Why the iPhone 11 Pro Succeeded - 4 Month Review!

čas přidán 17. 01. 2020
I've been using my iPhone 11 Pro Max for the past four months. Here are my latest thoughts on why this years' iPhone is special!
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Apple's iPhone 11 Pro has turned out to be a lot better than people expected when it was first announced.
I've had this same exact experience with it, and that's thanks mainly to 3 major features that make it so good.
I also mention some of the runner-up features that make it perform so well, and a few disappointments and wishes for the next 2020 iPhone Pro.
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    • Sorry, but thought it was underwhelming. 12MP?? Samsung released a phone not even 6 months later that had a 9X higher resolution. Reverse wireless charging would have been nice too. The display/battery life are fantastic though. *I am an Apple guy*

    • I came to the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone X. I like it, but there are 2 things I have noticed that I don’t like. 1) sometimes this phone just starts heating up for no reason. Like ridiculously hot and I’m not doing anything. That just happened again last night. I closed all the apps and it still didn’t stop, so I restarted the phone and that seemed to fix it. 2) Since they got rid of 3D Touch, turning on the flashlight and sometimes camera is retarded to turn out. Takes several touches for that dang flashlight to come on.

    • Max Tech To be really honest with you, No matter how good the 11 pro is , I just don’t care about phone’s anymore, For as long as I could remember, I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve thrown away on phone’s when my previous one was very good, never going to make that mistake again. I have the small 10s and you really want to know something, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT 😍. I’ve had this phone for about 7 to 8 months and besides the battery and the LTE connection not always being so great, I’m still very happy with the phone and to be honest, I’m really planning on staying with this phone for the next 5 to 6 years, or at least until Apple stops doing any iOS software updates for it. So yeah, I’m very happy with my phone. P.S I love ❤️ you’re videos and keep up the good work.

    • In This year iphone 11 pro production stop or not for iphone 12 ?

    • Max Tech will u guys please st0p exagerating on the device's c0l0r,.my g0sh with your exagerati0n as if c0l0r is a very unique feature.,i cant stand it,,just say the c0l0r thats it,and n0 m0re exagerati0ns please

  • I just ordered one can't wait coming back from Android after few years to very good iPhone 👍

  • I have been a Sony fan boy all these years. I’m done with Sony.. This time I would surely buy iPhone 11 Pro or 12 pro depending on the value add in the new phone. The biggest plus of having an Apple device is the privacy and the upgrade support for up to 5 years of iOS updates. Honestly, in my eco system, whoever has moved to iPhone from an Android, has never come back to Android.

  • Why would having an iPhone that looks different from other iPhones unless you’re just a knobhead? Look at me look at me! Douche

  • So i have the iphone xr and i was thinking on getting the 11 pro so i was just wondering if u had any advise if i should get it or not

  • If you wear a watch what’s the point of having always on display on your smart phone wouldn’t that just defeat the purpose of wearing a watch

  • How can you not use a case? I would be so scared to go outside without a case on my iPhone

  • Done with the iPhone going to the galaxy 20plus, iPhone is the same shit every year..

  • Good review. Started with a 4s, 5s, 6s plus. From there i went for the X. Just got the 11 pro max midnight green. Love it. Battery life is amazing. Have you tried the dolby atmos demo movie ? The sound is perfect.

  • I been a Samsung guy for years... My s9 took a shot last night... Before I got the s9 I was considering apple... Well, my iPhone 11 pro Max comesin tomorrow😊😊😊

  • But then the prices😪😪

  • Am I the only one who acutally likes the notch? It shows what type of phone I have and it has an aesthetic

  • Can you give me the pro max for my collage pls🥺 that’s my dream phone🥺

  • Everyone who buys the 11 Pro: for better screen, telephoto camera, etc Me who bought the 11 Pro: for flexing on my peasant friends who has the regular 11

  • I used it for 8 days before selling it and going back to Android again , iOS is just annoying and limited comparing to android generally .. very happy with note 10 + is just so perfect

  • Want one now 😒

  • I see that bible app , way to go dude! Haha

  • Bro nice video, 👍👍what is your battery health as of date???

