Why Post Malone Is So Damn Catchy (HBO)

čas přidán 10. 11. 2018
Face tattoos, unkempt hair, and beer-swilling aren’t the typical blueprint for pop stardom. And yet, we still have Post Malone.
He’s one of the most listened-to and inescapable artists of the moment, and his music has broken commercial performance records previously held by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. But for every Posty fan, there seem to be even more people confounded by the idea that he has fans at all.
VICE spoke to Berkeley College of Music songwriting professors Kareem Clarke and Brian “Raydar” Ellis to discuss the Post Malone phenomenon. They credited his repetitive rhythms and melodies and strategic song structure as major players in his music’s popularity potential. Another advantage? His average singing voice.
“You know, it's different from a Beyonce when she sings ‘Love On Top’ you know when she gets to the part where she modulates, in other words she goes from from one key to a higher key to a higher key,” Ellis explained. “When she's doing that, at a certain point the average listener is just not going to be able to follow, like they can't […] For artists like Post or artists like Rihanna, they tend to just work inside a specific, limited range of notes that complement their voice but also complement the average listener.”
Looking at his music and persona in aggregate, it’s clear Post Malone is the beneficiary of a rare confluence of factors that almost predestine him for mass popularity. The formula is covering all his bases at once.
His songs are easy for everyone to remember and sing. His music pulls from multiple genres without ever fully committing to one. He’s a pop star and a populist. He does beerbongs and he drives Bentleys.
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  • He clearly is from the future”

  • you know what is unique though.. stupid ass news channels using someone else's fame and success for a quick buck. This shit is truly original for real, good work fellas

  • Youre trying to say that because his music is reptitive and diatonic its not unique?? Its not just about the notes its what you do with them . Tons of songs stay in key. nobody is saying he's mozart but hes unique, youre all tripping vice.

  • stay in ur lane vice this is vox's job

  • did vice literally credits posts succes cuz hes white?

  • Cuz his musics good duh

  • people love to be offended. lol post is dope af


  • Alright who gave these two the hatoraid? I can make a playlist of Post Malone and everything he made and never hit skip one time. Also I enjoy watching his live covers of other people’s songs especially rock songs

  • Media makes everything mundane and racial. 😑

  • I thought it was interesting how they broke the song down. I didn't realize that much went into a song

  • because he's a good artist smh

  • Love yah posty, keep rockin and doin you mate. I tip mah cigar to you

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 vice is a joke now.

  • Not to hate on post but the song rockstar was ghost written by Joey bada$$ (underrated rapper).

  • vox???lol vice going to shit

  • #haters

  • This video is not catchy at all

  • Love his music but those tattoos are ridiculous

  • Post Malone is catchy cause he is Post Malone very simple

  • Went dbl play with no promotion. Bet the label loved that

  • Vice thinks post Malones voice and looks are average. Good to know. Not. Dicks.

  • This video was about 10 seconds short of calling white privilege the reason for Post's success.

  • His videos with h3h3 really showed me that he's really just a genuine dude.

  • People who are afraid analyse the parts because they dont understand how to make the whole

  • Stop trying to analyze things just live

  • Hes just a good person and singer dont hate

  • A mad scientist capitalist in the field of pop music

  • This video was repetitive. Catchy af.

  • The only reason he is catchy is because you can understand him

  • I don't know who he is and i don't care ...Just wondering how he is so popular if i don't know him ROFL

  • i dont know if theyre talking shit or complimenting him, and why tf bring race into it LOL

  • The song in the background... Just Fire

  • Haters... they sounded like a racist kanye promoting beyonce and belittling post.. gtfo..

    • She's no Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross or whitney houston..

    • Beyonce isnt all that.. get over it..

  • If just one person reads this, it'll honestly make my day. I'm an producer from Algeria & I know people write this all the time but I believe me I'll be the one you'll be happy you listened to , If one person could give this a thumbs up you'll be one step closer to helping a man's dreams come true , I swear I don't suck and you won't be disappointed , Just give me one chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you

  • "Face tattoos and unkempt hair aren't usually a formula for pop stardom" What? 🤨

  • So much spite

  • I can hear “better now” echo in my head and I love it.

  • Lol pop defined by melody or melanin

  • I'm Black & you guys are just a bunch of of haters, and yall should also stop acting like you know much about music. The real reason post is very popular and loved is his unique voice and enticing manner of approach to every instrumental, period. STFU. Hey vice, are you guys out of shit to document? What a bunch of losers.

  • Repetitive because he is not talented ain't got word play and oh yeah repetition is the number one form of brainwashing

  • Yeah... they’re white? And?

  • So basically he is a talentless hack

  • He might wear the formula on his sleeve, but that doesn’t mean that his music doesn’t come from the heart and have real feeling behind it.

  • I know he's pop but some of his music is like or is rap.

  • The problem is people like the "experts" dont actually know how to create good music. They just know how to teach. If you can't do, teach. And they hating on my man just cause he's white.

  • I love how it's a "formula" they can spit but can't synthesize themselves. funny how that works.

