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  • I love that Casey never changed like most youtubers do once they go huge. The only way that he has changed is becoming more successful, becoming an even better father/ husband, and making even better videos. Keep doing your thing, Casey.

  • This is what's so amazing about Casey. That ingenuity, the creativity, with which he solves a real problem and creating a style statement at the same time.

    • Bhai Pura Essay Likhega Kya 😐

    • @@BadassBobY tum jahil ho to hum kya karien

    • He's one of the most creative people out there, which is why he has over 12M subscribers. Although, he barely puts out videos anymore.

  • I just love his authenticity. He seems like such a genuine person and a fun guy to be around.

  • I wear my glasses in my vlogs too, I googled ' Why does Casey neistat always wear glasses?' because i was curious. now I know! 7:46 Genius

  • So, hey, I just discovered your channel. Just watched the drone recovery (awesome), Divorce Beach, the Nike ad one, the one where you interviewed the ex-Seal, and this one (usually my memory is better than this but, it's late). Excellent work, Casey, really great work, and since I used to call NYC home before Tokyo, watching your stuff is like a trip down memory lane. All the best!

  • Revisitting one of Casey's classics to get insipration. He never dissapoints!

  • As someone who has been wearing sunglasses most of my life, I gotta say, this was by far my favorite Vlog of yours. I enjoyed the story and how genuine you were in your reasons for wearing them, and they are all so true. Bravo man, really enjoyed the episode today. *clapping

    • people are jealous of us that can pull off wearing glasses at night, rain, cloud, sun.

    • Yeah I have to agree with you, there are some people who can pull off sunglasses all the time. And those who can't. Tim Burton is the king of nighttime sunglasses. Ha.

  • Dude makes his own glasses, cuts his own hair. Legend

    • I bet one day he'll reveal he shaves himself, too

    • But Why He Spray IT ?? Could Someone Explain

    • @@AnwarAli-ob4ze then... He clean it up letting it with white borders.

    • since when idiotically spraying your sunglasses entitles you of saying "I made them"? Since art reached the bottom whereas a red line on a canvas is considered as art.

    • And his hair is epic as fuck

  • I'd always known about your channel, but only now did I start watching your videos. And honestly, they're amazing. They're so real, and true, no smoke and mirrors. Keep up the great work.

  • This makes a ton of sense! Also I hate watching vlogs where the person isn’t looking into the camera, & I find myself often having the issue because I check the view finder all the time. Sunglasses to the rescue.

  • It's much more practical and logical than I thought. This man is so serious about filming videos and it shows.

  • Looking directly into the lens while VLOGGING, directing a movie, being the lead actor, thinking about the audio, the framing, and 22 other things, yes, it is difficult. I wonder how many people have copied Casey Neistat and started wearing sunglasses after this video? I bet Casey could care less if others copied his shades or not...

  • As time goes by... and Candice seem more and more comfortable on the camera... one day she may do a takeover of Casey's vlogs!

    • We can only hope.

    • I noticed that too and ikr

    • then it will end up like bfvsgf

    • bfvsgf weren't the first and wont be the last vloggers to break up give me a break

    • She did one a little while back. her Mail time was super funny.

  • It is crazy how much better Casey's camera quality is now. Watching this back in 2016 this footage, now it looks only okay by comparison

  • So Casey's glasses are a PIECE OF ART! That he has made, truly unique. I got more appreciation now! He likes to marks up everything he owns, to make it truly his own. I think that individuality is more of what he is going for, and his style of doing that is sort of "Chaos Art"

  • I love this idea! As a small CS-tv channel, who also struggles with looking at or away from the camera, this is a great idea. Also, thanks for your flying videos. I will be flying my first very long flight from the west coast of Canada to Italy. And I think your videos will make it seem more fun than it actually is. Heck, maybe I'll even try to get bumped to first class and make a video lol

  • Your editing is so good. It literally pulls you in into the video.

