Worst Triple Crown Ever

čas přidán 8. 11. 2019
Three mountains, one day. Can Kaz Yamamura complete the North Shore Triple Crown? This may have been the hardest ride of his life.

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Filmed and Edited by:
Andrew Santos (instagram.com/andrewcsantos)
Kaz Yamamura (instagram.com/kazyamamura)
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  • it looks like so much pain :D

  • Kaz needs some magnesium stat!

  • Damb kaz needs some pickie juice

  • New he was gonna stack in when I saw how tired he was early in the video

  • Not a single water bottle, as far as I see no Camelbak No wonder cramping is an issue??

  • Do a bike check mat!!!!!!!!!!

  • Safe to say...Kaz is a softy

  • Cramp... Hey, kudos to Kaz for doing this almost on your own! 💪 (while Andrew was at McD... 😂)

  • Cramp

  • you were wayyyy to dehydrated, need 2 drink like 6L of water prior to riding and 1L while

  • Eat some mustard if you cramp.

    • Logan Bothman totally!

  • What's the point of riding in a fuckin bear area?!!

  • i'm expecting a triple crown fork based on the title.

  • You need some pickles bro haha!

  • 6:16 "Hohohohaha You almost died hahaha."

  • I feel your pain Kaz. I cramped HARD - i.e. both thighs, front AND back - right at the high point of the Old Ghost Road (NZ) on a one-day attempt. It sucked. I turned around!

  • Cramp

  • Cramp

  • Great video, kudos to Kaz but I just don't believe it's that hard :)

  • What's the line?

  • If you have that many leg cramps you are low in sodium

  • Helmet mounted lights would have been a good idea. Would have made it so you could have actually seen😄

  • This guy has to drink more water if he is cramping that much.

    • Electrolytes, they're what plants crave.

  • you need to eat more bananas for the potassium

  • Haha, I know that dog from the start. Would go ballistic every time I rode my bike past it as a kid.

  • Grind it out! Triple Crown in the dark completed...Prince of Darkness?

  • Did it on e bikes so it doesn’t count

  • If you boys ever want to rip on the power flys I have a fleet of em here in Vancouver

  • Good on ya man!

  • If you go a little bit higher, the hidden trail beside CBC is so fun.

  • bruh eat your potassium

  • You guys should check out the mountain bike specific lights by Gemini-Lights if you ever consider trying the triple crown again (and I hope you do next summer solstice, it made for a great video). BTW, thanks for the stickers... oh, almost forgot... cramp!

  • CRAMP!

  • cramp

  • Damn that wii music

  • Cramps suck

  • Hi

  • Craaaamp!

  • Anyone know if that fisherman’s bridge now open?

  • That boy is cramping like he’s on his period.

  • Kaz is actually so weak it's funny

  • Kudos to Kaz for going back to get it down. Did not look easy! Sick vid you two👌🏻

  • Cramp!

  • Kaz needs to eat a banana or pickle.

  • C R A M P

  • So Sick!

  • cramp

  • Hope you enjoyed the Powerfly LT 9.7.

  • Triple Crown, or Triple Cramp?

  • Oh cramp 😲

  • Get that man his daily dose of K (potassium)

  • Rumour has it Folks used to do the triple crown with a triple clamp

  • Cramp

  • Thanks for sticking it out and delivering on the video! Kaz, you might have a mineral deficiency.

  • Cypress in the dark? Balls.

  • And this kids, is why you stretch and hydrate before you ride.

  • linustechtip, use those light + some strong wide headlamps

  • I did not like the video,. it gave me nothing. But the fact that you worked your ass of gives me something. And that is something! Mahalo from Norway

  • more salt/sodium less cramps

  • Why didn’t you just tell him to stop having cramps