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My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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  • Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

    • Hey Colin furze I was hoping, if you can PLEASE make hiccup shield, from how to tran your dragon DEFENDERS OF BERK, it's a really cool shield, PLEASE.🙂

    • New Idea: Garden Spout that spits out fire.

    • Please make lawn powered lawn mower.

    • Could you make a fold out matal cup

    • Coud you make a fold out Metal cup

  • "Colin you're Cheating there is fuel in there" lol Taking the fuel tank off is 1 thing, there still can be fuel in the carb, the engine should have been run dry with the fuel tank off to be safe, However it is unlikely that the engine would run for as long as it did with the small amount of fuel in the carb. Good idea

  • ‘Slag Catchment Area’

  • Let's start a petition for a Colin Furze x Mark Rober video.

  • 개웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Build the fastest motorized bed

  • You should make a car run off wood burning gas

  • Next quarantine project: a brewery and distillery

    • Can you make a microwave but it makes things cold like if you put a can of drink in it for 3 mins it would make it cold like it was in the fridge all day.

  • Colins can you make a smirky Jellybean gun🎩

  • Did he just make a catalytic converter?

  • you know how they say, modern problems require modern solutions

  • i would love to see you upgrade the tea machine so when you press a button in your bedroom the tea is made for you and then delivered to you room

  • Make a mini bike with no welding. You've done a go kart and now a drift trike so finish t off with a mini bike

  • Your starting to scare me

  • Круто очень круто

  • .00001 chance he builds me the ultimate PC

  • You madlad..


  • Bro, You got ripped.

  • only at 2 minutes but i really hope there is a grill involved somewhere by the end of this video

  • You could consider using a liquid trap instead of a stainless steel one- use grease, or water, and you can likely get most if not all of that tar out- plus, added cooling benefits.

  • Nothing shy of amazing.

  • Can you make a microwave but it makes things cold like if you put a can of drink in it for 3 mins it would make it cold like it was in the fridge all day.

  • It's pivotal to him, I'm not on the pay role or knowen to you inrich a old story and make it up to date again

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  • هل يوجد عرب ام انا لوحدي..؟

  • engineers are the goods of destruction

  • How many likes for a Kenyan Vlogger. Am also a new member

  • @Colinfurze BUILD IDEA: How about a dishwasher with a garbage disposal that kicks in on the drain cycle so you don't have to rinse off dishes before you load the washer?

  • colin, two things, first try activated charcoal in the gas filter, and second thing, try bubbling the wood gas through ice water, that should cool down the gas significantly without taking up a lot of space.

  • Jak pamiętam to się nazywało holtgaz niemcy ale daty nie panietam

  • Legenda português brasil

  • Build the fastest motorized bed

  • Make the vehicle from nacho libre

  • Make the vehicle from little rascals

  • Awesome - cs-tv.org/tv/video-0ma5qKSwHII.html

  • Wood gas powered motorcycle. Yeah. Hey if they can make steam powered bikes they can make wood gas powered ones!

  • a grass powered lawnmower so u can reuse the grass that u cut to save electricity lol

  • you can not just throw the sentence "i wanna power the bunker on wood gas." out like that and expect me not to get excited at the idea of wood gas powered genertors

  • Good effort, Junkrat.

  • factorio af

  • Next time make something that is hydrogen powered, would like to See that.

  • I need more more more....

  • He is the real life gru from the minion movies!

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Watch as wood prices rise because of this being possible

  • Hey Colin have you ever thought about building a dalek from doctor who?

  • Out of all the times I've come across your videos I never subscribed... and I have no idea why. P.s Everytime I watch your videos I just keep thinking of the Apocalypse.

  • Steam powered lawnmower?

  • Wood gas is mostly or to a great extend CO, so please work outside unless you burn it rightaway. We can't have you dying due to carbonmonoxid poisoning.

  • Steampunk lawn mower

  • Next weeks video: NUCLEAR POWERED BLENDER

  • Hey Colin I'm one of your fans and im a teen 13yrs in Kenya and I would like to be your work partner please reply

  • Colin where’s the turbojet scooter with the afterburner ???

