Why Is America The Most Corrupt Country? Robert Kiyosaki Reveals

čas přidán 11. 09. 2023
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Welcome to another knowledge-packed episode of The Ranveer Show. Today’s guest is a money-making genius and the author ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ - Robert Kiyosaki. He is a Japanese-American entrepreneur, businessman, author, and the founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company. He is someone keenly interested in sharing his money-making knowledge through books and videos.
In today’s episode, Robert Kiyosaki shared some brutal truths about our education system and how we are unaware of the actual knowledge that will make us money in the future. We talked about his contributions to the world, what is the ultimate goal of life, the future of America, and his view on India and its people. We also dwelled upon his military training phase and the future of jobs with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.
All thanks to Sunil Tulsiani for making this conversation happen. Truly appreciate it.
I am truly honored to host Robert Kiyosaki on The Ranveer Show. This conversation was all about financial education and bringing out the brutal truths of our education system. I hope you enjoy this episode. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
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  • Watch the Full Episode here:- cs-tv.org/tv/video-byJgRDFdUj0.html

  • A literal fucking oil baron talking about corruption lmao

    • It's comedy gold! lol

    • Doesn’t void what he said

    • “Muh oil baron”, lmao. The guy leases land from people in a voluntary agreement, and invests a ton of money into building and maintaining oil extraction infrastructure. Where is the evil in that

    • So are you taxed more on fuel now or before Biden

  • There isn't a politician on earth that isn't corrupt

    • Never saw Obama do anything but his job. But you go with that.

    • @@MarcususI'm sure he did do his job opinions vary and everybody has one why don't you go with that

    • The man hardly knows his own name, give him a break!

    • The president of Botswana who sadly died was never corrupt

    • Everyone in the legislative or executive branch, state or federal level have been career politicians for a minimum 15 years but more often 25-30+ But there is one exception and the establishment made it their one and only strategy to attack and abuse him. Think a little it will do u some good

  • I want to unsee this. Rich people mourning for the middle class!😂

  • Everyone knows that oilmen are the most honest people.

    • As honest as a person can be

    • Thats because their dads are rich

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love it when Americans totally display the fact that the don't know what Communism nor Socialism is

    • Neither do you either😂

    • I mean we know what it is, and we know what it looks like when it fails, what eliminating the middle class would do is make it where few a rich and the rest are poor, exactly what happened to Russia.

    • @@ishitmyself6772 So there is no Middle Class in Russia?

    • ​@@eduanmienie7647now there is but before 2000 and before 1991 no.

    • It's imperialism Bottom line

  • Life comes at you fast, from bank collapses to rising conflicts and the looming 2024 recession. Ditched cash for gold and crypto; my portfolio's thriving.

    • Your words really hit home ,I am trying to do the same but navigating the market isn’t always easy

    • I am immensely thankful to Bianca Faye Lindsey for her mentorship, witnessing significant daily advancements in my portfolio since our collaboration began, Truly Grateful

    • How do I reach her?

    • Google her name; she's a big shot in the market.

    • Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  • Americans calling each other communists is the funniest thing to Europeans

    • 😂

    • I wasn’t convinced this wasn’t a real interview at first. Robert sounds like he’s spouting off the usual lying rhetoric that big business use to control the lower classes.

    • Had to have learned it from somewhere ?!

    • Fr

  • We the people need to become the government

    • And that, my friends is PROPER communism in practice - for those who have been misled, communism is an ideology and a dictatorship is a way of implementing that ideology. Communist countries could also be democracies.

    • America is a Republic😂

    • Lmao no

  • He's so straight to the point 😂

  • “I’m an oil guy, but the other guys are corrupt” lmaooooooo

  • This guy knows what he's talking about!

    • Exactly, apparently there are people that can't see it

    • Even tho we're living it and I have personally experienced two different lives between the two presidents.

    • He doesn't.

    • Saying Biden is communist is the most stupid and ignorant thing I’ve ever heard to begin with, and seconds: to say that capitalism yes the best thing ever, only exposes how mad he is about not selling the same volume

  • This man is telling us the truth we better open our Ears and listen.

    • Exactly my life just like everyone else in this country changed when Biden became president

  • Imagine an oil tycoon calling someone else a criminal. 😂😂

    • It takes one to know one. Robert has a very dirty past, but it doesn't negate anything he just said.

    • Do you even know him? Btw oil is the greatest invention of industrial era without which none of us would exist. Respect it.

