Xbox Series X DIY Repair Fail - They Almost Fixed It - Can I?

čas přidán 6. 08. 2021
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Xbox Series X DIY Repair Fail - They Almost Fixed It - Can I? I bought a broken Xbox Series X that someone else tried to fix but wasn't successful. Now I'm trying to see if I can figure out what's wrong and get this game console working again. The original problem was the HDMI port but that doesn't mean I won't discover something else is wrong as well.

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Tools I Use:
-Protech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link)
-Torx Security T8: Amazon (paid link)
-PH00 Phillips: Amazon (paid link)
-Tweezer Set: Amazon (paid link)
-Electric Screwdriver: Amazon (paid link)
-Thermal Paste: Amazon (paid link)
-Canned Air: Amazon (paid link)

Equipment Used:
-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link)
-Microscope: Amazon (paid link)
-Kester Solder: Amazon (paid link)

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  • Just a note about the bridged pin. In part of the video it looks like those two pins connect to the same place on the board. I can assure you that they do not.

    • Would you be able to do a video on xbox series X cooling fans And if it benefits more to have the X Box sideways or facing up for better air flow

    • @Daniel 12345 1) volts is electromotive force, not power. that is watts. anyway, caps store energy, which is power*time, and it causes a potential dfference across terminals. that's why you might say "they store voltage", but it's wrong. they store ENERGY. 2) non conductive screwdriver will get you nowhere. for big supply caps you need to use a big resistor (100kOhms 1/4W) at first and then scale it down to 1000Ohms, and THEN use a shorting bridge. otherwise you'll just weld stuff together with a short but loud bang and a lot of sparkles. some LiIon nichel strip welders are made with super/ultracaps after all. 3) 2 days is a gross overstatement IMO. I'd say up to 16 hours with very large caps (400V 200uF) but it depends on a lot of factors.

    • What console is easier to work on or is better engineered for repairs. Easy access.

    • Is there any kind of jailbreak for the next gen consoles like the kamikaze breach on Xbox 360??

    • I dont get it, why people just do not RMA stuff?

  • This is EZ money lol.


  • This guy is proof that we don’t need to throw out electronics when they break, just replace the broken part and voila.

  • Which temperature do you use for the hot air desolder and how long did it approx. take to took of the chip without ripping legs or lanes of? Good work though, it seems to be really small ...

  • Seems everything Xbox one series x you fix the power block is always the problem ! Poor quality parts if you ask me !

  • I think a faster way would just do what we call switch and bate meaning buy same unit place the broken one in box say it doesn't work and either get money back or least in-store credit, much easier fix

  • Steve tells us who your dark secret 🤫 to where you get those little chips from

  • Already failing Uhg

  • You say you cant sell those refurbished but in my country you are an alchemist of gadgets, i've been reviving hp pavilion laptops and amd igpu for some years with very good results, many of them from being poorly handcrafted to improved cooling system and undervolting. Like and HP pavilion that some cilent brought me, with a sempron and some nvidia integrated graphics, very underpowered but with a nice screen and very comfortable keyboard and keypad, reflowed, put some copper shits to improve contact of heatpipes in gpu zone, fresh thermal paste, et voilá! That laptop worked perfectly for more than 3 years till got robed by some house burglars that took it probably for re-sell.

  • Nice work. Looks so hard

  • Can’t believe the guy didn’t send the controller as well lol . Very interesting to watch.

  • i hope you didnt pay what he was asking for that. the halo edition is at best buy new for $549

  • What type of solder do you use with electronics?

  • It's amazing ppl drop 500 on a new console to just destroy it in less than a years time what is wrong with people?

  • Nicely done! I love all your videos.

  • My Series X is doing the same thing after trying to swap the HDMI...damnit no donor chips for me

  • So satisfying

  • so is there some kind of inside joke on this channel about thermal paste that i’m unaware of?

  • What was the roi for this project?

  • HDMI port replacement xbox series x is the big business in the moment.

  • Patience is such a virtue . GJ

  • Almost always amateur workshop rushing jobs.

  • Great video Very informative

  • hi sir. can you give a tutorial on how to fix a problematic xbox sx on error e100/101?🙏

    • my country is not supported! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Why those people don't use warranty?....

  • Love the fact that you didn't end the video and give up after the second try like I would've 😭 👏 very impressive you got my sub 👍

  • a whole channel of a guy fixing things instead of just buying new stuff. we need more of this on youtube

  • 570$ for a broken xbox series x? Nope!