  • Post is Talented, Post is a well rounded respectable, hardworking, & humble artist! No matter how many people try to break down is music and style and try to pick away at it and try to degrade his style you can't say he's not gifted! Post is Genre-less Post is just, Post! 💯

  • But it's out of my control...oh oh that oh oh=simple yet genius #hook

  • I bet he don't write all his music ...wtf ....

  • But he didn't write Rockstar though ..joey badass then wtf......

  • Wow music is on the decline. Blows my mind what folks calling talent

  • I like post his music 🎶 post is dope

  • Really dont know what all the hate is about. I liked the video

  • Any White artist will always do better than a black artist doing the same type of music. Not only will he get radio play on the black or urban stations, he also gets play on the pop stations that do not play the black artist that play the exact music, just like Emiem, Elvis, Maddonna, Britney they will be 10x more successful because of the population of US and radio station bias. No white station is gonna support a black pop or rap star singing to little white girls on the radio. They are not gonna promote black males as sex symbols to their youth plain and simple.

  • I respect him because he seems to be a really nice guy but his music is trash. The thing is that the average music consumers like this kind of less demanding music.

  • That moment when all the Brad‘s Chad’s and Becky‘s find out exactly why the music that they love is absolute garbage LMAO

  • Answer is: ILLUMINATI

  • Why do they have to bring race 😂 wtf

  • Culture Vulture backed by an army of whites. need i say more?

  • Post is like McDonald’s

  • His music is meditative. It slows down the brain waves.

  • In other words, his listeners have double-digit IQ's.

  • Post Malone isn’t average.

  • It's catchy 'cause he's creative and unique. His voice carries the melody instead of the beats doing that.

  • I watched this twice. Just to make sure I'm not mistaken. This is so negative. How about a little bit more praise for being himself. As a person that listens to many different genres of music, spanning multiple decades, I can say Post is unique, genuine, and a true artist. Keep doing great things. We love you!

  • *OnLy tWo oF thEm wERE bLAcK* jeez u guys r such losers...

  • 0:30 News, posty it is popular for his music according to 2 professors of berklee.

  • I like how this video shows how lazy and complacent the mass majority of listeners are. Maybe one day we'll demand more of our music artist, so that they won't literally be rewarded for saying a phrase on repeat for an entire album. Until then enjoy it while you can post.

  • That race comment was so unnecessary.

  • Who else kept trying to clean their screen thinking it was dirty but it was just the video

  • What a useless job.. ‘song writing professor’

  • You’re so annoying you had to bring race into music 🙄

  • its easy He writes and sings from the heart and we love it .

  • vice wears its agenda on its sleeve - we see right through you and because of this you are dismissed

  • Because he repeats himself that’s why

  • song writing professors, aka couldn't come up with their own shit so just sit atop their little hill and belittle someone who has proven that he is talented. I listen to music to relax, to enjoy myself, to gain catharsis, I don't listen to music just because it's complicated or intricate, I listen to it if it sounds good. Smells like teen spirit is repetitive, Bohemian Rhapsody isn't, both are phenomenal songs. Neither is implicitly better or worse. Adding the race portion at the end shows this video for what it is. The musings of jealous bitter people.

  • Was this a video by vox?

  • Music is dead

  • i dont get it are they praising him ?

  • Oh god, I'm that person who hasn't listened to a wide range of stuff over the course of many years, so Post sounds unique but no, he's wearing his formula on his sleeve...really??? Is it that simple? Can't he just be a good composer and not have a formula?? I'll go with the last question and continue being the old fart that I am.

  • All I know is Post Malone loves Olive Garden. “ when you’re here, you’re family”

  • Post Malone... catering to the simpleton crowd 👍

  • Post Malone + Nickelback!

  • Post Malone is unique and extremely talented. That is the reason why he is so successful. But, haters will be haters.

  • This whole video is like a knock-off vox earworm vid lol

  • AND they called Drake white. Am I out of the loop on that one or what??

  • His not special voice. These guys are some dickheads. They even compared him to Rihanna while saying it...?

  • Vice continue'n their bullshit spin tactics and smear campaigns, with Vox highjacked format . . . why dont you twerps get off the tit and do some real journalism with actual points to the story? i want my 5 minutes back

  • It’s not like he is thinking about any of this when he’s writing a song. Talk about reading way to in to it.

  • He just writes fucking music that is good.

  • Still, why the face tattoos? He would look much better without them

  • ama go listen to some post hes awesome

  • *Vice IS RACISTS!*

  • So listening to Post Malone will make your brain work Abit simpler almost like your getting programmed from the repetitive lyrics, I'm glad I listen to tech n9ne , one takes and only real music is dying like rock.....

  • "If white privilege somehow became a person, learned how to make shitty music and covered its weak, undefined, inbred jawline with an unkempt beard, I’d name it Post Malone." -- Michael Harriot

  • Guys post Malone is a terrible artist think about it he uses rhythm, beats, and rhyming to make his songs...brace for it.... CATCHY. Obviously there is no talent in that. Smfh

  • So if Vice is like Vox... does this mean it's fake news?

  • I love posty ❤️ do you ?

  • This makes me mad