Wrecking Dad’s $3,000,000 Pagani Huayra (Footage)

čas přidán 20. 11. 2020
Wrecking Dad’s $3,000,000 Pagani Huayra (Footage)
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  • What a f..king douchebag of a kid, his father is also a complete idiot for allowing him to have access to such a performance car, though I let my nephew drive a Lamborghini Miura on his P plates, I was right next to him the whole time, Rj in Oz,

  • You Broke A 3 Million Dollar💰 You Own GTR

  • Damn tanner that GTR looks sick GOD DAMN

  • His Mom can’t even put her sweater over him right. She low-key mad and still worried about him too.

  • Hehe heh HAHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣

  • It is really clear you can’t drive for shit😁 remember the Range rover sport you also flipped🙄🙄🙄 dumbass

  • Money cant buy brains.. shit is sickening...

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  • Looks like a sausage fest in that car

  • My guys hole channel is fake

  • i idiots who have no idea about cars. You so handicapped Pagani there are spare parts. Please be ashamed, please. Feel Krass With Money What Your Parents Have Worked. You can not drive a car

  • These kids are annoying and music on their videos suckkkkk

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  • Them youtubers spoild as fuck

  • ya im sure he called ya right after it happened

  • Click bait - nothing to see here

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  • Tanner: Can 2020 get any worse? Me: DONT JINX IT!

  • The decay of society.

  • Imagine being such a piece of shit that you break your dads 1 of 1 car when you can’t afford one yourself? Spoiled rich kid

  • That’s not tanner

  • Did GG’s dad fracture his skull with the cast of his broken arm?

  • Is it me or does he look like justin Bieber with the hair and beard?

  • That song is WACK.

  • Just a loser kid who needs proavtiv

  • Someone outdid whistlin diesel for once. Only commenting here since the crash story video has comments turned off.

  • 1.6 million views yo 🙈🙈

  • maybe you need to grow up?

  • Anything for all the 5-8 year old fans! Fucking loser...

  • "The only reason I'm mentioning this in my video" Titles video to clickbait everyone. You're Trash Tanner, straight trash.

  • Seeing codie was like seeing a ghost ngl 🤯

  • that road looks amazing to drive on

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  • Spoon feed kids democrats

  • Dumb enough to waste 3 million on a car, you deserve to have it wrecked. Thanks for raising everybody else’s insurance rates, douche

  • That’s what you get for being stupid with it you spoiled brat

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  • I’ve never been on this channel before and 1 min in I instantly regretted it. Don’t know who any of these boys are and don’t care to. Peace out have a great day.

  • What a complete and total moron

  • Up next on stupid rich spoiled brats...

  • Tanner u look rough bro u on drugs?

  • Insurance company typing……

  • 100% if he wasn't friends with you he Wouldn't of Wrecked it.

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  • Saw this coming

  • click bait vid, -- Besides Toddlers and hyper cars don't mix - Stick to skateboards

  • 3:17 whats the name of the song

  • He literally gave the friends to crash he's daddys car for 4m dollars. 😂🤣😂🤣👌

  • Tanner: put some fs of the channel Me: OK f*** f*** f**** f*** OK now soutout me

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  • Damn we were all hoping you woulda went with the car 😕 still waiting for the inevitable.

  • Rich brats who gives a shit

  • Fuck this was my favorite car!WHYYYYYY

  • The kid don't nor did he ever have the driving experience needed to drive such a vehicle. His dad should have sent him to driving school before handing him the keys.

  • Qu: How do you know when a teen is lying ? An: Their lips are moving. More FOOL the father for leaving the keys where his moron child could get hold of them.

  • You must be a dickhead magnet.

  • Honestly why would someone be so reckless with a literal piece of art that's worth more then most people lifetime amount of income no respect. Then not to mention just click baiting someone else's story? Valid frustration? I think yes.

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  • Insurance company: WTF DID YOU DO TANNER??? YOUR DAD'S GONNA GET MADD BOY Dad: You're gonna get **** grounded Dad: go to your **** room (very inappropriate do not read)

  • This kid does everything but accept accountability. You crashed a Pegani showing off. The lanes are small where I'm from. yeah that's what it was

  • Proof that he’s not mature enough to be a driver.

  • Hey tanner you should race super car suspects his 900hp evo X just say dm him

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  • Yeah, I bet the insurance company was more mad that it was that car, than them writing the amount check of the car.

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  • This kid has crashed every expensive car he owns.

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  • His statement: completed a turn and after I straightened out I did accelerate but not past 40 mph. 3 mins later in same statement: I think hitting the brakes while counter steering is what caused it and at that point we did get some air. Bro you dont catch air doing 40 mph in a hypercar. And if you dont know enough about driving to know what counter steering is, you deff shouldnt be driving a hypercar. This is NOT directed at Tanner. Comments of the other video were turned off. Not surprising. Lol

  • This is why kids shouldn't be allowed to access a shit load of money and fast cars...

  • Bunch of Rich ass mommy and daddy’s boys

  • It’s the parents fault for letting him drive the car the dad had it coming.

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  • I don't want to steal from his story...CHECKS TITLE OF VIDEO..lulz

  • Daddy: Go make a history. Me: Crashes a freaking 3 million $ ultra rare supercar so I’ll be part of the freaking automotive history.

  • Daddy: Go make a history. Me: Crashes a freaking 3 million $ ultra rare supercar so I’ll be part of the freaking automotive history.

  • Tanner stfu u COVID induced fuck

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  • F in the chat for fuck that spoiled little kid

  • Gg exotics even looks like a POS. Just a goofy.

  • Gauge and you are d bags

  • Maybe he couldn't afford having it anymore. I mean, when you give am eleventeen-year-old the keys to your Huayra Roadster, you are literally asking to never see the car in one piece again. I'd disown him if he were my kid.

    • yeah his head would be out of the family and his body, but theyd be separate

  • intro song?