Will It RUN AND DRIVE 600 Miles Home?1968 Buick LeSabre 400 FORGOTTEN For 26 YEARS!

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My friends' parents bought this 1968 Buick LeSabre 400 Brand new in 1968. In fact, they even filled out the order sheet. When they unfortunately passed, the car just sat parked for 26 years. The 400 model has the high compression high performance 350 small block, and the turbo 400 transmission. This car is loaded with goodies, including an 8 track player! I take on the challenge of firing the old boy up again, and attempting to drive 600 miles back home!

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  • I can tell by a guys lack of a mullet that this was shot some time ago...lol

  • My big brother had a mint 1969 Electra 225 back in 1974. I thought at that time, that it was one of the smoothest riding and coolest cars I had ever ridden in.

  • Look its not called a sparkalator, its proper name is a Lightening Make it Happener!

  • Does this guy know he is hilarious? I'm the only one mentioning so could be I'm the only one sensitive to his dry humor... LOL!

  • Why do you people always refer a car (a material object) as a she or her??

  • U need to do some more mopars

  • I had a '72 that I liked very much,,, good car

  • Needs more carpet.

  • "the water pumps water pumping" lol

  • Derek...you & Mr. Bentley are the unstoppable team of all time!

  • It looks like the car Ted Kennedy drove off of the bridge.

  • I bought my first car in 83. It was a 69 LeSabre. I didn't have the general Lee back then but that Buick did some jumping and fishtailing like Bo and Luke Duke

  • When he said he had to make sure the vacuum hoses worked at 37% I had to subscribe….lol… this man is funny….

  • Had a 68 Buick and could not get it to stop over heating. Kept running it, cast iron block can really take abuse. It finally rusted out. It's fantastic to see another one running.

  • "That's severely uncomfortable" 😂 I have heard you repeat every car work internal dialog I've ever had on these episodes, love the patience and attitude something I work on in myself every job, makes the struggle so much nicer than hot tempers foul language and violence. Great stuff.

  • i think the reward for your boy would be him doing first start.

  • What is a headache for the masses is an adventure for you. Most people avoid this kinda of thing 😅.

  • You are amazing!

  • I like how he makes everything look so easy! And the littlest hooman too!!

  • Man, that is impressive. I wish I had that kind of skill and knowledge of vehicles.

  • Paw Patrol he was not locked air

  • Sounds good

  • My question would be is it idling pumping gas

  • must be Norwegian

  • 👍🇸🇪❤️🚘

  • I have a 8 track in my lincon mark 5 witch works

  • Now that's a sleeper project

  • Modern Cars Meanwhile: Computer says I'm sad, no run today 😔

  • Q

  • My only question, who is Warren Gee? Is he a radio installation technician he knows?

  • Clicked on the video because of the misspelling of Vise Grip... _(Huh? The fugs going on with this dude?)_ Then he had me at "La Saw Bray."

  • After watching some of these 60’s & 70’s car resuscitation events. It brings back long lost memories of the components no longer used today, like distributors, fuel filters inside the quadrajet, antennae’s in the windshield (71 boat tail)….and many many other things

  • I'm very impressed with the "Littlest Human" You can tell he adores his Dad. Very goodest parenting skilz :)

  • Glad to see Your kids helping you out. Good kids. Wondering what think of your humor. Well I get a bunch of chuckles 🤭 great videos My kids haven’t helped me out in like 10 years. Looks like Berber carpet Nice car. Reminds me of my Fathers 65 Riviera.

  • Man I love it, I enjoy long trips, nice video great job thank you..

  • Is that a Buick special I saw in the background few minutes after the one hour mark and "parked in gravel" comment? 1:07:44 I had a 55 two door hardtop for about ten yrs...saw another at 1:15:22 haha

  • I wanted to know if the 8 track worked

  • That's a beautiful man odyssey! What an adventure. I enjoyed every minute of it. Your name might be Dauntless Perseverance.

  • The Buick was a great automobile 30 years ago I’ve had a few and was always able to put 400,000 miles on them while other scrapped out at 150,000

  • I have come back to watch this one again....7 million views... Derek; Never change brother


  • You know if you spray some brake cleaner inside the tire where the seal is broke put a little fire it will pop out and seal.just be careful .It will work.RC.FRom LA.

  • Interesting to watch you breathe life back into these exceedingly old girls. True environmentalist.

  • Can I borrow your helper for a few hours or days or until he starts to whine allot?

  • you know his son will be a great mechanic also

  • I really miss Jesica'a kiss.

  • That is really cool looking car from behind. It would look really cool with the proper stance under it and the right exhaust. One less door would be nice but a guy can always delete that and maybe even chop it a little, or at least this guy can. Better than 20 years welding will do that to a guy though. Anyway awesome show. Great work with your boy there. I commend you sir. Just a very informative and entertaining show you got here. Keep it up. I hope to see somebody somewhere do like a 78 or 79 Pontiac grand price LJ series but with a 4 speed and a big block. First car I ever had. It had a 69 327 out of an impala 4 door. Camle back fulies and T400. I just think a BBC with a Muncie 4 would just be a fun car. Low engine speed torque monster hahaha.

