Will There Ever Be Another World's Tallest Building?

čas přidán 11. 12. 2019
The Burj Khalifa has remained the world's tallest building for a decade. Have we finally found the meeting point of hubris and economics? Have we built the world’s last tallest building? For more by The B1M subscribe now: ow.ly/GxW7y

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of 22 Bishopsgate, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, Santiago Calatrava, EMAAR Properties, Lienyuan Lee, Skyscraper Page, Broad Group, Gensler, ECADI, Goettsch Partners, Jeddah Economic Company, Bakhsh, S. Nitzold, Alejandro VN, Harmen Patil.

For more by The B1M subscribe now - ow.ly/GxW7y

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  • Didn't Donald Trump want to build one in NYC in the eightys?...

  • Perfect video

  • Taipai 101 is in Taiwan, not China.

  • yes the same thing i'm asking since i was born ... what's the point in it ... why not put billions $ of tax money into some good use like medications n educations ...

  • That final sentence kill me

  • Taipei 101 located in China? I hope you mean the Republic of China and not the PRC.

  • This was an impressive narration full of poetry and rich in language.

  • 5:13 aren't those the NY WTC buildings in a render of a chinese tower?

    • Not the WTC but rather the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings.

  • 10:35 there goes my apartment, marina pinnacle at Dubai marina..

  • Sears Tower in Chicago was also tallest for 4 decades

  • Building the tallest building has become nothing more than d*** measuring contest for developing countries. The Burj Khalifa is much more than an impractical gilded temple to Dubai’s oil wealth built by poor migrant workers who can’t afford to live in the city.

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  • With emergence of work from home I believe that the world's population will gradually distribute instead of crowding more and more in the metros which will cease the need to build high sky scrapers.

  • I hope not. It's so stupid.

  • if i ever become rich enough, my first priority would be to build a skyscraper.

  • 5:39 it looks like a tweezer 😂 but looks cool too ig

  • 3:37 Taipei is capital of Taiwan, not China.

  • I think, yeah, Khalifa is the last for cost! No another country can waste such money :-)

  • The question I have to ask is: When will the first " worlds tallest building " collapse, because they keep pushing the damn limits.... No lie, i'd love to go to the top of the burj though!

  • The days of who's got the tallest skyscraper are over; it's time for humanity to set their sights on more ambitious projects such as vertical cities.

  • people coming from Adam Something's video on Dubai: *allow us to introduce ourselves*

  • The Taipei 101 isn't in China.

  • Conversely, people scrapers becoming small.

  • 0:32 sudirman, jakarta

  • One of the signs of the 'end of days' will be when nations will compete in trying to build the tallest buildings...

  • Kingdom Tower, a place for OIC meeting

  • Hey guys good news! Jeddah tower has recently restarted construction!

  • Skyscrapers is the answer to all problems Europe - hold my beer

  • What about a piramid 1km tall for 1km base, It would be amazing

  • its basically just a dcik measuring contest.

  • Screw you long ass adverts

  • Hopefully not...wasteful.

  • Tapei is not in Chine but in Taiwan you morons!

  • Wouldn't it cost too much to build it then have power, water, heating and cooling to have it running in general?

  • You know I would love to see the tallest building in Miami just to see how they could design such a building in such an environment

  • Skyscrapers are a bad idea

  • "Practical and profitable" ... haha. Good one.

  • You have a wonderful wway of speaking

  • Skyscrapers are the future

  • Will there Ever by?????? thats easy YES

  • I hope not, super tall skyscrapers don't make much sense practically as already mentioned, and I think that housing should be measured by people housed

  • Fuzhaoxijuguanhuangmaobing Kanzankoyamakawa Kawasankano Bakugenyamaho Chokurenjoko

  • "Taipei 101 -China" C'mon man

  • Does anyone know how I can get the music

  • Imagine a city with all buildings hitting the Burj Khalifa height mark.....

  • 3:35 "Taipei 101: China" Bruh this channel

  • This Man really just called Skyscrapers practical but nah that's so dumb I thought you guys were smart.

  • I hope someone has something amazing planned with the new amazing carbon composite beams that I've seen. Iirc they're about 10x stronger and 10x lighter. This leap forward in construction technology almost demands a new mega structure to display it!

  • I’m curious!!! If given no limits on financial resources and access to any and every available technology and materials, would it even be POSSIBLE to currently build a Mile high Building with legitimate human occupancy at a Mile high floor!!!

  • The unfortunate fact that you mispronounced Babel made me loose interest in the rest of the video.