  • Hi colinfurze on tiktok you have all these tip you should make an entire video or play list for people without tiktok

  • Like starting a steam train

  • Slag catchment area 😂😂😂

  • im sorry but i remember u only had 3 mil subs

  • 5 Years Later News: Theres only 8% trees on earth

  • 한국말로 해라

  • I'm a simple German. I read gasifier in the thumbnail. I click

  • Love this one, always run out of gas when cutting the lawn. Time to perfect this

  • viewers: how crazy will the next invention be Colin: yes

  • Make a grass powered lawn power and then it can be a circle of life perpetual mower

  • Or another idea is a petrol powered tv

  • I think you could perfection it and be a competition for traditional lawn mower. Calling it "the Furz"

  • The future is this not electric cars cause we will still get the nice V8 not some quiet electric motor

    • this type of engine was used in europe a lot after ww2, because fuel was scarce, and firewood was not, necessarily. And the existing engines could be modified easily enough. But starting the engine takes too much time, like 20 minutes, because you have to heat the burner up, so there is that massive downside there. Also, burning wood like that produces a lot of emissions, too, so cities would suffer from terrible smog with this. It is like combining a combustion engine with the downsides of a steam engine, basically. There are still some odd weirdos using gasifiers on pickup trucks in europe, but I have seen like 2 or 3 in my life, and always exclusively in the countryside, where emissions and wood would be no problem. The future for cars from an engineering standpoint is pretty much hydrogen, all things considered. And because that is more expensive, another part of the solution is not having everybody driving around in their own car all the time.

  • wow you are so good. I tried this (a little bigger). But the open top version (with no cap on top). So I could fully automize it for a generator so I dont have to fill the woob by myself. It blew up 4 times, then I stopped. The best I got was the smoke burning, but only when you light it up. Can you make a fully automatic gassifier ? That you can controle by phone and have elektricity for whole your house ?

  • Hey Colin just wanted to say that I am going to do suicide so I love you

  • Get a car to run on the power of wood

  • This man is living proof you don’t need a degree to be smart : )

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  • Colin, for the filter I suggest you use a sort of bubbler where the wood gas enters the bottom of a container and bubbles up to the top, this removes all the tar and leaves it in the water (you do have to change the water though)

  • J rock??

  • what an ingenious guy

  • He gets so excited and just seeing the contraption he has built cracks me up. Haha

  • his wife: MOW THE LAWN! Colinfurse: Yes

  • Safety tie is essential

  • Mooooore we need mooore :)

  • This man is living proof you don’t need a degree to be smart : )

  • You put charred wood into a sealed chamber separated from the fire but still right on top of it it releases the flammable gasses with out taring up the system + with that system there is no need for a carb

  • I was introduced to this tech 10 years ago and have built several riding mower with one equipped..... anyone considering this project make sure to put a pop of valve on gas chamber away from any flames ..... it can blow up

  • another thing you could just use charcoal as you will not really get any tar coming through, but still develop the filter just incase, a bit of tar is still in the charcoal. Or maybe you might make a good enough filter system and give wood another try

  • for the filtration system, you should you use much thinner pipes, basiclly get something like the radiator from a car, maybe look into how they seperate petrol from crude oil. Now remember you are doing it with wood. Maybe look into the best type of wood to use. maybe there is a type of wood that likes to produce gas well others produce more tar

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  • Would it be cool, to build an air raid siren

  • He could have just put the lawn mower sound for all we know


  • make grass gas

  • Now make a grass powered lawnmower

  • Imagine nasa hiring this guy

  • Hey colin on my gasifier my first filter is a tube filled with kids marbles, a large area for the stars etc to stick to, and they cool the gas as well.

  • I really wanna see him build a shovel laucher from far cry 5

  • There's a easy way, a hard way and a Furze way

  • I absolutely love the vids man your awesome keep up the amazing work

  • Steqm punk lawnmower and britans only surviver of a zombie Apocalypse

  • You should build a roller coaster

  • IQ200 confirmed

  • i think normally burning wood to boil water might get you some easier mowing