Wow, Thanks Facebook!

čas přidán 14. 04. 2021
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0:00 I don't even know
0:07 Oculus Quest 2 120Hz, Air Link
1:15 Surface Laptop 4 + co
2:28 Sony loves Epic Games
3:15 Manscaped
3:59 Discord dislikes iOS
4:28 TCL Fold n' Roll
4:53 Apple Spring Loaded 4/20
5:20 Spotify Car Thing
5:52 FBI hacks servers FOR JUSTICE
Quest 2 update
Air Link
120Hz refresh
Oculus Games Showcase
extra video broll
New Surfaces
Ryzen 5000 APUs
Epic Games secures 1 Billion investment, $200M from Sony
Discord pulls a Tumblr
TCL Phone concept: Fold n’ Roll
also regular phones
Apple Spring Loaded event
Samsung too
Spotify Car Thing
FBI are hacking servers to protect them

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  • This Tech news episode convinced me to get an Oculus Quest 2. I love it. 120hz baby!!

  • april is start of second quarter.

  • I'll never understand people who buy Apple products

  • Fu&k facebook, amazon, apple, twiiter. PURE EVIL

  • So how do they save balls if early detection leads to earlier amputation of them? Aha!

  • Riley is actually great

  • Riley does better comedy than most comedian out there

  • Any video that shits on Facebook gets a thumbs up!

  • Original title: HUGE Oculus Quest 2 Upgrade!

  • i would buy that skin

  • Wow Facebook blocking a feature only to bring it back cutting out the middle man..... Again

  • 2 min 25 You reminded me Garth from Wayne's world. Woooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • That guys accents are really good and accurate.

  • Cool !

  • 0:38 "you own the headset, and we own you" is exactly why I stopped using Oculus hardware, that and the Oculus software itself basically bricked my OG Rift 2 years ago (still worked but was not playable)

  • I go to the same college as steve did (Reed), if he still had a stash there it would be gone faster than he did (he dropped out after 1/2 semester)

  • I'm actually considering a quest 2. I only have a FB profile for messenger so I don't really care about signing in with it.

  • I was told some people have their Cook skin removed at a very young age...

  • Hilarious how much horrible shit Epic does, yet rakes in the cash and gets a ton of support, while everyone gives CDPR shit.

  • So those Sony SJWs were backed up by chinese investors I see.

  • My work just moved to Teams from Skype for Business. It sucks. I didn’t even know it was a thing until a month ago lol

  • Ltt's friend, you are gae.

  • RILEY😍😍😍

  • STOP. RUFFLING. TRUMP'S. HAIR. Facebook is not a scamp, it's a velociraptor. Normalising their practises makes you worse than an apologist.

  • you cant use the vr headset which it is intend for _ if facebook is spying _ or let berg watch it too ____

  • You bet I want something that only works with FAKEbook, right, I'll jump right on that... NOT

  • Yeeeahhh.... Screw the quest anything! Gonna stick with the Rift Touch with 3 sensors thanks. Room scale works just fine, res and refresh is still a better mix than any of the compromises made thereafter. No reason to go beyond this. Especially for a lil niche part of the gaming world that is VR.

  • Facebook actually sucks your soul out and digitises it. Weird that. Good luck to sheep still using it.

  • Hey man we saw you had a backdoor on your server so we used that backdoor to close the backdoor and now we are stuck in your server....sorry for the convenience. The FBI

  • Zucc lack of human understanding is killing occulus.

  • I really wish they would do an audio video about why they are constantly touching the mic relay thingy lol linus is even worse about touching it during videos

  • Meanwhile, here I am, with the Rift S, crying at 2560x1440 and 80hz

  • Get to the point for f....s sake. Screeming and "fun" jokes. GN does news so much better.

  • This was not fun at all. Can you bring that chick back?

  • Hey, let's play F K M with Linus Media people...

  • That thumbnail is really soy

  • "You own the headset and we own you"... Is that suppose to be funny?.. Users should be rampantly condemning this shit... Instead this video worships it...

  • Ikr!

  • Reddit is sweating rn

  • Still... Facebook’s video compression is the worst

  • iOS bans adult content, but Discord bans minors? So yelling teens with iPhones win the internet? Apple is a derp; I wonder how many lost sales they've had with their shenanigans. -_- Censorship is still censorship, and the slippery slope it slides in on. PC and Android still seems to be the better way to go, since Apple decided to start making phones. Yes, they look pretty... The old colorful iMac PCs that first held CD-ROM were great... But everything else... Drama, whining, telling the people who bought their products what they are aloud to do... Nope.

  • "iPhone has training wheels" made me laugh way too hard

  • Jesus I payed 400 dollars for a oculus so this is great

  • I legit bought the quest 1 day before they announced the quest 2 and every day I get more and more angry. I feel like a 2080ti owner.

  • I didn’t realize it was 72 that means there are 50 million idiots who bought something you can’t even use basically

  • *FascistBook

  • Facebook is evil. Also, just so you know - these weird face thumbnails are actually making me not watch your videos because they make the video seem infantile.

  • How can I trust Facebook to make a performant VR headset when they can't even make run without spinning up my laptop's fans like a jet engine?

    • its pretty good also im typing this on my quest 2

  • I got a fever... and the only prescription is more tech news...

  • I love how people are always pretending to have a problem with Facebook while still giving them money and, in this case, giving them free marketing.

