Working Out With Dr. Mike

čas přidán 26. 11. 2018
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Family medicine resident Dr. Mike Varshavski, also known as Instagram’s hottest doctor, shows Dr. Oz the mixed calisthenics and high intensity exercise program he does with his patients and explains why it’s so effective.
The 1 Thing with Dr. Mike:
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  • Whattt? 6 weeks from wall push-ups to PLANCHE PUSH-UPS?? Gimme proof right NOW!!

  • A very good start :D

  • XD

  • Can people stop being thirsty weirdos . Why am I being so butt hurt

  • I can’t even do a push-up.

  • daddy

  • Would you reccomend working out as a way for people who suffer from depression to help manage their disability? I'm diagnosed with MDD or major depressive disorder formerly known as clinical depression and I've found it helps me, could it help mediate or help relieve the anxieties associated with depression?

  • Dr. Mike... I don't quite understand why you are working with this medical money making shill... you are better than that... he threw mercola off of his show...doc mike witort

  • Omg they had nuns doing push ups!!! God that is one hot doctor keep it up doctor mike

    • A Trapdøør yeah I know

    • He has a CS-tv channel, type his name into the CS-tv search bar

  • I don't see why are you people having a problem with dr oz? He is smart as hell and so well trained person. Ambition or competition is not bad things😅

  • I watch dr mike

  • i see this episode but I don't know how i didn't remak Dr mike

  • Well i did the plank in 5 min as a child

  • WTF is Mike doing with this essential oil peddling bullshit artist?

  • love it

  • Hey docter Mike

  • Forget the lame Oz I'm here for the real man Mike. Blows my mind how Oz has a show

  • I want to join these guys when I finish medical school 💪

  • Hi sir can u please talk about oil pulling Love ru videos btw

  • I love you mikhail your videos are amazing and you are a great man

  • The comments on this video make me fear for the future of healthcare.

  • Well yeah I'd be motivated to exercise if my doctor was Dr Mike

  • I'm worried he might rip his jeans right in the middle

  • yee

  • Dr Mike took over the entire show lmao

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a> "Hit that nae nae?'

  • I can't even do a push up and this is funny

  • Can you make a video about sunburns and treatments ? Please

  • All I thought was "cool"

  • Are you kidding me I will do anything just yo see his beautiful face

  • The booty drop😂😂

  • Y would a pro call dr mike instagram’s hottest doctor. He inspires and informs students and possibly saves lives, so that’s an insult

    • I agree I just still thought it was rude but put it in the wrong words thank you

    • I don't think Mike considers it an insult but I know he does prefer to be known for his education over his looks, which makes 100% perfect sense. Although, media do need to make their money and they do that with titles like 'Sexiest Doctor' and such. I think he gets that part of it too.

  • I'm here cuz it said Dr. Mike.

  • Dr. Mike is honestly the only reason I would watch Dr. Oz...

  • Look at Dr. Oz checking out the goods on Dr. Mike at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="107">1:47</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> lol.... ya think he wishes he was like him? Lol

  • I'd be thirsty too. Just saying. 😍🙈. Dr Mike gives me heart eyes!!!

  • Bruh, if you don’t have any disability holding you back and can’t do one push up, you need to reflect on your physical strength.

  • Alimentacion. En nuestras vidas

  • Es importante tener personas que se preocupen por.los pacientes .pero nosotros como personas debemos de cuidar .a .diario. el cuidado sano que llevamos. de alimentacion. En nuestras vidas saludos .Doctor desde Costa rica es grato tener algun.que se preocupe.por dar consejos..a .los pacientes en verdad

  • Oh that's something new for me, but is a really good idea working out with our patients ...

  • I just came here to see how much Dr. Mike's bieseps show

  • Those ladies smiling when Doctor Mike did a squat with the chair 😂

    • Lauren Neuman I think they were probably hoping for Dr Mike meets Magic Mike 😂😂😂 haha

  • Doctor Mike is the man fr tho

  • lmao i got here by searching "pure daddy dr.mike"

  • I like to learn about this Dr. Mike at home . This very sample and easy to do 😎😀🙌

  • Who is worst doctor mike??? 1. Essential oil people 2. Anti-vaccine people

    • anti vax. essential oils can help a lot, but you need both oils and doctors. I have cat allergies but i can put on certain oils to help my allergies for a while so I can play with the cats

    • Anti-vax bcz if you wanna be honest, essential oils aren't that bad.. Obviously not in every case but still...

    • anti-vax obviously cos they aren't protected and if you watch Chicago Med you will have seen that anti-vax episode which emphasises the severity of not being vaccinated

    • They're often the same people

    • They’re all the same to me

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> those ladies were totally loving the view

    • @TheGoldenLlama Heavy🤣

    • Yeah of course, being the thirsty divorced middle aged women that they are.

  • Dr. Mike, you are awesome. WHY are you doing a show with this lying hack?! it makes me sad.

    • I know! I was surprised he would collab with someone who represents the opposite of his beliefs. (Hocking supplements and misinformation)

    • susannah McQuinney Because it helps him spread his message to a wider audience.

  • Doing push ups on the wall is still difficult for me what the hell

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="104">1:44</a> his face😐

  • Why is he non stop smiling.

    • Mia A. Mystica he smiles a lot. That’s his personality. Very genuine though.

    • He literally smiled only while being introduced. You are insecure about yourself and projecting on others...

    • @Rafee Ali oooh thats interesting! I know that smilling is a distraction for your brain, for example pain. If you are hurt and you smile, same goes for swearing, your brain is gonna be focused on that and "forget"the pain. Thanks for the theory!😊 ill make sure to check it out

    • There is a theory that by being happy it lowers the chance of cardiovascular disease

  • Look how thirsty the woman at the front of the crowd is 😂😂

    • Sarah Laurie they are just called pedophiles. Both are strange, simple.

    • @Midnight Daemon Why do people alway called women cougar when dating a younger men what older men dating younger women

    • hahah

  • Super Dr OZ and super Dr Mike👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Dr. Oz He tried every diet, all the exercises in his show, but he still doesn't have the summer body🤣🤣

  • Dr. Mike!!!

  • Them squats have u soooo sore next day I can barely sit

  • This is a great idea!! All doctors should start doing this 🙂

  • That good exercise I will start today. Thanks DR. OZ