    • What makes him a criminal

    • That’s wat I’m saying

    • Jealous

  • A millionaire telling you who's corrupt.Yeah nice try 👍

  • I wonder what they will all do when oil is no longer a thing ?

  • this guy is proof that rich people definitely aren't any smarter than regular people

    • Correction: rich people after publicity are not smarter than regular people Actually smart rich people don’t want anything to do with media and appear in tv and stuff because it just wastes their time and destroys their privacy. They’d rather stay unknown and spend their money with their family and friends and enjoy life.

    • @@bulldozer8950then whyd he do an unknown podcast for no reason 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • If you don't have the talent, then you better be in the right place at the right time...

    • Being rich doesn’t equate to smarts, this guy however is leagues above you in intelligence

  • I read rich dad as a black man back in the day changed my mindset on how I see the world I hate living in DC no middle class...

  • I stopped watching when he said Biden is a communist. Can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • Hearing a oil baron talking about corruption is like hearing Hitler talking about Tolerance and Aceptance 💀💀💀

    • no its someone who actually knows how things work vs people like you who have absolutely no clue how things work.

    • ​@@drewp9112No dude, is a person with power talking shit about somebody who know he doesn't deserve all the power he has

    • 😂lol

  • This guy calling Biden a communist and waving Karl Marx whenever he says his name makes it incredibly embarrassing for anyone who has the most basic knowledge of economics 😂

  • Rich dad poor dad author. I really like this man,his book is very useful to me to change my perspective about my life

    • You probably think not paying your workers is a good stratagy

    • Please listen to the 'if books could kill' podcast about rich dad, poor dad. It's not the insightful piece of work you think it is. It's a guy hating on his dad for putting his family above profits

  • >"Biden is corrupt because he's Communist" >Okay... >"See I'm an oil guy" >......😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • I swear they don't even think about what they are saying. They just blurt out whatever nonsense they think of.

    • Go out and glue your hand to the street to stop climate change

  • Bruh😂 Does he even know what communist is?

  • Everything was fine until he mentioned oil.

  • An oil tycoon talking about corruption is insanity.

    • A businessman cannot be corrupt, only opportunistic. Corruption is paid officials with real government power taking money or taking action for personal gain using their allotted power to achieve their corruption. EDIT: Elected officials are expected to be loyal to their people and country, breaking that trust is corruption as well, borderline treasonous. Businessmen are expected to be loyal to profits and money, not people and country.

    • Business is a synonym for corruption like lobbying

    • ​@@newblood5what a horrid take. "Only politicians can be corrupt, quit talking about all the innocent little rich people, they wouldnt hurt a fly 😢😢😢"

    • @@esteroth5290no it’s a totally reasonable take, you’re just taking it what he said and totally twisting it.

    • Yet businessmen are indeed the best people to talk about this issue. Not politicians.

  • The US needs a reboot!

  • Without the middle class everything collapses.

  • The guy talking would gladly bulldoze your house to make room for another pipeline. He’s not one of us.

    • Yup...so true

    • He'd probably be willing to pay you more than your house is worth in order to do so

    • ​@@JustAnotherN0b0dy"Press x to doubt"

    • ​@@JustAnotherN0b0dy lol if he could charge you to build garbage for his oil, he would.

  • I live in America and I still agree with this dude

  • Rich dad poor dad was a good book

  • "Communism is when you don't approve an oil pipeline." - This guy

  • Biden is a communist???? 😂😂😂 That’s the most hilarious thing I have ever heard 🤣🤣🤣

  • I heard "I'm an oil guy" and instantly knew he was corrupt himself

    • So what's corrupt about him?

    • Dude I thought this was parody at first. I honestly had to check and make sure I wasn't watching The Onion.

    • Could be but he's a hell of lot sharper than Joe. He has him pegged.

    • @@LisaGWoods that's fair. Joe is too old to be in any form of leadership and probably should retire.

  • He is spitting FACTS💯💯💯💯

  • This is the pot calling the kettle black

  • Second rule of crime: blame someone else.

  • as a corrupt man this guy nailed it

    • Jesus loves you so much and He is waiting for you with open arms So accept Him in your life while He is near

  • This feels like a joke someone would write to make fun of people like this but it’s real, these people are actually psychotic 🤣

  • When a capitalist says "the selling price of my product went up by 4x and I'm not ok with this" something else is going very very VERY wrong.

  • Truer words never spoken.