  • I know this is SO old, but Ray Ban would be smart to make a series of these for you, that use layers of plastic/coating so that the more you scrape, the color changes, would be dope

  • I like Candace more and more, each video. Never, have I see a more genuine and honest individual. You go, girl.

  • Everything you say and do is just incredibly original! You are not pretending to be something you are not and you do not care about just the brand but about the quality instead! I am a new subscriber and i cannot believe i just came across your channel now! Such an inspiration Casey!!! I hope to meet you one day!!

  • In the process of starting a vlog of my own and its funny I just now watched this because I love sunglasses and I plan on wearing them a lot while I'm vlogging. Casey your the man!

  • Everyone: You have to be beautiful to be in front of a camera! Casey: Hold my sunglasses.

  • Honestly casey i feel the same about the fit of those I have had so many metal frame glasses because mt first plastic ones where just horribly cheap and small Now having these (and as prescription glasses) i feel so much better talking and doing stuff in general

  • This is actually a really good reason, I never would have thought of this. I'm not a vlogger, but when I record videos of me doing something, like on a roller coaster, or whatever, I have the tendency to constantly look over at the camera in the corner of my eye, because I'm trying to enjoy whatever it is I'm doing, but at the same time, I'm trying to make sure I have the camera angled correctly. And it ends up making a sort of weird, creepy video because I just keep looking at the camera in the corner of my eye ever 3 seconds and it ruins the flow of the whole video.

  • It's funny how you wear sunglasses in your vlogs pretty much 99 percent of the time, and yet I never think about it. It's like they're a part of you at this point.

  • The original quote is the following: ,,With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." /Jack Nicholson/ What a legend!

    • Daniel Kintigh he liked the look of his glasses when he came home from a trip and looked at a photo with lots of salt in the rims

    • haha

    • SmartBuyGlasses LOL HOU

    • I’m liker 2000

  • Your videos are so entertaining. You take something so simple and make it so fun to watch. Love them

  • @Casey i'm no one but i just wanted you to know that i often hear about you but never came on your youtube chanel or even seen any video of you until 2 days ago. Now i think i already watched 100 of your videos and i'm really inspired by you. Your VLOGS are insane, your personality and your state of mind oh my god i wish i knew someone like you IRL you make me feel like i can do everything and that i don't have to follow the normal way to find happiness ! Thanks it makes a huge difference for me. Keep doing what you are doing you're the best !

  • Knowing what you want before you go looking for it is a power move. Most people are willing to let the salesman tell them what to buy.

  • I just appreciate a good vlog. This one satisfied me, finally those annoying questions will stop. Good job Casey! Also love how you make everything 'yours' we need a person like you in this brands-obsessed society 👍🏻

    • Also I will never stop repeating how I love Candice She's my role model

    • +Himmel13 L

    • +Himmel13 Amen!

    • he's literally selling you shit/brands via affiliate links in the description...

    • The only thing that is promoted in the description is Beme, which he made, so that seems pretty fair. The rest is just the gear he actually uses, because people ask him what gear he uses constantly. Every CS-tvr/streamer has the same problem, and generally the same solution.

  • The practical reason actually makes a lot of sense BUT as a viewer I feel a very strong connection to you when your glasses are off. It adds a lot of impact to what you say.

  • Hey Casey I am an (in my opinion) experienced drone pilot. If you have questions on drones ask me =). Also, if you ever decide to get different goggles i would recommend Fatshark or Skyzone. The quad you got (Holybro Shuriken 250) is a nice starter and has decent power good luck

  • Hermano tu si eres una persona que no necesita de tanto lujo para saber vivir bien eres de los youtubers mas carismaticos y geniales de toda la red toma tu like bien merecido saludos desde PERU 🇵🇪✌

  • Casey and his sunglasses are i small part of who he is the other being a genius with cameras/drones. But back to the glass I like the sub plots to why you wear them either being jack Nicholson or being able to look at the footage and also maintain the illusion of eye contacted. Makes me consider doing the same and designing my own thanks for the inspiration.

  • This...is really brilliant. Never thought about the practical aspect of being able to look at the viewer instead of into the lens. That's why you're you...and I'm me.

