Why Indonesia is Moving Their Capital City

čas přidán 21. 01. 2022
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  • Great video! Just want to let you know you need to switch the locations of Sydney and Melbourne! As a Melbourne girl myself I'm quite proud to be from the south of Australia 😄

  • Since i'm from West borneo myself. I can assure you that Borneo is like a wet dream for tropical city designer because most tropical islands are small and dangerous due to volcanic activities and earthquake, Borneo never had any of that (i live here for 20 years and never in my life have i experienced an earthquake). However, enviromental problem caused by palm oil industry can already be seen across the island. So here's hoping that moving a huge administration center like

  • i born and live in java, i don't have any problem with this capital city relocating, all i wish is the developer will be much much much more concern about environmental issues, Kalimantan is too precious for us, not only for Indonesia but for the earth and the entire population, Kalimantan is blessed with a beautiful rain forest and the diversity in it, i just hope human greediness doesn't destroy it's true wealth just like we destroy java island, mega city with it's skyscraper is nothing compared to Kalimantan's priceless nature.

  • as an Indonesian, I agree with all the problems that you stated and I also support the government to move the capital city to a new area because it can spread out our country development not only focus on one island.

  • I agree with the fact in this video, Indonesia really has to move its capital city considering that the island of Java is already very densely populated. The discourse of moving the capital city of Jakarta has also existed since Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch, precisely during the reign of Governor Herman Willem Daendels. Many factors caused Indonesia to have to move its capital city, in addition to the overpopulation factor on the island of Java, geographical factors were also the main reason why Indonesia had to move its capital city because of the very low landmass of the island of Java and it was predicted that in the future the island of Java would sink because its geological factors were already damaged. Population distribution must be carried out evenly, considering that the island of Kalimantan is still empty of residents, although Kalimantan's natural resources are very high but underutilized due to a lack of human resources, this can be a reference for Indonesia to move the capital city.

  • As a person who spent his entire life in Jakarta metropolitant area, it's true that a lot of issues is happening in Jakarta right now, from environmental to social and traffic issues. I think it's a right choice from president Joko Widodo to move the entire capital city to the Kalimantan. I hope the development of the new capital will be focuses to build a more public transport oriented and more sustainable city than Jakarta.

  • I lived in Jakarta for a year. I fell in love with Indonesia and its people, but Jakarta problems are very real. I hope all these projects succeed and I will be happy to be back in Indonesia. Concerning the pollution, I spent 9 years in China. Indonesia environment is paradise compared to China's and I would it to remain like that.

  • Hopefully it doesn't cause a huge population growth and thus a negative impact on the environment. Living in Borneo, I've seen how municipalities have allowed destruction of the forest due to greed (even seeing seeing government officials legally change their race to acquire native land). What was once a beautiful Forrest when I was a child, has rapidly become a barren land or monoculture 😢

  • As a Bruneian, this is interesting to watch. I'm quite curious as to what will happen in the future for Kalimantan. But I think one thing you haven't stated is the fact that the Borneo has it's own problem, which is air pollution from forest fires from Kalimantan itself

  • I love Indonesia. The places and its people. My 6 months stay there was one beautiful experience

  • Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort RealLifeLore puts into his content for us. Great job

  • as a malaysian, a sabahan on borneo island iam really looking forward toward this. i hope we sarawakian & sabahan could get some of those benefits from trading with the new indonesia capital, so we in borneo are not left behind in infrastucutre and education like the west malay did to us.

  • Thank you RealLifeLore for making a video explaining about moving the capital city of Indonesia from Jakarta to Kalimantan, so that many people know this information. I totally agree with what is said in the video, that it is true that the capital city of Indonesia moved to Kalimantan because Jakarta is experiencing various kinds of problems, ranging from overpopulation, flooding, land subsidence, pollution, traffic jams, and others. . It is feared that if Jakarta remains the capital city, this problem will continue. In addition, in my opinion, moving the capital city to Kalimantan is one of the right steps to overcome the problem of overpopulation in Jakarta. Many people from other islands have moved to the island of Java, especially Jakarta in search of work and a better life, but by moving the capital city to Kalimantan it will accelerate the distribution of development there, so that in the future it is hoped that the islands that develop in Indonesia will not only be Java but also the island of Borneo and surrounding. That way, the geographic mobility map can change. Currently, the government must focus more on preparing for the relocation of the capital city, so as to minimize funds. Indeed, there are many pros and cons to moving the capital city, but I personally believe and believe that moving the capital is the right thing and needs to be done for a better Indonesia.

  • Indonesia has been one of the more fascinating countries to me. It blows my mind how they managed to make islands the span of Europe a country

  • As a former historical tour guide specialized in Jakarta City, i got some things to say.

  • I am a malaysian I have visted Indonesia 3 times love it. People are very intelligent hardworking broadmined. Felt very free there with regards to religious freedom etc

  • Great video! as an Indonesian, i learn alot about my country. When president Joko Widodo first announced the plan to move Indonesia’s capital in 2019 it was quite a shock because at first i don’t really know the reasons, but now i completely agree about moving the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan because i think it’s great effort to relieve a huge environment challenges facing Jakarta, and to redistribute wealth.

  • Hopefully the objective of moving our capital from Jakarta/Java to Nusantara/Borneo will equalize the opportunity for Borneans/Kalimantanese to grow in many aspects which has long been enjoyed by Javanese. They can enjoy the economy, education, etc. So their natural resources are used for the commonwealth of Kalimantanese rather than sucked by politial elites in Jakarta.

  • Indonesia is a beautiful country with beautiful people though I only stayed there for a month I really enjoyed my stay there ❤️

  • I got confused at the Australian capital. The cities were interchanged. Melbourne is south while Sydney is on the east