Wilbur Soot Meets Friend in Real Life, and Feeds Him (Sheep) With LoveJoy // Wholesome

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dont mind the paragraphs/essay below, its for newbies who need to be caught up ;)
If TommyInnit hadn't been exiled, Wilbur Soot hadn't pressed the button and blown up Manburg, Schaltt hadn't been elected, Technoblade hadn't killed everyone at the Red Festival, and Pogtopia was never created, it might have been because Gogy had actually remembered to set his alarm for the L'Manburg election rather than building a house during the Dream SMP season finale that got robbed by Tommy and Ranboo. This isn't a VOD by Tubbo or Karl Jacobs, you can sit through it. For anyone not caught up to speed, this isn't a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, war edition. On the Dream SMP WilburSoot and Technoblade have created total anarchy in Dream's Minecraft Server. But before that, Quackity and GeorgeNotFound had the chance to rule L'Manburg. This is a riff on the events of the Dream SMP election and the Manburg / Schlatt era, also known as the Pogtopia Rebellion, the Manburg War, the destruction of L'Manburg, and is not to be confused with past events like the L'Manburg revolution or the festival or newer events like Tommy's exile with Ghostbur. Watching everything unfold from this new POV is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP! You might have seen when TommyInnit asked GeorgeNotFound VERY inappropriate questions, but George can't hear Tommy from all the way up on his throne now! POG CHAMP!!! Dream also giving George $5000 dollars! The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but Wilbur decided he wanted to create a geo-political war. George on the other hand just wanted to build a Hobbit home. Hobbit Homes and Wars cost Money, which is why some of the Dream SMP Members invest in stocks, start a business, make money, are entrepreneur, online sellers, real estate investorts, amazon re sellers, and more. We love Dream and his stans and his fan base. We love Minecraft Manhunt / Speedruns and how it is not fake at all! It is very cool to see Reactions to Dream Smp / DreamSMP. Sapnap is very cool, aswell as patches and drista. It is cool to see the Dream Team Together, playing Hypixel Bedwars or Bed wars. We love the egg for adding lore and plot to the DreamSMP. I wish I could join the dream smp and meet Dream. Dream Smp on Twitch is cool, you should check it out. We love to speedrun aswell. Also, I hope Dream and his team do a 100 Days Minecraft Challenge! Hardcore with Philza would be cool too, and maybe even Technoblade. We love lgbtq+ community on mcyt. (i do) TikTok has a great community there too. Dream Smp Tik tok's and mcyt tiktoks are very cool. Minecraft Champtionships or MCC is a cool competion for big Minecraft CS-tvrs. People like Technoblade have participated in it. Tommyinnit is not well friends with Ranboo, instead he likes Tubbo. Jschlatt is members of the DreamSMP. We love FoolishG also, aswell as Callahan, Ponk, Alyssa or ItsAlyssa, and Gogy. Dream was taken or Dreamwastaken has cool speedruns on twitch. We love Twitch and Streamers/Streaming aswell. Dream Smp Clips are amazing, same goes with compilations, recaps, mcyt, funny moments, etc.. Old videos from Dream Smp members are nice aswell. The addition of Tales Of The Smp add’s to a nice lore and feeling. Tubbo or TubboLIVE or TubboVODs is featured rarely but sometimes on this channel.Jack Manifold is someone who wants to kill Tommyinnit. Drista, who is the girl Tommyinnit Played with Dream's Sister.
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Antfrost Awesamdude BadBoyHalo Callahan
CaptainPuffy ConnorEatsPants Daddy Dream Eret Foolish Gamers
Fundy GeorgeNotFound Hannahxxrose HBomb94 ItsAlyssa JackManifoldTV Jschlatt Karl Jacobs LazarBeam Nihach Ph1LzA Ponk Punz Purpled Quackity Ranboo Sapnap
Skeppy Slimecicle Technoblade TommyInnit Tubbo Vikkstar12 Wilbur Soot
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