  • You know what, i REALLY disliked this guy when I first watched his vlogs - but now I think I'm beginning to understand how his mind works ... and I LIKE it. Plus Casey is a very talented and imaginative cinematographer (if that's the correct expression to use).

  • First off you make high quality videos with great editing, so I think that you probably obsess (?is that the right word) over creating your high quality videos and being able to do that requires that the framing always be perfect! Right? Thanks for the awesome videos.

  • I love the part where you talk about what makes something good isn't the label. I always try and tell people that!

  • Usually I wouldn’t watch a youtuber’s older videos but the quality in Casey’s videos is so good I didn’t even notice that this video is 4 years old... 👍

  • I always wear a pair of red "sun" glasses because I am light sensitive and can only see properly in red. People always seem to think its some sort of fashion statement which is annoying but kind of funny. I like your sunglasses, unique and personal is always best.

  • Back in 2016 the top comment, which has since been deleted by Casey, read something to the extent of: "When your friend gives a really long answer rationalizing something they are insecure about, instead of just admitting they are insecure about it".

  • I like how you make things your own and everything about you is so unique from your hairstyle to you wearing sunglasses at night and all ! Your awesome casey

    • You're**

    • You can edit your comment

    • Wearing sunglasses at night, is not that unique, but not being on drugs meanwhile is pretty rare tho ;)

    • +Olbohn and who are you?

    • +Ray Wei When you're on mobile you can't.

  • SECRET REVEALED!!!!!!!! I always wear sunglasses and I have tons of pairs but I never wear them when I vlog. I definitely will keep this secret in mind casey. Thanks!

  • Ignore the hate, keep doing what ur doing. If u like the glasses wear them, just know u look great with and without them! Keep up the good work and u just got a new sub

  • I started doing what Casey did with his glasses but with red paint instead of white. I also like to change the black temple of the right side with a white temple to make them look really different

  • I fucking love the way he just tears into packages without a care in the world, whether it's opening a pair of sunglasses or a state of the art high speed race drone.

  • I love rewatching all your old vlogs. Brings back some good memories

  • I like this guy. He's very real. It's not about the name brand it's about the quality. But then he gives himself a butchers haircut lol I can trust this guy. He does whatever the fuck he wants as long as it makes him feel happy.

    • He holds his own definition of quality and beauty.

    • Ray ban aren't really high quality though. The brand is why Rayban's are "expensive"

    • +freakingtv It's not a good one

    • +freakingtv I agree, he's original, something people forget to be nowadays.

    • he is not original!!!!!!!! making stupid shit doesn't make you original. it makes you stupid. why would you take off the brand? if he would not care for brands he would leave it on those glasses and just don't bother. he is the typical "watch me I am walking backwards - I am special" kind of guy

  • Best explanation in the world for wearing sunglasses on camera I have ever heard and TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.. Will absolutely start doing this ✌️

  • Very inspirational. Didn't know how hard life was for so many years. You must appreciate the success. I love all the things you do.

  • I say do what you want, you don’t need to explain why you do what you do as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Be yourself and embrace who you are and live life to the fullest and always try to be a positive energy in the World.

  • Hahaha the end .... “Will you help me cut my hair tonight?” “.....no......” “Why not?!” “...no....” Haha I love Candice I actually made a pair of sunglasses with you in mind ... switched the temples of my red and black ones around haha Always fun finding new videos of yours I haven’t seen 🤙🏻

  • New sunglasses time!! Do you ever wear non folding wayfarers? Would you ever paint a purple lens pair?

  • Glasses are like the only thing Casey doesn't break on a consistent basis :D

  • why are your vlogs so fucking good? I don't even watch vlogs like that. But yours just draw the viewer in. There's no question that you are talented at this. Cant say the same for 90% of the most popular channels on here. But yeah man this is some good stuff. Keep it up if still you love it!!

