Why Post Malone Is So Damn Catchy (HBO)

čas přidán 10. 11. 2018
Face tattoos, unkempt hair, and beer-swilling aren’t the typical blueprint for pop stardom. And yet, we still have Post Malone.
He’s one of the most listened-to and inescapable artists of the moment, and his music has broken commercial performance records previously held by The Beatles and Michael Jackson. But for every Posty fan, there seem to be even more people confounded by the idea that he has fans at all.
VICE spoke to Berkeley College of Music songwriting professors Kareem Clarke and Brian “Raydar” Ellis to discuss the Post Malone phenomenon. They credited his repetitive rhythms and melodies and strategic song structure as major players in his music’s popularity potential. Another advantage? His average singing voice.
“You know, it's different from a Beyonce when she sings ‘Love On Top’ you know when she gets to the part where she modulates, in other words she goes from from one key to a higher key to a higher key,” Ellis explained. “When she's doing that, at a certain point the average listener is just not going to be able to follow, like they can't […] For artists like Post or artists like Rihanna, they tend to just work inside a specific, limited range of notes that complement their voice but also complement the average listener.”
Looking at his music and persona in aggregate, it’s clear Post Malone is the beneficiary of a rare confluence of factors that almost predestine him for mass popularity. The formula is covering all his bases at once.
His songs are easy for everyone to remember and sing. His music pulls from multiple genres without ever fully committing to one. He’s a pop star and a populist. He does beerbongs and he drives Bentleys.
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  • autotune

  • not for long...not for long

  • Just hate if the song sounds good then ok I highly doubt post is trying to trick anyone.

  • Hey, I know how we can take the joy out of someone's music: Let's try to make it about race. ..Losers. Vice, if you want to be truly progressive you have to move past this shit. And, although the professors' analysis was fair, the way it came off was like total hate on Post.

  • Everything those guys said that was essentially not-so-subtly criticising Post were talking about musical elements that ALL pop music has. They ALL pretty much stay in one key, keeping everything diatonic, and the rhythms are pretty much the same with minor variations across the entire pop spectrum, hip hop included. And they're ALL wearing the formula on their sleeves.

  • Why mention 6 of the artist we’re white it’s so unnecessary

  • I wanna singgggg like postyyyy And JUSTIN BIEBER

  • Man wth is this

  • Thanks for the "Skooling" guys! A buddy of mine got me listening to the sameness of what is called New Country Music and Post Malone was showing up on those charts too. I'm trying to get a handle on who he is and you nailed it! He is whatever sells. I never made the jump to Beyonce, but I like music that's more bumping. The video just above this one on the CS-tv list was, "Why are the best Rap & Hip-Hop artists over 40!

  • Their arguments about Post Malone winning the popularity race by being average in everything and by having catchy and overly simplistic melody/lyrics are really invalid because none of it distinguish him from other 100s of garage bands. When I've heard his ''Psycho'' for the first time in the radio I immediately fell in love with his voice, it was instant and never happened to me before so as for me what makes him unique is his voice. All other things like catchy songs and nice personality are helpful but don't define his success IMHO.

  • I love the guy he's so kind and love his music

  • What bothers me is that they say post malone is a rapper... I have never heard him rap his music... like feeling whitney is a rap? Yeah right hes not a rapper far from it

  • They mentioned Rihanna's use of a similar narrow range, vocal formula, but my absolute favorite song of her's showcases her vocal range: "Love on the Brain."

  • Superb!

  • If they ACTUALLY had the recipe then how come they’re not like Post Malone?


  • What a weird video. Seriously what’s this even about? It’s like you’re trying to convince yourselves post Malone sucks. But why? What you got against him? I don’t get this video lmao

  • Yeah because everyone knew he was white when they heard White Iverson on Soundcloud.

  • Never heard a full song, never will. Your video basically states "you're stupid enough, keep being stupid". And yes, I quoted that.

  • If they mean his music is simple n easy to create.i am glad that something that makes me happy is easy to create...atleast something good is coming easily...winning👍

  • The average listener can't "follow" Beyonce? Gtfoh.

  • Vice gets worse by the day.....

  • lol, they called Cardi B black? she isn't even and Drake is a light skin.

  • They got 2 random niggas analizing how Post-Malone is squashing all these black rappers. Lmfao

  • Don’t appreciate the blacksplaning that was in this video

  • i think post molone is jus talented!

  • It's like a bunch of nice haters with no talent giving their shitty opinions

  • Post is to rap what Taylor Swift is to country

  • Haha Cardi B as a rapper

  • In wise words of post "I only have a minute to live" so f*** you if you don't f*** with his music

  • Jesus just enjoy the song stop analyzing some bs here life is to short

  • Beyonce is the most overrated singer ever. trash.

  • These guys are 'professors'? Lol

  • I got an upside down beard.

  • trash

  • vice are trash

  • Melody or Melanin. People love shooting down successful people today

  • who says he is? i think swae lee is waaaaay catchier

  • Pff go back on the h3h3 podcast

  • Because millennials are aliens

  • Vice, it was a secret. Now anybody can be like him.

  • you gotta be kidding if this is how the clip finished. make a documentary !

  • bring mac miller back X

  • My 4 year old loves his music.. of course he hears the radio version. My husband and I were actually speaking about this 2 days ago. We notices that he was just singing along to his music.

  • pop stations ,hip hop stations , gas stations!!!

  • The catchy hook was pioneered by Prince

  • How is it they made this a white/black thing? People like Post Malone because he is unique and chill and his music does not fit the typical tunes. Then they try to downplay his style like its some sort of science that can be replicated, and then as a slap in the face, they threw in that basically because he is white this helped his fame. What a terrible piece...

