Why Megamind is a Subversive Masterpiece

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019
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  • 4 thousand people are idiots

  • Anyone else think Metroman looks so much like Markiplier? No? Just me? ok...

  • D-did you just AUTHUR US

  • 6:21 song name?

  • My whole family and I f*cking LOVED ketamine when it first came out! My mom was belly laughing on the floor every time we saw it! Definitely up there with Rango

  • the kingdome hearts soundtracks 👌🏼

  • 4:54

  • when you said its a theori then when it stop i thought it fucking lagged becuse i waited at a "a fil theori"

  • 3:24

  • What do you mean Caroline and Justine are great

  • Megamind was ahead of its time

  • 10:36 I almost died

  • Bruh, a kaiju fight would be bitchin'!

  • This video was heartwarming for me, because Megamind was such a huge part of my childhood, and I’ve been mad about it not getting enough credit ever since I remembered how much I loved it.

  • Why does this dude sound like Quackity?

  • 1:37 Are we not gonna talk about how that was the best way to make that joke

  • Can somebody PLEASE tell me what movie the wolf from 13:58 is from? I know I've seen it but I cannot remember what it was.

  • i felt really old when he said that he liked despicable me *as a kid* but that *he's an adult now*

  • *Y luego vino orslon*

  • The welcome to the jungle scene is honestly such a great framing for a contrived conflict in a movie.

  • Please do a review on Rise of the Guardians. I don’t care if you think it’s bad I just want to know your thoughts on it

  • Okay, the spiders new.

  • Megamind really is amazing. If you rewatch it, the main plot lines hidden from its unrealistic fiction is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a true masterpiece!!!!! Everything comes together so well, and you could understand it’s beauty of true emotion!!!!

  • Splatoon music? My man!

  • oh my god i almost screamed when good old fashioned lover boy started playing

  • little fun fact if you watch the mega mind trailer the dads says greatness instead of it blanking it out

  • Maybe I was always big brained, but I enjoyed Megamind more

  • Love the use of the persona 5 music in the background. You have good taste sir

  • A. G A M E. T H E O R Y

  • Megamind 2 plz plz dream works

  • To anyone curious, the music at 20:48 is Sheik's theme from Ocarina of Time. Took me four months to find it.

  • 7:04 he is modeled after market pliers

  • Now I want to rewatch megamind

  • the first despicable me kinda slapped ngl

  • wouldn't Hal be sentenced to death considering how many people he killed with all the crap he did with his powers?


  • This video made me finally watch Megamind because I didn't want this video to spoil it for me but I still wanted to watch it.

  • I rewatched this movie recently and I had such a great time with it. I really don't know why this didn't appeal to me as much as a kid. Like holy shit I think I cried from laughing multiple times

  • whats the song in 17:33 and 20:48 ? pls i need to produce the happy chemicals

  • I thought Hal was voiced by Jonah Hill?