    • In fact I think this guy just may embark upon that journey. After my 89 k3500 single cab, single axle, mark IV 454, .030 over, .515 .525 cam kit, big oval heads. Headers, Weiland stealth intake, 750 Holly double, vac sec, HEI, ignition, AC Delco rapid fires. What a night mare at times. Oh yeah it's on 20" rims off a 2008 stupid duty with spacers for the stance I want. I love that truck and hate it sometimes. Learned alot watching your show. Thanks for the free knowledge sir.

  • Love it when his kid said bring the thunder from inside the car I chuckled a lil bit

  • anyone else see the fire at 1:07:04

  • Cool long adventure, on the brake know you said it works nothing till 75 % then 110 % strong. I have driven that same car in my teen. A church member want me to drive the store. I had a vega my friars that car and that car has the strongest brake instant stop. Then I figured you need to keep your heel on the floor and push with your toes. And the whole cars would rock doing taps off and on. LOL insane strong

  • A buddy of mine collected up old Buicks simular to that -- they were his favorite for demo derbies, especially the ones with big wrap around front bumpers on shock absorbing mounts. Him and I were in one one day out near my dad's ranch, 50 some miles from town and the fuel pump went out. We could syphon from the tank, but had no sort of tank to make a temporary tank of. He came up with a solution I'd never have thought of. We squirted out the window cleaner and filled that reservoir gas, stuck one window wash hose in the top of the carb, and some vice-grips on the other hose, and drove back to town on the squirt button -- it's all in the 👍thumb timing to drive like that lol, if you do it just right, which will come to you after a few miles, they drive pretty well really, better than walking back in the pre-cell days at least.

    • That's a hell of an idea! Certainly beats walking anyday!

  • The dry humor here kills me.

  • What about a fan shroud

  • I like the little boy he is Handy nice to see.

  • My dad helped develop the a/c compressor. It is a R6 and was the state of the art in its day. They still re-man them. it would be worth investing in. Dad told me that during a test session a competitor's compressor on a test fixture and ran it at 9000 rpm. It exploded after an hour. They did the same thing with the R6 only at 14,000 and ran it for two weeks. Very cool video.

  • I just loved this video, best of luck with this car. from Steve UK

  • Amazing the temp difference in 600miles I mean Edinburgh to London (Edinburgh native) is about 450miles and it's maybe 1 or 2 degree in difference. But you went from sun tan weather to Alaska weather

  • Having your small human with you working on cars is great. It is fantastic father-son time, and he has small hands that could reach into places you can't touch. Brilliant

  • I thought samsquatches were expert hiders.

  • your atlas oil filter is a exxon/esso service station brand from 60 to 80's, worked at one thru high school in the 70's

  • I miss those GM cars from the 60s

  • Everyone is passing you on highway?

  • 6

  • Awesome!

  • I think its fantastic that you got to drive 600 miles without being stopped by the Highway Patrol and having 26 year old expired tags on the car.

  • You have your own o Riley commercial that’s cool

  • @ .25 speed. You sound exactly like my dad when he's drunk.

  • Power move @ 35:11 He punches Bentley in the neck for standing in his youtube spot light.

  • I can see it flat black.....3 inches higher in the rear.....fill the wheel Wells with wall to wall rubber.....glass packs...sort of a trailer park / hitman land yacht. No need for a feller to spend a lot, or work any more than you need to.

  • Ya hear the kid yell bring the thunder?I laughed so hard at that,raisin' em right Derek ..awesome.😀😉that tiger paw was 20 plus years old..perfect.

  • Your show would be a lot less interesting to watch if you were into vintage Japanese cars, as they would actually get you home on these trips much more reliably. 🤣

  • Gotcha a real good helper there.

  • MPO miles per overheating

  • atlas oil filters were a standard oil brand and was last serviced at a gas station apparerently.lot of good ol' cars sitting in the SD countryside


  • 18:25 Put your purse down and turn that ratchet!

  • Canada 🇨🇦 accent hahahahaha

  • "Top Tip" Never slam Hood or Boot lid when light elements are hot !! it a sure way to break them !!

  • Is there a part 3 on this Buick LeSabre what did he do with the cars in the end


  • I wish you would've showed your changing of the water pump. I know I'm bitchin, but I'm in it for the details friend.

  • You're a great papa

  • Well atleast your boys will help you

  • Boy the old the car is the harder it get it’s crazy

  • 1

  • Hi Derek what is your e-mail address ,cause I ordered at-Shirt and gave the wrong address my bad from canada 🇨🇦 ehh

  • Bro that has a serious back license

  • Congrats on a million

  • I enjoy your vidjas so much I just watch 'em over 'n over!

  • Maybe the previous owner was a carpet salesman.

  • Great vids, and I like you are putting names on all the different parts :) Have you ever resqued a 1972 Gran Torino ?

  • Love that a guys got his youngling with him in this! Just gives a real wholesome feeling to a guys videos.

  • Those carpets are going to help preserve the dashboard & steering wheel I think...

  • Another Great Video!

  • Thank you brother! Brings back some great memories of me and my Granpa working on cars in the barn.

  • awesome video, really enjoyed watching it.

  • We had a 1968 Buick LeSabre 400 named Beulah - Like driving two sofa's down the road. It was my grama's and she could barely see over the wheel. It got T-boned with my nephew driving it. It took me and a bunch of buddies to The Who concert back in the day. (7 of us) good times! ♫

  • I love they little guys that helps you all the way, they great.

  • Hmmmm...with a little love will go over a million miles maintenance free....