  • I love that you don’t talk down to us ...you explain why you feel the way that you do.. Clearly

  • I like how he calls his stuff movies...it feels weird for me to attach such a label to anything I do but it’s cool hearing him have that attitude towards his stuff

  • Needs a 9 min video to explain why he always wears sunglasses. 9.7mil (and counting) people fell for it. Including myself. Well done, Casey.

  • Love this video! Love the ending "one hunndid and four." You're a legend @CaseyNeistat.

  • I don't know why, but I love seeing Candice laugh.

  • So, the glasses Casey always wearing even in the darkest night puts up a persona from Jack Nicklson. I think I have the reason to fit in his vlogger, film indie, and adventurer.

  • GREAT ! One of the greatest youtubers of all time don´t look at the lens. It´s funny, but some years ago, even before knowing Casey Neistat, I had this same idea of wearing glasses all the time when making videos, just to keep me watching the little screen, instead of the lens.

  • Casey neistat is the only person, I know looks the best in sunglasses

    • because we are used to seeing him with them🤣

    • You are true

    • ummm... Calvin Harris?

    • Me looks better because he is not the only in the world.

    • @@harishraj8082 he doesnt kw u tho

  • Wow.....I really appreciate the casey's smartness behind wearing glasses..it's really valid reason!!! I'm really impressed...that idea is out of my mind

  • I never consider watching casey stuff before bc i didn't like most of youtuber/vlog "hype" mongering which contains actually have no purpose in their videos except to attract bunch of kids, but after proko mention his name and kinda tell a quick story on how casey started his journey, I'm kinda intrigued and decided to check him out, and man oh man, i loved it

  • I could see that there are a lot of new people here on his channel and are wondering why he's so famous 1. he's an amazing vlogger his shots of NYC are amazing 2.he had a show with his brother called "The neistat brothers" 3.If you go back to his old videos you will se his amazing videos on important topics 4.he has a lot of SUBSCRIBERS

    • My cousins last name is jassi

    • +MrElPoderozo1 no no no no. watch some of his other videos. this was a less good one

    • +MrElPoderozo1 Matter of opinion I guess. I come for his film making videos as I am pursuing film. I also enjoy them. It's just opinion. Here's an example: some love The Walking Dead but others hate it.

    • +Art Silva just roasted my cousin

  • there are few moments in life when you wake up from this blue light numbness and you tell yourself: shit I'm wasting my fuckin real life! thank you Mr... CaseyNeistat, for appearing on my youtube suggestions and giving me a heads up. I'll try not to snooze this one as long as I can

  • I get asked the same question about my glasses but in my case they look like sun glasses but they are not. My lenses are red because of a light sensitivity issue that I have. They also help with depth perception. I get asked all the time why Im wearing sun glasses I usually have to explain or I make a joke about it.

  • Hey Casey to remove the logo from the sunglasses use nail polish remover...I have my own sunglasses which I made and I used nail polish remover to take out the logo from the lens and the frame and had no problem!!!

  • I like Casey's youtube movies a lot, especially the airline reviews. He reminds me of a cross between Sean Penn and Lionel who used to be on NY1, but seems much friendlier and easy going than either of them

  • Honestly I hate that you have to look into the lens and then can’t see the viewfinder. Gotta day you’re onto something here Casey! I always enjoy blogging with glasses on too I’ve noticed :)

  • I get your thing about Mercedes v. Hyundai, but that doesn't apply to sunglasses. There's been a bunch of investigations into Ray bans and Oakly's vs. cheaper sunglasses, and they don't differ AT ALL. In fact, most of the lenses and arms are made in the exact same factory in Italy. They are not better; the brand just has more street cred.

    • Yes they do have a difference

    • Chill bro

    • Italian quality never lies

    • Who cares, what he's got works for him

    • Actually they dont, I have a pair of raybands and a 30$ knock off and they are exactly the same, came with a box, papers, case, and even have serial codes.

  • I love that his reasoning for wearing sunglasses the way most douche bags wear them, is actually for such a practical and simple reason!

