World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)

čas přidán 26. 07. 2021
Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :)
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Here are more technical details on Dom-

Here is Lily's video-

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Special thanks to:
ClearPath motors from Teknic-


  • Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :) Join me this summer in my Creative Engineering class!!

    • He kinda looks like the cabanaro effect guy

    • You should have had epoxied the fallen dominoes in the floor would have been amazing

    • With

    • Hi

    • Hello Mark. I turn to you coz I need help. I will be honeless soon. I dint ask for Money. I ask for a job opportunity. Please maybe you can help me..

  • you talk exactly like mr beast. are you related?

  • Couldn't you decrease the time by programming it in a grid system, like an autostore, and have more robots place the dominoes?

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  • This might be a bit late but my teacher calls one of my classmates dom just saying

  • "A news paper is like a boring ipad made from trees". "Trees"? What a weird way to spell 'lies'

  • 9:35 : Motion planning and PID controls are for pussies :D Like, you already had omniwheels, at this point motion planning shouldn't be that hard p.s. great job anyway!

  • 8:15 reminds me of a lovely reddit comment I read once; "I'm convinced Engineers are inherently lazy people spending a disproportionate effort to make things easier." Your's truly, An Engineer.

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  • mark you are a human

  • "Over 9000" Dragonball Z?????

  • That victory screech Lol 🤣🤣

  • I think mark rober has the coolest attic and garage

  • When robots take over the world mark yes

  • human makes 1 dominos per second dominator makes 500 dominos per second the world HOW

  • Okay now we need a domino cleanup bot 😂

  • Mark Rober: Making a beautiful Picture with domino's The Little kid that walks in: Ima end this mans whole career

  • 13:46 what was the noise he made bahahahahhgtdtfc

  • Wow… just wow

  • imagine if on the last 300 dominos placement someone slipped and knocked over all the dominos

  • The end should start with one brick

  • This comment is new but i hear pvz in the backround

  • I love that he uses pvz music in the background it brings back memories

  • "A Boring iPad made out of trees" It does nothing

  • Can you make a phone

  • 11:07

  • Sadly this can't do spirals only in line mark u need to upgrade

  • I love the PvZ rooftop music

  • that was so cool the amount of engineering put into this I think how cool it is that over 100 years ago we had no computers at all but now we have stuff like this and that is just mind blowing to me

  • So…..what do you do with the dominos after the video?

  • opdawg

  • 5:53 what is that thing? it looks like a lot of fun

  • This is going to be the future of many “human” jobs.

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  • Why is nobody talking ab the Plants VS Zombies music XD

  • shouldn't Lilly have tools?

  • I think this is also a great example of why sometimes it's better to go through the long process even though it's frustrating to wait for so long when you can just stack the dominoes from the very beginning. Lily could have made a really huge domino for the 5 years it took to perfect the robot, but then it will just take maybe a month for the robot to surpass Lily's and she will never be able to catch up.

  • DOOOMIINOOODAYYYY Flash back the episode

  • How do lily stack the domino

  • Me somewhere at 1:15 Viking to PvZ song

  • A newspaper is a boring ipad made from trees - mark robber

  • Now he needs a robot, that cleans up and sorts all the fallen dominos for reuse

  • Bruh PVZ OST as background music

  • I like how there was plants vs zombies music in the background

  • Casually sexually harassed saw robot

  • Pretty cool

  • 5:51 Trick Shot!!!!

  • What a legend. Mark your content is elite

  • This is proof of what is going to be a bigger problem in our society the more we move forward. A group of engineers can develop tools that do a more reliable, cheaper and faster job than docents of human workers do, so companies will continue to migrate to these tools leading to more unemployment, poverty and hunger. Not everyone can be a programmer and even if everyone could then there still would be more unemployment since since they keep on pushing for less costs / higher profits.

  • can we get someone to teach you how to whistle.. cmon now!

  • D O M


  • My robotics class uses the same tipe of wheels and they have some problems with spinning to much do you have a solution?

  • Congrats on the robot (and the Guiness record) However I always thought that a single starter falling domino was necessary :p

  • dom… that sounds familiar… family

  • Simple human : lets clean up Mark : how about a clean up robot?

  • I read the title.and said ...This has to be Mark Rober

  • Mark, you have inspired millions of people to become aspiring engineers and coders from all you have done to teach the world about engineering and robotics I am admired by all the cool videos you made. Keep it up!

  • so robot building domino computers when?

  • I want you to make your own logo and Domino's

  • Whar adout clening

  • Nfie

  • the voice cracks tho at the end when they were knocking the dominos

  • Mark's the only one that can make educational videos interesting and fun

  • I built a robot before looked almost alike

  • Thats crazyy

  • you could have put 2 conect 4 plates one at the end of the funnlel so you can put lots of them

  • Should have called the little ont the Domini

  • Anyone else wish they showed the full shot angle from above when knocking them all down? XD

  • Как миллионы грузчиков потеряют работу, ответ в ролике.

  • kinda missed the boat on dominozer

  • 13:46 marks screeeeeeeeeeech

  • The wiggling tail is so cute

  • I love you mark, You are the light in my life!

  • This is awesome!! But, did you build and program a robot that can collect and sort the dominos back into their colour appropriate bins?

  • I cannot tell you how disappointing it was that you did not film a full overhead view. Seriously.

  • 14,000 lines of code would possibly be more impressive if I knew how long 1 line of code is

  • "The best part of working for ten years is the last couple of hours are relaxing" Go tell that to someone who works in aerospace...

  • Mark rober

  • Would suck if there was an earthquake halfway through

  • Now make a robot to clean it all up

  • That was truly amazing but for your next video (because we all know you are never done tinkering), design it in a way where you can start the entire chain reaction from a single domino starting point. anddd go!

  • Oce you put the plants vs zombies music on my brain said NOSTALGIA

  • Where are the female engineers? This is patriarchy at it's finest, fascist

  • meanwhile *cough cough* birds be like with seeds :imma bout to end this mans whole career

  • D I S A S T E R

  • Dominator is not a valid domino setting subject, the loader is part of it. And a far more important and complex part of the domino setting process.

  • Now make it 10x bigger

  • I believe mark can do a tank made with plastic only

  • all in all, with all the Preparationwork and Programming stuff considered, the Human COULD be faster than the entite engineering Process :D

  • Lily be like you can't defeat me Mark be like I know but he can 👀 I know that not funny 🙄 but Idk

  • why hire a building company to make a building when you can hire dom

  • Hi

  • Sounds like it was “Yoshi” shouting with joy in 13:43 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is stunning! Also I'm gonna get a book for me. And yea i noticed something, how about adding Lazer tapes in the bottom of the dominator so you know exactly where it's dropping? Uhh don't judge me I'm new to those things ಥ‿ಥ

  • 13:31 rip 🪦 headphone users

  • Lol the background noice is plants vs zombies music

  • I hear graze the roof in the background, very nice

  • That ending had to be sooooo satisfying!