for living, create a miserable environment. Just look to NY or Hong Kong, even if you live in a luxury tower ... all around you is still a hell hole which stinks, has little light, no nature, is dangerous, chokes under the traffic and is crowded to the point you cant even enjoy a window because hundreds of people staring back at you from another building. Only a tiny upper class manages to rise above it and to shield itself from the misery all around ... but even they cant completely escape all the drawbacks. For europeans the goal still is to escape miserable conditions as much as possible, not only after one has risen from the lower classes ... but right away in everyday life and at work even.