World of Tanks || VK 75.01 (K) - Tank Review

čas přidán 21. 08. 2019
World of Tanks - VK 75.01 (K). Here comes the new king of alpha at T8 heavy, the T8 premium German, VK 75.01 (K).
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QuickyBaby's FAQ
World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:
Use invite code "QBWOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  • "the cupola is hard to hit" hahahahahahahahahahahaha, if you miss it, you should give up the game.

  • I would have liked to see it compared with the Chrysler too.

  • Wargaming: Let's make a skorpion with armor!

  • Who else thinks the T34 and T34 B need a buff?

  • That VK sucks, I dominate it with my IS-3. unless the players are just shit.

  • Wow the amount of ads on this video!!! 4ads in first 12 minutes, unwatchable

  • Only comment I have is I think out of thirty tanks there were six standard tanks in the match and they all did terribly. KV4 even survived the whole game, attempting to fight as best he could (he was at the frontlines) and did practically no damage.

  • Interesting review. Makes it easier to make decision to buy or not buy. And to play against it.

  • is it just me or is the sound a bit off?

  • I tried the tank and it's shi* the armor dose not work at all you will be pend by every single tank you meet and if you try to side scrab and they shot your tracks they will take them off and damage you every time it's like the vk45A at tier 8 your commander hatch could be sinped at rag of 250 to300 by tanks with. 40 accuracy I wouldn't buy it guys you will regret it is a wast of money better of to buying a lowe

  • Wargaming need to make money if all the free to play players contributed who knows what they could achieve would love to see how many free players vs paid players there are and how many of the whinners dont contribute to a great game

  • I got my VK75.01 K for 21 bucks and i'm fine with that. I totally agree with your opinion, @QuickyBaby. :-)

  • They cant nerf this one like they did with the mammut, because ppl paid for it....right?

  • Why de fuck WOT have no WQHD Support

  • i admire your mental stability

  • wot fucking cheating for profit . this fucking thing should be at least tier9

  • So many sub 100 games players buying this tank.... I wanna kill myself.

  • Jesus Christ Wargaming is literally making up paper tanks now aren't they. There isn't even documents saying a VK75.01 was ever even planned to be made.

  • Wargaming: How do we make more money and fuck the fan base? Also wargaming:

  • I feel cheated. The mauerbrecher was advertised in the same way as HIGHEST ALPHA IN T8 HEAVIES!!! Now it's just a joke in comparison to this guy. The Mauerbrecher was originally intended to have a 15cm gun. That is why it has so many cancerous weakspots sprinkled all over. The VK168 needs the 15cm back. 750 alpha damage, 208 penetration, 25-30 second reload

  • Who cares about development when people keep spending money on low effort work

  • Yeah I dig it. Probably gonna be my first premium tank purchase if the price isn't too bad.

    • @George Thakur Not bad indeed🤔

    • It's actually really cheap compared to other tier 8 premiums. 15% discount coupon brings it down to $31.44 for me.

  • Do WoT Reddit meme review Attempt #29

  • The "Nach Berlin" sign is weird. It's something that one would expect to find among the advancing troops. Not sure about the western allies, but commies did certainly have "Na Berlin!" slogans on their tanks. But on a German tank? Does it mean it's retreating?

  • The lower plate looks quite weak - around 185mm. See this compared to Is-3 gun with standard ammo: and here compared to T32: and here against tier 9 HTs:

  • Is it good at side scraping?

  • What a bullshit example of a match. He is playing in a tier 8 match, with no arties and has the better side for playing a pushing heavy. The Loewe guy was kind because I would load APCR rounds in my Loewe and eat your turret like a buttercake.

  • Wow PC players can go over those rocks at the base....on console u have to drive around them.

    • My Name consoles bad rip

  • 17:42 Do it like Cato in the Roman republic, who is said to have ended all his speeches stating that Carthage should be destroyed.

  • Русские Вперед!!

