Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

čas přidán 7. 05. 2019
China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network - more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.

Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty

France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.

But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.

California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.

Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.

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Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail


  • Oh my,the part where the Amtrak train is shown "...and then there's the US" lol

  • Carter had passed a Bill called the 4R project to rebuild and upgrade the rail system in the US . It had intentions of upgrading the high speed rail. The locomotives were capable of speeds of 100 mph plus at the time but the rail beds were not! I worked on a rail gang replacing the 39 foot section rail with the ribbon rail that came in 1/4 mile sections that was welded together to make a single continuous rail. But along came Reagan and the Republicans!!! Funding stopped! Progress stopped!

  • they said "we don't have the money needed for such infrastructure" but truth is soon as government spills money for some work it is gone before anything goes up lol and they say that they ran out and need more funding lol

  • Basically, oil and automobile companies control US.

  • ALL POLITICAL. train is the easy and fastest way compare with the automobile they want to to keep dependable on the petroleum and oil big oil corporations support a corrupted government.

  • Business: Rail will de loom cars. All about the Benjamin's.

  • Because post modern American engineers can’t build a functional one?

  • Because all the money went to the politicians, their families, and friends who had investment in defense companies when they decided to start useless wars, wars that cost trillions upon trillions of dollars, that's where all the money went, war after war after war after war, 20 year war no problem, a few trillion dollars 👌

  • How about invading next Afghanistan?

  • funniest statement of the day lmao - "and then there's the US" no offence for trolls but the way he spoke . omg

  • Lmao They are saying it like China drives it’s people out of locations like rats for free. Do you know how much money people are given for compensation in China? Enough for old folks not work for the rest of their lives.

  • canada is same, what a primitive, backward country not to have high speed rail corridor,

  • Na they don't own it

  • Japan literally build like 80% underground...

  • If a high-speed rail system like the one in CHINA is available to New York City, everyone would move out of NYC, and rely on the 200MPH train to take them to their NYC job, and then real estate in NYC would plummet... It's like they're making it impossible for you to move out of NYC while also keeping your good-paying NYC job unless you would like to travel to work by car 4 hours a day. Lol

  • Just listen carefully from 0:47 - 1:50 and from 01:45 to 2:35

  • It onoy works with high trust populations. No one with 2 quarters to rub together wants to ride with urban trash

  • Who wants to sit on a train for 2 days when you can get somewhere on a plane in 2 hours?

  • Because are already built for their secret traveling underground, at much faster speed

  • "The Loop" around the border states

  • Train is always losing taxpayers money in USA. No more passenger train in USA.

  • "Flatlands of Japan" they build their own platforms to make it flat

  • So they sit on a great concept for decades & now that it’s become an essential *_need.._* they decide to start building in California of all places!! Practically sitting right on the St-Andreas fault line! The ingenuity of these puppet brains just keeps me astounded at every turn!!🙄!

  • Planes

  • How about better city planning so we don't need to travel as much!...The bus driver is drunk on adrenochrome

  • I really like (used to like) having a car. but having a train improves the lives of thousands of people. and guess what? that doesn't take my car away from me.

  • epic fail by capitalists as usual...

    • Not really. Most people simply prefer the independence and flexibilty cars provide.

  • Why not? Because republicans can’t even see spending the money on anything progressive like wind turbines let alone a whole new transportation.

  • If America could get rid of the World's super railways it would just like they got rid of Concord. An Aircraft they couldn't compete with so throw a piece of metal on the runway.

  • America should either build high speed rail or else build larger better highways. Take your pick my fellow Americans.

  • Capitalism 🤷‍♂️

  • America remains second to the firsts in the world. The culture itself sucks.

  • Norway either! The main transport is done by air!

  • 7:10 Oh right Caliornia rail is so expensive due to uneven terrain. China has built rail systems, (albeit not high speed rail) into Tibet, with elevations reaching as high as 5000 meters (or over 16,000 feet).... what BS!

  • 6:10 $77 Billion just for one high speed rail system in California ! ? Are you fahking kidding me?

  • Flat land? China build it rail all the way up to Tibet.

  • "The US used to be one of the world's global leaders in rail" used to be the lead in a lot of things lol falling swiftly behind! America is gonna implode very soon, sad to say.

  • Why do we need yet another transportation system that can't make enough revenue to cover its costs? Like AMTRAK is going to be able to operate a high speed rail system. LOL.