  • Criminal calling someone a criminal

  • He owns an oil company. He must be a very distinguished gentleman that isn't corrupt at all.

    • Bro his words aren’t worth anything when he’s calling a moderate president a socialist

    • ​@@tristenatorplaysgames6833😂😂😂😂 you think the Biden admin is "moderate" wtf I'm done with the Internet today.

    • Biden is center-right. Crazy that Americans don't know what true Liberalism is...let alone socialism.

  • When he said my friend is Donald trump I knew this was bs

  • Bruh as a communist myself I got to ask what kind of theory did you read or what kind of definition did you get for a communist

  • To be fair, if there's anyone who can tell who is corrupted, it's someone who is corrupted

    • yea robert is a rich old man, the irony of this

    • Or at least the one that once was the corrupt one

  • Let's appreciate his audacity at least 😂

  • Just wait until he finds out about China

  • an oil tycoon complaining about US government corruption is like a serial killer complaining about high murder rates

    • He is trying to tell his view he can’t decide prices

    • He's not an oil tycoon at all. He sells self-help books to rubes. If he has any oil money at all these days it's because he bought shares via his book sales.

    • Bro ur comparing communism to to serial killer murder rates ?

    • I bet you have a Biden sticker on your car 😂

  • Anyone who tries to destroy the middle class regardless of party forgot the lesson of the French Revolution.

  • That pipeline wasn't even finished.

  • “Biden is a terrible man. The reason why I know this is because I’m a capitalist” brilliant logic. I’m humbled by that logic

    • He is a terrible guy though

    • @@yobtnirpdon’t forget housing market…

    • @@yobtnirpI'm not pro-Biden by any means, but what exactly has Biden done that's terrible ?

    • @@BrohammadAli not even that, this dude cant even name a reason for HIS side to have any merit. You mean to tell me this dude will try to make me emphasize for a dude price gouging oil for his own profit.

  • The fact he mentioned there was still classes and proceeded to call him a communist shows that he doesn’t know what communism is 😂😂

  • Bro doesn't know what communism is 💀

  • And media asks Biden questions about which icecream is his favourite

  • If I’m selling barrels of whatever for $30 and they go up to $130 that’s a businessman why would I be complaining?

  • Everyone knows that this oilman is as honest as the host is unbiased.

    • But not everyone knows the oil he's dealing with is snake oil 😂

    • Hahaha well said

    • He is a bjp supporter right?

    • All of this just soared over your head

    • Anyone care to give some context? I don't get it

  • As a communist i disown biden

  • "If you lose me some money, you are communists.." -Oil capitalists

  • The oil tycoon is concerned for the middle-class. 😂

    • With no middle class, and government control, he loses. If it's not pulled off right, in capitalism, the system collapses.

    • because thats his target market bro. take out that he doesnt have a market anymore, his business will plummet. oil maintains the middle class systems

    • Yea who do you think he needs the most? The poor the middle or the rich? Dont over think who pays in the most lol

    • He literally wrote books on how the lower and middle class can build wealth

    • I have never seen a rich person mad that his product went up in price causing them to overcharge the consumer and call out the guy that's causing him to get more money. That's pipeline helped us get to a very powerful place and by shutting it down stalled our entire growth and covid put so many businesses out the rich came in and bought those businesses for pennies

  • I'm an oil guy....immagine how corrupt those guys have to be if im disgusted by them. But deep down he is right about JB

  • I'm not listening what a capitalist has to say about corruption💀

  • Bro really calls people he doesn't like communist

  • He doesn't know what corruption is.

  • God bless Robert kiyosaki

  • So I just listened to a oil tycoon cry and it's absolutely hilarious

    • It's not hilarious when I go to pay for groceries and gas. You fool.

    • @@Mr_Facts About half of inflation in the US is from companies' price gouging because they can. The rest is residual effects from the pandemic. The US has less inflation than most of the world by the way.

  • Love how he didn’t even mention he did that so that he could get kick backs from buying more expensive oil from Russia

  • This is why business guys need to stay in business an out of politics

  • "Buzzword buzzword buzzword" "Trust me bro I'm an oil tycoon" "Red scare red scare red scare"

    • Well put👏

    • He's living in his own world. Trusting oil tycoon is like trusting an executioner to not execute you. It written all over your name, boy.😂

    • 💀💀💀

    • Idk man, honestly it could be Biden on one side and literally anyone else and I'll take the other

  • I tend to think this guy is right!