  • Yes

  • I think America should shock the world with a 1 km tall original trade Center design. That’d be my dream

  • I think the USA should build the worlds tallest building. And I’m not a fan of the spire, I liked the original World Trade Center towers due to their blocky design, it made them feel a lot bigger

  • Taipei 101 is from Taiwan, not China.

  • I want to see a mile high tower be built

  • The superb window corroboratively face because slash climatologically trouble concerning a zesty male. lush, well-groomed part

  • "Will there ever be another world's tallest building?" Technically, there will ALWAYS be a world's tallest building. Always was, always will be.

  • why can't we have a bezos,gates,musk,buffet tower ? greedy ass bastards are going to take their money into the grave with them ?

  • I can’t believe the CN tower wasn’t even mentioned once

  • There nothing which lasts forever, but many things are first in history

  • I wouldn't be caught dead in Dubai to be honest

  • "Taipei 101: China" uummmm, no?

  • Remember guys records are always made to broke.

  • Taipei 101 is in Taiwan, not China

  • I’ve always wondered who’s gonna be the first to build a 1k tower

  • Taipei 101 is in Taiwan, not China.

  • I notice there aren't that many gripping videos on Adrian Smith, the architect who designed three of the world's tallest buildings. Man must be loaded!

  • im pretty sure Egypt will be building a 1km tower in the new capital

  • The twin towers were bigger

  • 3:39 Taipei 101 is in Taiwan. Not China. Please correct it

  • No. It's done.

  • The petronas towers were never the world's tallest building.

  • I hope the next one is a statue. A symbol to the achievement of mankind, not any one country, like the Statue of Liberty.

  • Very confusing video as anyone visiting dubai mall will be offered to rent a studio in the upcoming tallest building in the world, outdoing the BK.

  • that part with "to be built in 120 days..." yeah i had to rewind that part... :/

  • Yes, just wait for mars or moon.

  • 0:40 gta 5 maze bank

  • The answer is definitely yes. The real question is will there every be a tallest building

  • You didn’t mention Mubarak Al Kabir Tower in Kuwait it and it’s expected completion in 2030 or 2035 and it will break the record and become the tallest building in the world with a 1,001 meters height

  • Why did the construction of the tallest structure in the world cost around 4 times lower than completion of Stuttgart railway hub? Huh..

  • Jeddah tower..... Google it

  • Im still scared of the fully glass balcony of the dubai creek tower

  • Vanity.


  • China’s current government is too practical to approve unprofitable projects.

  • Its like a supersonic commercial aircraft, it is technologically feasible for us, but it just impratical now and won't make much sense.

  • Rule 63

  • 2:02 People really need to start remembering the CN tower exists. It held the record from 1975 - 2007. Longer then any other building, and yes, it is a building despite what neanderthals say

  • Saudis are going broke over Yemen.


  • build more then 2000 meter!

  • environment friendly buildings will probably mark next generation of artful architectures and high structure😎

  • Immediate answer: Yes ! Buildings and Towers will continue to get taller, until beyond the atmosphere. (vs Sattelite Orbit levels !) Designs are waiting for the needed Technology Advancements . ************ -- Less Dependence on Base Stability; -- More Stable Structural Capabilities; -- Better "top" Stabilizing; -- Better Internal Lighting; -- Reduced "weight" (not mass) requirements ?? "Guitar String" buidings ??

    • Note: Beyond a certain level: Earth's rotation, becomes the ultimate restraints ! -- Use rotation to advantage: near equator. -- Use rotation as ulimate limit: near poles. ?? Full results ?? ? Single towers, at/near Poles ! ? Band of towers, near Equator ! ? Enter Era of "enclossing shell" ! (Artificial 13,000km Disk ?? ) ( Source of Materials ??)

  • *Dubai:* *has talles building in the world *other City:* We could build a taller building *Dubai:* We have Dubai Creek Tower under construction *other City:* We could build an even taller building *Dubai:* We have all the plans ready and can upscale at any time *other City:* -_- *Dubai:* :D

  • Isn't Taipei 101 is in taiwan o realy i jest realised it.

  • I think eventually we'll have to build taller; With a growing population, our options are either build up or out. IMO an optimal city would be a cluster of skyscrapers, surrounded by open space

  • Q: What happens when 1,000,000 stars and planets align? A: Burj Khalifa

  • its buurg u idiot, not berg

  • 2:19 did i just see a twin tower illusion

  • Being a Student of Civil Engineering I don't think that Burj is last tallest building of the world. With technology improving each day Infrastructural techniques reaching new innovation every single day We may see a building which could break Burj's record and can also be economical too with invention of a more durable but less expensive materials