  • The forefathers of present American system were visionaries, until about 70-80 years. The infrastructure of present day America is pathetic

  • So did the constitution and 4 the amendment

  • US rather give money away, spend on illegal immigrants, other countries, waste tax payers money instead of making US better.

  • 1:17

  • Our system of government in many ways is an impediment to progress. Major change requires 60 Senators which is nearly impossible. We can’t even get them to agree to work together to legislate health and safety policy in a pandemic.

  • America: we will find every way to invade a country. We will not stop until we are done siphoning their resources! Also america: we cannot build trains because we have mountains🤣

  • This sounds like something Vox would report on

  • All I can say about the US having no high speed trains is bruh

  • Build it on interstate hwy.

  • Build it on the instate hwy.

  • B.S. excuses of "Not enough money available"! U.S. MINT is printing $$$ 24/7/365 for the past 10 years...get a few more printing machines & there will be enough money to Cris-cross the country with rail.

  • Because Trump tore out all of Obama's solar powered trains

  • Trump pulled the plug on the federal funding because California and everyone else involved was more interested in bilking the government out of money than building a high speed rail. People are leaving California in droves. The money should come when the project is finished or incrementally. Do you pay your mechanic before he repairs your car or after he has finished? Rethinking the way these projects are funded and built could be a solution. That will be met with nothing but resistance from corrupt people everywhere.

  • Freedom on wheels

  • High speed internet no high speed train in the US, how tf does that make sense people. we might as well go back to dial up because its clear we only do things half assed here

  • we can retake the rest of the world

  • less pollution

  • Greed

  • Trains are designed for fast speed!

  • 1 reason China is a threat - we're a threat to ourselves

  • There isn’t on the federal level. Texas Central Railway struck a deal with the Central Japan Railway Company to supply the rolling stock for a bullet train linking Dallas and Houston. It’s even under construction right now.

  • ok so trump is gone, why is the rail not on the agenda, they control the house and have the pres. why isnt this done yet?

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  • maybe someday we will have a railway that goes from corpus christi to miami, then all the way up the east coast to main.

  • We Americans do not need high speed rail our current rail system is just fine the way it is why spend time and money fixing something that is not broken. ???

  • Dow Oil also produces synthetic vitamins. Back in the 50's Dow had Webster Dictionary change the definition of certain vitamins to state the component that they were able to produce synthetically (ie: ascorbic acid) in order to sell their product. The greed is far reaching. We give corporations so much power over us.

  • actually japanese train exceed 200mph and china's high speed rail has been bleeding money.

  • We had a rail system here

  • This was essentially the plot of Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, and that Andy Kunz looks a little like the villain in that movie lol

  • Nobody mentioned that compare to other countries the U.S spends more than any other on military.

  • I guess the USA isn't so stupid as some. Aircraft easily fly over 600mph; they are run by commercial airlines that cost tax payers nothing. Why would you seriously consider any travel over 500 miles by a train of any kind? Seattle to SF 800 miles; LA 1500, Vegas 1500, NYC 2400, Miami2700; via ground the distances are much longer and you go much slower by rail; all these trips can be done a few hours by jet they would take two to three times longer by train. China is different ; they have maxed out their airports and must find alternatives in order to meet demand.

  • And now American has to deal with traffic conjestion as part of their commuter travel. I have heard people complaining about traffic conjestion in Los Angeles all the time on youtube.

    • High speed rail doesn’t even serve commuter purposes. It’s for intercity travel. High speed rail mostly can’t compete with planes in America’s case.

  • Greed

  • That’s capitalism for you, big corporations end up screwing over the people.

    • Funny thing about capitalism is it’s based on the peoples wants, needs, demands. If there’s little to no demand for such then why even bother when planes literally serve the exact same purpose as high speed trains but are faster and cheaper.

  • Corruption is the cause. Billionaires do not need it!

  • Oil and Motor companies destroyed the rail system.

  • So could Australia.

  • The actual truth is that we just want the privacy and convenience of our cars. If the trip is far, we take a lane. The rail push is just a lib feel good thing. I’ve rode Chinas rail many times, not many Chinese have cars or a good road system. Listening to these guys pushing rail is seeing how uninformed they are.

  • As the USA's current rail carriers have resisted applying PTC, they continue to experience accidents and damaging track assets. So, until the safety of the system is under control at slow rates of speed, the high-speed rail isn't feasible.