  • ive been on android since the nexus 5 and ever since then, ive been chasing phones with cameras better than iphone (in terms of consistency and processing) ...cause photography is a fun hobby for me. It feels like now i have no choice but to go with iphone, cause even with the V60 and S20 plus out, and other bangers there ALWAYS seems to be SOMETHING with the cameras... whether its auto focus, color science or choppy frames and compression; Im just tired. I want the android experience, but i also want the cleanest footage. i dont have a sick editing laptop or licensing software, so everything i do is free and off a phone or from a Dell. im being picky, i know but, after looking and looking, i think the 11 pro max 256 is the way to go... for me. ..Mind you, I'm still day dreaming, cause i cant buy shit until my bills paid off lol #broklife

  • I seriously thought this guy was gonna burst in his pants.

  • after coming across phone reviews and stuff: having not second but several thoughts now if the one you got is the one worth buying especially after hearing the S20 reviews vs iPhone 11 pro. i guess no gadget and stuff fill the hole in a man's heart.

  • I have the 6s, I'll be upgrading this year.

  • “I don’t know how I made it through the day with my Xs max”. Me with my 6s: ...

  • My 11 pro is coming in the mail tommorow

    • Calebchristianson69 mine is coming next week

  • You’ll be saying the same thing about the new iPhone batteries soon enough... glad you got your content in tho $$$

  • Note 9 user here. Would be nice to get iphone 11 pro max but i cant complain about my note phone

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max is a really cool iPhone I can’t wait to get it Tuesday coming 😎❤️

  • The Simply Mac store is closed, as is my service provider locally...for the foreseeable future. I held over an hour for Apple technical support, and finally gave up. Tomorrow I receive my iPhone 11 Pro, and I have a question I need an answer to before installing the SIM card that I'm currently using in my Galaxy Note 9. I think...that the SIM card in my Galaxy Note 9, is possibly corrupted. This thought from the frequency of failed and dropoed calls, email and search glitches, failing apps and other bizarre oddities which occur daily, ...worsens. My question is this... Will installing a possibly corrupted SIM card in my new iphone damage it? If you would be so kind. I don't want to go by the guesses and opinions of well meaning friends, who don't actually have the technical knowledge. I'm over $1,300 in...and won't take that chance. Thank you in advance. Appreciated!

  • why do you speak like that

  • Traded my s10 plus in for an iPhone 11 Pro Max and I couldn’t be more happy .

  • RichStar

  • 😯😯😯

  • Just saw the Bible app on your phone! Fellow Christian :)

  • I love the Notch. Just because of Face ID! They can keep the Notch forever! I am a big big Fan of Face ID. And no Notch = no Face ID

  • Does anyone else hate their front selfie camera? It’s not the best quality:( I love everything else about my IPhone but the front camera sucks. It looks grainy and it has a green tint to it, my husband has the exact same phone and out pictures look very different. Any tips on how to fix this?

  • Switching from an s7 to the pro max. I'm so excited. Finally a good phone

  • Why does the title say 11 pro. But he is talking about the max

  • Great phone but then all flagship are buy what u want no big difference.

  • @Max Tech, Can you give me a link to the background ? Looks really nice! Thanks !

  • iPhones are trash! Stop promoting fake news. Nothing about apple is "Revolutionary". Apples gets their parts from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. All you're paying for is the LOGO. Samsung s20 Ultra is blowing the iPhone 11 pro out of the water.

  • Have been an android user for 10 years now and I still wont switch to iphone as I just feel like android gives you better features for cheaper. And side question do you have a Twitter?

  • Do you have a Twitter?

  • Do you have a Twitter?

  • Do you have a twitter?

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> *anything* I kill the whole battery in half a day

  • Watching om my iPhone 8!

  • This is the best phone hands down. Galaxy can have all the specs etc they want. iPhone is straight up quality

  • This video is so biased !!!

  • This is the best iPhone I nabe ever owed. I babe he everyone since the 3G, this iPhone clean and feature are amazing 😍

  • I am using this phone for 3 months and I am totally satisfied by it's performance. Camera and bettery is the most setisfying things from this phone.

  • I left iPhone for three years because I was in a hurry to switch from my 5s back in the day and had an Android phone for all that time, a little under month ago I bought the iPhone 11 and I’m so incredibly happy with it and it feels good to be back to my personal favorite OS

  • They would give 64 g of storage and 4 g of RAM so they can easily create a new Amazing 11s pro with 6 g of RAM and maybe 20/30 mpx of camera. Apple were always doing this during upgrades. I'm sure iPhone 12 Will not exist. We will have a 11s pro

  • Even if apple had to thicken the iphone a little, it was already the King of phone thickness so it does not really matter, at least they didn't transform the phone in a ugly useless brick like the S20 Ultra. !