  • I really hope this is ironic lmao

  • "He a commie cuz he hurt my oil profits"

    • Dude, price hikes don’t affect oil sales. It’s an inelastic good and people are going to buy it pretty much at the exact same rate anyways.

    • @@cdg715but that’s what he said in the video

    • No dude he saying Biden’s actions made HIM more rich …but, at the expense of the middle class

    • Lmao

    • ​@@Megabeat30thank god this man is so honest and he's using his massive wealth to benefit the middle class 😂

  • Biden makes this guy rich and this is how he repays him 😆

  • This video should be everywhere!!

  • Remember these guys are just as dangerous as the politicians

    • Not many can think straight these days...busy disagreeing who's right and who's left while we r all all in a same sinking boat.

    • @@mygmail24. The business tycoon in the video said it himself sort of… the public solution is either socialism or free market

    • @@mygmail24. once you start to see how much control limits discourse I swear it’ll disgust you

  • Who is here after watching carryminati video😂

  • Bad for you when you lose money 😂

  • You will never know why my comment got 40k likes! Muhahahaha!(mojo-jojo laugh)

    • He couldn't match the American english 😂

    • Ha ye samnewale ko bolne hi nai deta😅

    • He did say hmmmm.

    • It was a difficult interview. Go watch it.

    • He only knows spiritual stuff , not that knowing it is bad, it is amazing actually but he clearly didn't have much info about this.

  • He’s on to absolutely nothing. I hate when people think that just because they have a lot of money, they have all this wisdom and knowledge.

  • It's crazy how usa change from corrupt to the best country depending on who is in that chair😂

  • Just let idiots talk long enough and they'll surely expose themselves

    • This guy 5 seconds later : ☠️☠️☠️

    • Underrated comment

    • Idiot? This guy is an accomplished millionaire, lol.

  • I knew the drill when he said" my friend" , that ended any possibility of TRUTH being forthcoming in this piece.

  • Full-throttle Capitalism!

  • Bro said shit, wtf was he talking about 😂😂😂

  • An oil tycoon calling out someone for being corrupt is like the pot calling the kettle black. edit: Jesus christ, I'm not criticizing the USE of oil, I'm calling out oil tycoons for often being corrupt businessmen. I've got no issues with the use of fossil fuels...

    • That's the point of this whole video! Biden is helping oil tycoons making more money!😂

    • True he's upset😂😂😂😂

    • The pot calling the silverware black.

    • Electric cars aren’t practical! Neither are solar panels or turbines. All of it is inefficient, costly, and they all inevitably cause more material waste than oil. Oil is the most accessible source of energy we have currently so until that changes why hate on it?

  • It felt like parody the whole time!

  • A corrupt person talking about others 😂

  • Love when capitalists call other competing capitalists as communists

    • The amount of people who eat this up and immediately start chucking a tantrum because they were educated by the back of a cereal box is truly astonishing

    • Not saying the guy talking isnt one of those, but Small businesses can be capitalistic without harming people and thats what America should be.

    • ​@@blacknoir607"small business"

    • Especially the multi millionaires and billionaires 😂 socialism is their mortal enemy ! To have to share resources !

  • Crooked Democrats

  • we know what type of person he is when i heard oil

  • The guy doesn’t even know what a communist is.

  • Jokes on the ones who voted and still support him after these years of running us to the ground

  • The smirk on his face doesn't sit well with me personally

  • An oil-drenched business criminal lecturing anybody about corruption is proof that irony is dead.

    • Must be liberal, judging without any critical thought

    • I don’t care if this guy makes billions. I just want my gas to be at 1.69 again 😂

    • ​@@gamefather9105 ain't that the truth

    • ​@@gamefather9105 Amen!

  • Biden’s speeches are the funniest thing that’s ever existed in America.

  • You are giving him too much credit. He can barely walk up stairs, and you think he is some criminal mastermind

  • Ah yes, because oil is a completely clean business where no corruption takes place, and everyone is nice to each other.

    • Name me one industry where people haven't broken the law. I'll wait.

    • @@JM-hn6vg I'm not saying that every other industry isn't curropt obviously curroption is everywhere. It's just that oil is much more curropt than others.

    • Lots of people have earned a good living working for the oil companies

  • As a fbi man i can confirm this ✅😂

  • Calling Biden communist is like calling Stalin a pacifist

    • That's pretty accurate

    • Stalin was pacifist, at least more pacifist then Churchill and Truman

  • America in media: superman America in reality: homelander