  • What a train wreck of a video. Always has to be about race. Typical of Vice. How about Post Malone writes catchy fuckin music, has a super likable personality, and is doing something different then everyone else right now?

  • You don’t have to have a great voice like lady Gaga in order to sing his songs...😊more like a conversation than a song..💕💫

  • Great video as always ~~Vox~~ er i mean Vice....

  • Honestly this is just sad, for people who don't wanna be called racists they have no problem pointing out a succesful person's skin tone as If its a big deal

  • I thought, Post Malone always blows my mind but these professors went savage on my brain 😁.

  • Post Malone is one of a guy who looks rich and homeless at the same time.

  • These guys are so salty

  • “I dislike those who are more successful than me.” How refreshing to hear, team.

  • If it’s such a formula then replicate it. Ya can’t. He’s got talent. Get over it.

  • He's got a great voice. It's fuckable

  • Why hate?

  • peoples songs work because they can sing and put emotion into it beyonce uses her butt but is also a good singer

  • Why is he so catchy? It starts with the music lol.... wow is that what that is

  • They say he's unoriginal and following a formula, yet if he took any other path in music he'd be unoriginal and following someone else's formula.. Thanks for mapping out his music style though, I think it'll help a lot of young rappers to expand and evolve music

  • O look vice looking for a reference to skin color ..shocking

  • There was a bit of a anti-white vibe about this video ! Preach tolerance for all, or noone at all.

  • Simple music for simple people. Simple.

    • If you don't think his music is simple, maybe you're one of the aforementioned...

    • No. Formulaic, maybe, but not simple.

  • Personally I like his music!

  • Another Elvis?

  • He makes good music? He's humble? Talented? Maybe that's why?

  • F off with this nonsense. "Wearing the formula on his sleeve." F you Vice.

  • of course...of course, race had to be somewhere in there!

  • cardi b is white

  • my dudes post is definitly unique im a singer song writer producer all genres ive worked with everyone from lil wayne to lynard skynard i play nine different instaments and i know pro tools like the back of my hand ive written over 2000 songs recorded thousands more i promise you post malone is the next elvis presly ...his voice is one of a kind no one has his unique shake in there voice as post does and the reason people like his music is because its fire hot and you an tell that his heart and soul is in it ....like a rapping adel ....so much feeling ozzy ozborn goodbye to romance meets 2pac gangsta party....if you dont get it get out of it your going to suck......LMA0

  • You just missed Eminem in the top ten rappers list😶

  • "...melody or melanin " are you serious? Just because they both start with MEL doesnt mean you have to connect them! It aint that deep

    • It's easier living naive isn't it?

  • I thought he got Pulitzer or something .. But nay ... #cole world here ..

  • He is a lazy writer like all other post 2005 musicians . Guy is trash . Try spitting over a gangstarr beat , he'd be flipping burgers at bk real quick . Fat hack

  • the more complex the song is... the less people it appeals to! so ye... simplicity and repetition/simple patterns makes most songs more 'enjoyable' (?!) There are lots of songs with only 4 chords that are world wide famous!!!

    • That's not really correct tho... songs like BoRhap are pretty complex and still popular

  • melanin or melody

  • Post is likable and people want to see him succeed, He is a champ. Also the ending of this was a bash on the fans, I think it was a bit of a punk move by them, really shows their character or lack thereof.

  • Drake is as much white as he is black. Why does it even matter........ exactly!

  • This is what bitterness looks like my friends...

  • Why dont these guys make a song if they are professionals in the area

  • Cause he makes music that people wanna hear and its versatile enough to appeal to a wider audience than most people. Also this video is a douche bag haters video. Everyone always says how easy and formulatic shit is to do yet they're not as successful. If its so easy why arent you out there making tons of money.

  • I don’t think he woke up one day and said I have to make music for my critics , he is just doing his thing plus his music yeah just gets you ina. Good mood .. he is simple yet creative I don’t know to many artists who can flow have nice beats and yet play guitar ..

  • So I feel like basically they r saying he has no talent he's brain washing us.. what a load...💩. He's here, he's talented and he's gonna be around awhile... Let the brain washing commence..😵

  • You can smell the jealousy of the two men talking about post...

  • This is nonsense..try to rap along to his lyrics and you stumble on the words. He's a genius.

  • These 2 guys hella jealous of posty songwriting talent. I do listen to a lot of music and I love post malone. So their comment at the end was just bitter...it's okay guys, you are 2 failed musicians 👍 but don't be bitter

  • I don’t even like his music, but I like him, he’s the nicest and most polite rapper I have ever seen; I caught him on tv by accident and couldn’t change it because I couldn’t find my remote, and I was blown away by how kind and respectful he was, it’s crazy. Like, the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” absolutely fits with him.

  • or you can just say he is a Genius

  • In Posty we believe!!

  • Bullshit. Posty is great. That's it.

  • Still don't know any of his music

  • MLK Jr. - "Not judged by the color of there skin but by the content of their character.." Vice - "But what if it's there skin color tho..?"

  • face palm, i thought he was swae lee . .

  • *Vox wants to know your location*

  • Someone's jealous.

  • If someone’s trashing you it’s because they noticed. That’s all the fuel anyone needs to keep on rolling while feeding off the shade. Continued success son you do you.

  • No one is doing what hes doing, in the way that hes doing it. That makes him a genius.

  • He is a folk singer deep down. And folk music always wins

  • Boy you better believe I’m gonna turn up that volume and try to hit all fo them Beyonce keys 😂😂😂