WOOTZ steel from tool bits | Making a CHOPPING knife

čas přidán 11. 09. 2021
In this video, we cook Woots steel from tool bits. From the ingot that turned out we make a chopping knife . We decided to make the handle for the knife from a particularly durable material - carbon. The scabbard for a knife is made of Kydex manufactured in the USA. The dimensions of this knife can be viewed by clicking on the link below in our store.
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WOOTZ steel from tool bits | Making a CHOPPING knife

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00:00 Start
00:30 Loading the chainsaw chain
01:48 Removing the ingot Wootz
02:30 Ingot forging
08:30 Blade hardening
09:00 Locksmith
11:30 manufacture of the handle from carbon
16:30 making a scabbard from kydex
18:30 Knife testing and review


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    • @FZ- making knives burung kondres

    • On orders

    • you sell this knife?

    • @🤪Anonymous 🤪 is high carbon steel

    • @Murphyz Law I've tried looking. Maybe in not searching with the right verbage, but I cannot find one that can handle melting steel specifically. All of the ones that come up in search are for either making a steel crucible for aluminum casting or for melting soft metals.

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  • Wunderschönes Messer und beeindruckende Handwerkskunst. Meinen Respekt. Weiter so 👍 💪 🇩🇪.

  • Why you are working hardened steel?

    • We have special belts for working with hardened steel

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  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCQwBaBvhcFap5MTtEod6lhg?view_as=subscriber

  • Yet again another awesome piece but I'm not surprised, I don't get bored of watching you make these stunning blades😉

  • It's going to take me a minute to get my jaw off the floor. Every aspect of this knife, the blade, the way it holds its edge, the sheath/scabbard, is absolute perfection. Amazing work, sir.

  • I want to buy a knife you made. What do I do?

  • How much to make another one just in like a blue instead of red

    • link to the store in the description. If you buy a knife, then we agree on which handle to make.

  • Beautiful handicraft.

  • 0:50 does anyone know what those powders are?

  • Nice work, but sanding with gloves is dangerous.

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  • Something about these knife crafting videos that feels so soothing, great video!

  • Beautiful and handy knife! Could you please tell what the second powder @0:52 was? Chromium? And the first one was graphite? Do you have a formula, how much to add to the yet to be melt steel?

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  • Most remarkable person with so much talent. Question, can a person order one like this one you just finished. I live in VancouverB.C. Roger Pinette

  • German butcher here, first of all, beautiful piece of art right there, I love the design and i would love to have it for myself as a show-off knife. But that's it, my master always said, a knife which is not designed for extensive use is not a good knife and my dude it is not for extensive use. It has some sharp corners and further more it should be heavy as heck. Please don't see this as hate, I really really love it as an piece of art

  • That turned out to be one sexy ass blade my friend! You are a definitely a master craftsman!

  • that thing is hideous. i dont want it. i dont want you to give me that knife. change my mind!

  • I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to clean all the scale and impurities away before continuing to work the steel. I see so many people beat the cold slag back into the steel during the process without cleaning it away from the anvil or power hammer surfaces.

  • How do you know how to cool the steel afterwards not knowing the types of steel bits you are combining? Or, what quality of blade it would produce? Temperature to heat treat at, and so on?

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  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-RUTg2hvx5m0.html Crafting the world's smallest sword with extreme sharpness

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  • Great video, no lies, just great skills. I have been a bench hand most of my life, with x-ray pipe welding at nuclear power plants as a way of making great money 💰. I have recently started doing more blacksmith/forge work...just knives and axes 🪓. I have to ask a question...where did you get the material that you made the knife sheath from..???