  • Funny

  • Riley is the best presenter on this show period

  • 3:59 should be noted that they did a slight revert and said it was for public servers only. Private servers are uneffected

  • 1:38 Why do they still sell pentium models

  • what happens if you are put into FB jail? can't play games while you wait?

    • if you're banned then yes

  • Quest 1 users: "da fuck happenin over there"

  • Subliminal message cookskin + fortnite = foreskin then comes the manscape ad lol

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  • If I could have a full serving of quick bits every day.... sadge

  • If Tim Cook = Tim Apple, then shouldn't we be calling Tim Sweeney "Tim Epic"?

  • or you could just buy the Sony Xperia 1 III and put it in a "Phone VR headset" bc it´s 4k, 120HZ, HDR OLED and on top you're not bound to facebook

    • Don't do that.. until you've used a 6DOF headset you just don't know.. beyond that there's an ecosystem around Quest you're not going to get from abandoned VR phone tech.

    • trust me phone vr is so much inferior its like a iphone 12 vs a nokia flip phone

  • I always click Like as soon as they do the Quick Bits segway, I enjoy rewarding them for making me giggle

  • The "Take my money" edit was 10/10

  • Why do you guys keep talking like the Hz update is news? That was planned from the very beginning. They always said, LATER. Even you said later.

    • @Thezuule Right, but they keep acting surprised like it came out of the blue and it's unheard of.

    • Because the update is actually coming now.

  • Facebook can SMD.

  • I really wanna guess those new ryzen cpus in the Surface are actually a lower binned part 😂

  • We all hate Facebook, we know that, but god damn that's cool

  • I have an Android for myself though...

  • How not to be tracked by facebook: Have an account, never use it.

  • Trading successfully is just trading with the right strategy.ever since I have start using his daily signal I have been making massive profits

    • Trading crypto now will be very wise but trading without a professional is not

    • @max Hernandez Thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away

    • @Flourish James +,1,5,8,5,3,1,2,9,0,7,8

    • @Flourish James His availability is on Was'Ap👇

    • @max Hernandez How do I contact Mr Gregory Manure

  • this episode of tech news was not as good as your usual standards... just saying .... no big thing...

  • Can't wait for the FBI to be prosecuted for hacking now - there was no prior consent! 🤪🤖😎

  • Should've exported video to 360 when pretending to press that teams button...

  • Should have called it "Oculus Beam"

  • Yeah, not buying shit from Facebook. Delete Facebook, stop buying their products

  • Coinbase!

  • NEVER BUY SOMETHING FROM FACEBOOK ITS SO DANGEROUS All of your data/ media gonna be theirs It's so bad 👎

  • I DON'T own the headset, and you DON'T own me... what's so hard to understand?

  • screw facebook

  • The oculus segment was hilarious 🤣😆😂

  • Wait, if ios bans NSFW on Discord and banned Tumblr, is it banned on reddit ?

  • good audio this episode. quest 2 jailbreak when

  • Imagine getting an email from the FBI telling you that your server has been hacked and they're just letting you know. That sounds like a textbook scam, lol

  • ‘We’ve been asking for this for years!’ Lol... accidentally starts video call with boss ... thx MS teams

  • Apple should just block Safari, it can access way more porn stuff than discord! Facetime too, I heard people get naked on that!

  • "Apple block NTFW servers on discord" My optinions is NSFW, do i have to be afraid to be blocked from my work aswell? Im going to wish apple good luck when they try and lower the max age of their app store to a age of 12 years old. When you are 13 you are kicked from apple store and wont be able to return withouth fake your age?!?!?!

  • What happened to that porn video

  • is this the only channel left where we can get rid of all that apple product placement ltt have been doing lately ?

  • Usually, TechLinked videos only have a few good moments, but this one just keeps giving!

  • It didn’t go from 72 to 120. It went from 90 to 120. I never would have bought it if it couldn’t do at least 90hz.

    • You bought it after the 90hz update. Day 1 it was running at 72hz.

  • This is awesome news for the Quest 2 headset. Looking forward to it.

  • Facebook 🤮

  • So the fbi broke the law by hacking into a server without the server owners permission. Not cool or legal. Then again who holds anyone responsible these days...especially cops

  • I got a pulseway ad with Linus

  • Imagine just randomly getting an email from the fbi like "hey we hacked your server to make it less hackable, have a great day"

  • "my phone has training wheels" killed me XD

  • Wait, how were they even able to go from 72Hz to 120Hz just with an update? Does that mean i can update my 10 year old 60Hz display to support 90 or 120Hz all of a sudden?

    • @NecroFlex a great number of displays can actually be overclocked to a higher refresh rate. It usually causes thermal issues or degrades the lifespan of the display unfortunately.

    • @Thezuule I know, it was a joke, but makes you wonder regardless how many displays actually support higher refresh rates, but are locked out cause "you didn't pay enough"

    • No. It means the display already supported those frequencies at the hardware level. They simply unlocked the functionality with firmware updates.

  • After oculus left 30gb of "stuff" and some background processes just running all around the clock even after proper uninstalling, I will never buy from them again

    • Not sure what the 30gb was but that stuff running all the time is the OVR server for powering the display.

  • this is the funniest guy at ltt. litterally needs more screen time. ):

  • Fuuuk ios !!