Why I Got Banned On My School's Minecraft Server...

čas přidán 24. 11. 2021
Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server... This was insane!

In this minecraft video, I explain Why I Got Banned On My School’s Minecraft Server. I did not do this on the Lifesteal SMP, also known as the deadliest minecraft server to exist, rather I did this on my school’s minecraft server / SMP. This is similar to Parrot or ParrotX2 on the school SMP series where he started a war or ended a war or when I was Clutching my school’s unfair bedwars tournament

Recently my school started a Minecraft Server / SMP. Today I decided to pull a Linus Studios / Leowook and started a war

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  • Clown and spoke posted their perspectives on the end of season 2. Hoping to see yours too soon ^^

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  • I can’t sit for all the lifesteal members to overrun this sever and turn it into ruins and ashes

  • school is how

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  • you know when you walk, or sprint - you don't bounce in the air, it just looks like you hover on the air, how do you do that?

  • using the anvil your so smart! It was amazing!

  • wait so... I just started the video but am I hearing it right? You're out to expose an admin because they... went out and found a biome for their friends? that feels a little too strong.

  • 4 minutes in proves that its fake

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  • Bro Eze Litterally used a build tutorial

  • I hop he got banned for cheating never trust people with admin commend

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  • this was so staged-


  • op

  • me: **use hax** they: ip ban me me: u know vpn exist right? also me: and u know i can just get another account right?

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  • 2:16 My man spelled cheating wrong

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  • Get everyone from lifesteal then u kinda already have took over the server

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  • You put cs-tv.org/tv/video-JEkMj7bok-E.html that eze was chating

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  • eze build is really cool even tho he admin abused

  • People who knew him before he blew up please comments because i think im alone

  • Hey Ro , next you should use harming arrows with instant damage 2 to kill. Set something like the harming potion setup. For some reason harming arrows does not work on totems , meaning a totem can’t save you from damage arrows .Like so he can see.❤️

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  • 3:41 my dude just killed a full enchanted diamond armour dude......with a stone axe and a shield

  • Sometimes... a great hero comes with a great punishment.

  • Are you in high school because I play minecraft education edition at school or are you in boarding school

  • Even if it wasn’t his school and was staged, it would be lit for a school Minecraft server besides it going to disaster eventually peeps would have fun.

  • does anyone noticed that the subtitled said ebtter instead of better

  • i have a question... how do you die from your schools server but literally very strong in the lifesteal smp? please comment

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  • You said you got on a alt account so just go on your real account

  • I'm glad you un oped him but I'm sad u got ban you seem like a good person

  • Against gear like that, u gotta just spam instant damage pots, they ignore armour

  • 4:13 "even ebtter than before" nice english

  • Even with proof being in spec, getting an illegal elytra They didnmt deop him You had to FRAME him so that he gets deoped

  • 4:13 ebtter

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  • Damn you all have premium accounts? None of my school has premium accounts, only I do..

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  • ayo i got hacks gimme the smp id and they done for


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  • he got banned because he was "hacking"(i mean you are really good)

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  • 2:16 “eze was chating”

  • Roshambo is great because he makes great content and he actually listens to comments. Every time that I have commented on one of glory videos you always heart my comments. Thanks. Keep up the amazing work!


  • Yay! Knowing its a school day tomorrow and it's 9.30pm I have to sleep soon sadly

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