World's Cheapest vs Most Expensive Laptop!

čas přidán 30. 03. 2023
I tested the Cheapest $70 Laptop vs the Most Expensive $7000 Laptop!
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  • 3 Videos in 3 DAYS! 🎉 Here are the other two:

  • Just a quick note, the downward facing speakers are meant to be used with the laptop on a desk, they should sound much better that way, otherwise they loose some power and bass

  • The cheapest, 70$ laptop

  • Wish you didn’t skip from $70 to $500, I think the $300 range is a really important budget sector for laptops and its extremely competitive

  • Honestly, the $70 laptop is quite nice. I wouldn't mind it as a second mobile rig (especially with Linux installed on it).

  • Can we just appreciate how this man thinks of new tech video ideas every week and has basically never repeated the same video

  • As someone who has had to deal with my grandma's really bad cheap laptops, I would never go below say $500 for a laptop

  • This man is on a grind, yet we still get rickrolled, every single video.

  • Wow, this video really shows the stark contrast between the cheapest and most expensive laptops in the world. While the expensive laptop definitely has some impressive features, I'm blown away by how well the cheaper option performed in some tests. It's great to see that technology is becoming more accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. Thanks for another informative and engaging video

  • Love videos like this because you can quickly see you rarely need a laptop that's a few thousand dollars. Usually you just get trapped into branding and don't want to admit it

  • After watching this video, I can say that my laptop is about between the Lenovo V15 G2 and the MSI Katana GF76. It has a midrange 11th Gen Intel Core i3, a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, not as good as the Katana but definitely better than the Lenovo.

  • Really clever how you tested the gaming performance with a heavily modded game! It’s a lot more effort but very fun to watch because nothing quite brings a gaming pc to its knees than a lot of texture mods with a hefty enb

  • Not gonna lie, i would a 100% rock that Coda $70 notebook ! Small, lightweight, probably decent battery, would be a great tool for working on the go and taking notes during classes and such.

  • Arun's consistency in making new videos and rickrolling us in almost each of them and still giving such high quality content >>>

  • Love this video, Arun! I love how engaging your videos are and your energy is always infectious (still love the corny jokes LOL) keep up the great work, man! 🎉

  • The way this man just pumps out videos with amazing quality will always impress me

  • I actually own MSI ge73. I bought it for 1.8k 5years ago. And it works perfectly fine to this day, apart the almost dead battery and keys getting unstick haha . So, I wanted to say, that laptops tend to limit fps while unplugged. And MSI is actually one of the best firm of making gaming products especially laptops, just because of how strong they are and their lifespan is insane. Had Acer some time ago..after two years gpu fried of PUBG hahah. Although now I use PC, I still dropped my jaw once I saw that Titan!

  • I can see that Coda one being useful as a something to take travelling. Good enough as a full laptop, cheap so you don't have to worry about what might happen to it.

  • That MSI Katana look like a $500 laptop. I used to have a gaming laptop like this one (price = around $1000) and I hated the weight and look. I then went for the MSI GS65 ($1999) and it was a beautiful thin gaming laptop, but I never gamed on it so I went over to the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 1st gen last year ($1200) and that laptop look like the most premium laptop I've ever owned, it's not as fast when gaming, but the Evo chip makes it feel like the fastest laptop I have ever owned on normal usage like turning on the laptop, internet, youtube etc...

  • The only CS-tvr who cares about the quality AND the quantity! Great job Arun!