  • Candice is so sweet♥ I just love the vibe and relationship you two have

  • Damn Casey you’re the best definition of uniqueness 🔥

  • OMG I finally stumbled upon your channel! I've heard so many good things about you through other CS-tvrs and now I see why. Your family is too cute and your content is well thought out.

  • As a professional painter for the last 20 years.. the half over sprayed glasses have been my mainstay🤙🏽😜

  • How is it even possible for certain people to think about disliking Casey Neistat's vids? He puts in more effort in one minute of his vlogs, than most of his other CS-tv-colleagues do together.

    • It's mindless pandering for attention.

    • Yes he is a good youtuber but like he is always trending. Like this video doesn't deserve to be trending.

  • Casey I am glad you stay true to who you are!!!

  • Dude Casey, you cut you're own hair that is awesome! Not a lot of people cut their own hair. I happen to also cut my own hair. probably due to the fact that I don't like going to the barber. Killer job.

  • Fans: So why does Casey wear sunglasses? Casey: *Yes*

  • Had the same model. Forgot them at my parents and got chewed by the dog. That made me use them more, the fear not to ruin them made me wear more. And somehow, somewhere lost them a couple days before coming back from Canada :(

  • hey Casey, have you tried doing the reverse coloring for your sunglasses, by that i mean white frames with black paint for the frames and white paint for the lenses?

  • I'm always kind of shocked when Casey takes off his sunglasses

  • It's like seeing Diddy without glasses!! It's a part of him! Love you Casey

  • the initial reason for the glasses was really smart thinking. I never would have thought about eye contact in the vlogs, esp with the focus on how the viewers would feel. It is refreshing, however, when you don't wear them. It makes me feel like you're a little more down to earth than you already are.

  • I love Candace. She's like, "No." That's it. End of story. No drama.

  • Years of welding have made me really light sensitive. I have ultra-dark sunglasses for the day and medium dark for the night. I'm always turning off all the lights, drives my wife nuts, she carries a flashlight.

  • That's actually a super useful reason to wear glasses all the time, haha

  • well this comment section is full of salty fuckups that are hating on a man who works so hard on his passion and actually answers his audience's questions like give the guy a break he's cool and doing something right obviously that's why he trends, mentally challenged viewers. (your amazing Casey)

  • You're the reason why we started Vlogging. You're a true role model

  • I just realized that I'm going bald.. There is a spot on my forehead that is definitely a patch of hair that is not growing anymore.. So to anyone who says they are losing their hair... I'm here to say that your not losing your hair... It's just refusing to grow in certain areas... And that's how it actually happens.. You get a haircut and you cut the hairs that grew and stopped and as soon as you cut that hair off which is the problem Im facing with my hair on top.. It feels like an area of hair that is refusing to grow with the rest of my hair

  • I knew the true answer before it was given...lol It's so much easier to film with glasses on. Blinks.. Looking in the wrong places, looking away after sentences etc etc. Thanks for being real, now we will have 1 million more youtubers in glasses haha

  • I'm glad this is the first video I watched from him because otherwise I could see how different he would look after getting used to him wearing sunglasses

  • I love the confidence that this dood has

  • Candace: You have such a pretty brown eyes Casey: *speechless* Love these couples❤️❤️❤️

    • So sweet!! I think he has pretty brown eyes too & wish we saw them more. I Always wanted to have brown eyes...

    • Its kinda weird hearing people say that... I hate my brown eyes

    • Candice*

    • i was waiting for the punchline

    • Jane, what about your vlogs? I watched a few of them and i liked it a lot!

  • Respect to you sir, you can wear what you want, when you want. People are way too judgemental.

  • $150 glasses "expire" within one year. I find this a tad crazy but I can understand the quality in glass. $20 pairs, even if you went through 4 pairs it's still cheaper. You could consider buying lenses seperate from frames.

  • You know you are RICH or never really had to worry about money when you can just live whatever way you want and no one can force you to live in compliance.

  • My wife hated sun glasses…UNTIL…I bought her a pair of Ralph Lauen {Not because of the brand but because her dad's name is Ralph} then she realized that she loves sun glasses just not cheap sunglasses.