  • It's really depressing that this vehicle has better cheek armour than the Mauschen

  • Thanks for the video quickybaby! Just picked this up on the asia server

  • Another op premium HT

  • UDES 03 is a point and click adventure, i pen that thing each day everyday with normal APCR.

  • Cries in IS6

  • 19:58 Although to be fair to the tank, not tank is going to do well if you get isolated from your team and drive yourself up between two tanks that can plink you from your weak sides at will. Blaming the tank for major misplays is bad form.

  • TRASH, don NOT buy this POS

  • You are getting more comments than people playing the game

  • Saturday night 10:30 150 people actually playing the game what have they done

  • I bought this tank and it's terrible! Bad enough wot game play is at its worst ,I miss the days when wot was fun and balanced. Must be new management cuz wow sucks lately too.

  • WG keeps releasing new premiums for money instead of buffing standard tanks that have been in the game for a long time now- you may as well call the game "World of Premiums."

  • I would be intrested in its performance on t10 Games

  • almost EVERY SINGLE shot he fired go dead center in is games but its not rig lol

  • This is OP version of IS-3M

  • 'Funniest' thing about theese "new" premiums that even the streamers dont mention the LACK OF FRONTAL WEAKSPOTS its supposed to be a MUST-HAVE... Theese crap r black&white better than the same-tier normal imagine WTF lower tiers r supposed to do against theese...there will be just more and more suicides and ragequits... GG WP, WG...never cheat ur "fame"....

  • Should have compared it to the over sidescraping heavies like Chrysler and ISM

  • People still play this game? 🙄

  • I’ve noticed an interesting thing when looking at the tanks ammunition though... I’m not sure if it’s the case with most tanks... Standard AP 226mm @ 100M 225(or so)mm @ 200M 221mm @ 500M Premium APCR 263mm @ 100M 26xmm @ 200M 22x(or 23x)mm @ 500M Does APCR always have such a monstrous penetration drop off due to the shell speed as it reached the target faster but gets affected by air drag the more it flies? Anyone able to clarify that, didn’t have a chance to check other tanks but will for sure

  • So I've been wanting to get a prem German heavy for a while, was saving for the Löwe for a bit but then I saw this beasty. I looked it up and did tiny research, nothing like you're of course. And right now it's my FAVORITE heavy tank to use. Is just such a fun tank IMO. It has cringy stuff but it's still so much fun for me.

  • 16:29 doesn't have the best accuracy - turret rotating perfect shot into LT-432 In serious tho, for a german tank this one is quite inaccurate imo

  • This tank is like butter weak. I hawe bui it put it a very skiled crew and the other players pen mee from very farr away... My advice , leave it alone, because like 80% of german tanks in WOT on paper is super or ok in game is a frustration. GL and Hawe Funn

  • It's basically a VKK at tier 8, skip to 10:25 for video

  • Yah! Keep shooting more gold round. No weak spots again. This company had it right 8 years ago.

  • Its one of the best Tanks Wargaming has introduced in the game. It has clear strengths and clear weaknesses and a unique playstyle. Thats the best u can get. And cuz of that its nice and healthy for the game. We can only hope People will buy it and Wg will follow on that.

  • wot = world of junk! Russian mafia game full of Bots, cheaters, and Formula 1 tanks, run and sponsored by the Russian scammers and the rest of the Eastern bloc. The game is completely anchored and then you have one hell-a-brace who gets money to promote propaganda, how good this Russian grave game is! I do not mention names, but I personally would not even think about promoting this funeral game, which was once a good and beautiful game, which is now completely in love with mismanagement by those Russian scammers. How happy are you to distribute shit and then receive money for it ?????????????????????????????????????

  • ACE

  • 9:46 priceless

  • Is the Chrysler K the better Tank ?

  • These are weak against the M6 mutant. Roll up, face hug, shoot commanders hatch. Rinse and repeat.

  • This is an example of a game of good players!