  • USA can’t afford it. Plain and simple.

  • In India, Railway is for Employment 🤣 basically for jobs in railway

    • I remember they built a highway or bridge in India to relieve congestion and on opening day it filled up with congestion. Roads create traffic.

  • Yeah.. Come on.. U Auto and Oil giants... Don't just keep blocking growth... Catch up with China.. Japan and India... Electrify and start Big investments in rail travel.. Let the public start breathing easy.. Reach destinations fast and cheaper... Hope the wise Men who decide policy and funding get to remove All road blocks.. Add the climate change issues to this as well... Go for the rail road boys... Ain't waste no time

  • It requires massive government investments with no prospect of breaking even. In the US, the official stance is we can't do it because it doesn't break even. Of course we all know this is BS, but that's the excuse.

  • How many supported Obama in this strategy?

  • The ill-informed hammer totally advise because pickle temporally reject except a holistic raven. naughty, yummy watchmaker

  • The quarrelsome driving expectantly hate because viola repressingly excite past a draconian wash. broken, confused team

  • America has its focus on being the leader in two areas: creating never-ending wars and a culture where profit/revenue is more important than doing the right thing for the greater good. On top of that, we have bureaucracy at every level of government which is hell-bent on complicating the process and escalating the costs on everything it touches. Because of this, high speed rail will never be implemented on a wide-scale in this country. Small, regional concepts may see the light of day.....but even then, it will take a V-E-R-Y long time before it does. The industries that see high speed rail as a threat have deep pockets and influential lobbyists to slow/halt its development while ensuring their own interests remain protected.

  • I see a lot of progressive thinking Americans here but the majority of Americans are still so brainwashed but the corporate owned American mainstream media and find so many excuses on why America had no high speed train network. They can’t see the forest for the trees. Here is a hint people. America is fighting endless wars that cost trillions of dollars that only benefit the industrial military complex and their contractors. In the mean time China has not dropped a bomb, and then your war mongers tell you that the Chinese are the bad people Then you hand tons of money to Izrael which has universal healthcare and you don’t. How crazy is that? Is it that hard to figure out why you don’t have a high speed train system? Give your heads a good shake. Maybe you will wake up and see what’s wrong with America.

  • The automobile and oil companies desperately want to bring the high speed rail system between LA and San Francisco to a halt. Once the citizens try it, they will never go back to using cars. I have used the high speed rail in Europe. Our current system does not compare to that of China, Japan and all of Europe.


  • I found this other video on how they are connecting countries with High Speed Rail, really, really interesting 👍: cs-tv.org/tv/video-z3eO4qblWTQ.html

  • US is so Big Country so they need to built bullet train from coast to coast

    • Uum a plane would be a better option for that

  • Good money after bad. Rail is 19th century technology. Any infrastructure project will be fantastically expensive... high speed rail with the distances between population centers in the USA is a vanity project for construction engineers, and people who played with trains as children.

  • The car companies and airlines pay the politicians not to do it..

  • I love the sneaky insinuation of Commiefornia funding problems... because ORANGE MAN BAD.

  • ..”and then there’s the US” ..Gotta love how he introduced the US, with an Amtrak train doing 2 mph😂 after showing the high speed trains of other countries.

  • AMERICA will need the chinese to build high speed rails for them...just as the chinese did 200 years Ago...build Pan AMERICA rails ! Today the best rail builders are the Chinese...they just roll out a 600 kph...train !

  • We dont need high speed rail because we already have a great highway system and people just fly anyway. Americans have cars, we are driving......foreignors stuck in cities without their own cars, need public transportation. Trains are slow and a beautiful way to travel. Who wants to watch a herd of pronghorn antelope running alongside a train track while going 200 mph, just a blurr. If a slow train crashes, 95% survivability rate. Airplanes......zero.

  • in the USA large oil companies wont let any other transportation service

  • Now they have us in a grid lock traffic jam for hours going home from work .

    • @JSE AHMED that’s at least a 10-12 hour train ride for a train going at a constant 200 mph compared to the plane at just 3.5 hours. You can waste your time on a train

    • @Black Hole I'm tire of Airport and fighting on plane , i want Bullet train from Miami to NY , you can have those dirty Airplane seat and rude Attendance .

    • High speed trains don’t serve that purpose. Your cities metro rails or transit system does. A high speed train isnt going to take you from where you work directly to your house.

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