  • Iphone user since 2015, and now watching this video with my Iphone 11 pro 🥰🥰🥰

  • Upgraded from the 6s to the 11 Pro and God I’m glad I did ! Loving the 11 pro

  • The last iPhone I had was the 4 a long time ago. I'm thinking about going back, but I don't like the notch at all and I refuse to buy a phone without USB-C. Also the base storage is rubbish for the price. Softwarewise I don't like the simple yet messy home screen, I really like to organize app icons on the bottom of the screen leaving the top empty because it's way easier to reach them. That's all I want to see improved...

  • I have this phone for 3 months. Best phone I’ve ever had in my life. I’m honestly think it will last 6 years as a beast, and 8 years at a stretch 🔥

  • Who else watching on iphone 11pro max

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="395">6:35</a> look at 11 pro like what???

  • #15: Burger King Foot Lettuce

  • I don’t personally know anyone who doesn’t put a cover on their phone, So why is the finish always a big ordeal? I also don’t mind the notch cause you always grab the phone top up, otherwise you don’t know top from bottom.

  • Why would you want 6GB instead of 4GB RAM? If the performance is good they can even put 512mb RAM in, I don't care..

  • I still have no respect for apple

  • Looking at this video with a SE :)

  • Hi....ive been a loyal customer to Boostmobile for years now, & i was thinking, i barely buy me anything nice because i have kids that i do put first in my life. Ive been watching videos on iphone11 & pro max, & i wanna treat myself to something really nice this year! Gonna be joining all the iphone users soon! Wish me luck!

    • Kahili Manners I just did the same

  • Now how much % batter health in your phone

  • How does always on display make sense????😎

  • #Premium

  • 0.43 YouVersion

  • I got mine for à weekend ago!

  • iPhone xs max lasted me 2 days. Plus I have a car and a car charger. Oh yeah dont forget to grab a quick charge brick. Takes about 30 mins from 10% back to 100% in no time.

  • Upgraded from 8 plus to 11 pro max! I’m loving thisss!

    • Md. Ashikul Islam i ordered it recetly worh my 8+ too hope i will be happy like u :)

  • Max there are devices that do 60 or more now and I'm not new to your Channel because I remember watching your Videos in the past But you are absolutely correct it is amazing device I have used so many at this point that I have my own fondness for many but recently went into a Carrier store and had time to really dig in to enjoy the device because I know some of the people who work there.But also through the Year's I have had so many its insane.I really love many different devices and this one is absolutely up there.Not so much in the past but I do like this one for sure.Very nice job on your thoughts and the whole Video really enjoyed Deb 😉👍👌✌

  • You failed to mention one of the very important improvements made with the 11 family: Night shots have finally become not only possible (not the joke that ALL previous iPhones have been in that respect), as well as the good quality is accompanied by a pleasant performance of the ISO, which now has huge lot less noise to it. Without a decent night mode (something my Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus 7 Pro have had in spades for a long time now) I wouldn't have even considered the 11 Pro - which, as of the present, is now my main driver and photo phone. That was something that Apple had overdue for quite some time- glad they woke up.

  • Sadly, it's over! Samsung Galaxy S20 will be the #1

    • Don’t blame the society iPhones are just much much better for the average consumer cameras are nice specs are nice too but overall just much better. My mom has an iPhone 6 and she refuses to upgrade because she loves that phone still goes pretty long without needing charge🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @Yvemerson Vilsaint This says a lot of our society😔.

    • AleXiz ! Lol Samsung could make a phone that reads minds and it still won’t be #1

  • Very carefully and excellently explained.

  • I am a android user, but i switched to the iphone 11 pro and i am very happy... for now, until google makes a pixel that is decent!

  • Thanks for getting straight to the point finally a review video to the point and not a lot of stalling thanks bro keep up the good job!!!

  • Fast charger is nice but still annoying. I cannot plug it into my car or any rental car. I have to use the previous usb cord. I took this fast charger on my latest trip only to be disappointed not being able to plug the phone into the rental car infotainment/charger port. Tip: carry the old cord as backup

  • The camera triggers my tripophobia.