World's Largest Jello Pool- Can you swim in Jello?

čas přidán 16. 05. 2019
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0:03 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
0:31 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
2:14 - Run (Part 2) - Andrew Applepie
3:58 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
4:39 - Sappheiros - Falling (ft eSoreni)
5:22 - Pokemon in NYC ft Missy - Andrew Applepie
7:24 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
8:02 - Inspiring Cinematic Trailer in
8:21 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
8:36 - Pata Pata - Matt Chene-
10:08 - Q - Blue Wednesday
11:09 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: Since I was a little kid I always wondered what it would be like to swim in a pool of Jello. Turns out it is really difficult. We heated up the Gelatin in 55 gallon drums and then used gravity to put that jello into the pool.

They are soft-

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  • It’s so cool but it’s even more cool in slow motion

  • He should do slime as well

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  • Haha! The Jurassic Park scene was really funny. lol

  • If you use agar agar, which is a vegetarian substitute for gelatin, then you don’t need to refrigerate it.

  • 6:38 The song predicted Corona virus- the song litterally said corona virus if you listen closely

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  • was about to say "the slow mo guys did this too", but then i remembered they had a small cube, not an actual frickin _pool_. this is absolutely amazing

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  • Me: Did you do it? Mark: Yes. Me: What did it cost? Mark: 6 months.



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