  • I love your vids man you inspire more and more every time I watch your videos it just makes me want to repair things and I genuinely enjoy watching your content please never stop doing what you’re doing because you’re awesome man! 🔥💕

  • I have no idea why I enjoy these videos so much. I don't fix electronics, hell I wouldn't even enjoy doing so, it seems tedious and like itd make me crink my neck with impatience, but damn do I enjoy watching a pro do it.

  • Damn this was interesting

  • It amazes me just how skilled these guys are. I could just about change a lightbulb. Let alone do something like this. Very relaxing to watch. God knows how he remembers how to put it all back together.

  • As usual never disappointed by the ending. It's like a good film with a happy ending, ahaha

  • Oof i woulda cleaned that thermal paste off those chips if I were you it could be conductive. Also that area around the hdmi port is still a mess

  • This happens when you try to jam the USB cable in without looking 😂💪🏽

  • What was that “pre-Heat” kinda goop you were using and what’s the purpose? Very curious

  • Vaya que casualidad te ha tocado a ti la xbox mala, mira que es raro , en tal caso que sea de alguien , no lo llevaria a un tecnico ni loco, antes al Sac de Microsoft

  • Idk just now you remind me of this funniest unfunniest comedian called Gatis Kandis

  • so the bridged hdmi port pins fried the hdmi driver chip?

  • problemático em

  • He could of not yanked his cable out the back

  • That Xbox series X got a good kicking ..omg how much of a childess person had this ....that cable got ripped out of it

  • Awesome dude

  • $572.00 for a broken xbox?? Seriously!!

  • That layout on this system feels congested. How is this thing getting cooled?

  • What temp setting do you use with your hot air station

  • $572 for a broken series x with no controller? That’s more then a new ones worth!

    • @Platinum I don’t believe he’s located in Australia though. In the us they are $499, Canada they are $599

    • Where I am a new Xbox series x is $749 in stores. Which is extremely cheap for its hardware. I should also add I’m in a Australia so money works a bit different here

  • He is the best man tecnolgy fix for ever... 👍 2021

  • I'm curious, do you ever let the seller know you've made a video with their console?

  • Good one😄

  • Great work!

  • Steve before the haircut looks like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

  • 11:12, you can see one of the pins move here, bad solder joint.

  • You are damn good

  • 573$ for a broken console without the controler? And a new one is 500$

  • Cool video

  • I always wonder if the people who sell their consoles ever end up watching the videos that people like you make repairing them.

  • You're the best bro!! ✌🏻

  • $572 for a broken xbox. how much are you willing to buy this broken xbox one x for?

    • @Platinum I know what it is. my point is it's selling above retail price while broken

    • This is a series x not a one x

  • How is it that broken consoles sell for more than brand new working consoles???

    • For parts, they are not so many parts brand new, if you got a broken one for parts and you have a repair shop u know u can win much money

  • 5:22. That Bridge doesn't must affect, bcus those 2 pines go to ground

  • 150,- more than retail for a defective Series X??? What a ripoff!

  • Do you sale refurbished XSXs ?

  • This guy must have been a farmer hahaha

  • The people that get paid good money to fix these problems most of the time just give up , this guy and a few others I’ve watched on CS-tv go above and beyond the call to fix what those guys give up on , it’s awesome there are still people out there that want to work and do their job to the fullest , you certainly have my respect sir. 👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️

  • Any suggestions when you come across a stripped screw head?

  • la hicieron bosta ,men

  • This guy should have just warranty his console 🤦‍♂️

  • Absolutely got to HATE the dsesign of these things. It's like they are made to not be easily repaired... How hard is it for them to make a more regular open pcb which even leaves space for a etter cooler then this thing and maby a seperate small pcb for the connections that is litteraly plug and play.

  • His Wife after the video: Who's Brigette?

  • Because it still had the tabs on the box....imagine if he sent you the new 1 by accident lol

  • Another great video.

  • my OCD kicked in as you did not remove the old paste from the components around the APU, when you got fresh on .. 8 minutes in :O It gave some ticks ;)

  • get yourself a warranty.

  • The original owner seems like bridged the HDMI pins and causes the HDMI chip to burst.

  • "This guy must of been a farmer" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Hats off to the previous owner, a valiant effort on a the attempted self repair.

  • Good work Steve... What the ic retimer chip numbers... In one x tdp158,

  • Deeply repair 👍

  • Wish I had even a 1/2% of this dudes patience

  • hello, what do you do with the consoles when they are up again? I would iterate for an x-box one x and an xbox -x

    • he doesn’t sell them

  • seller lied hoping for a sucker

  • Hi Steve. Do u still post video's? I really like them and learn alote of them.

    • @TronicsFix do you make your videos yourself? Like editing and all of that

    • Yep, one per week for the last few years

  • I have a lightning strikes PS4. I already bought another one. Would you want me to send it your way for a video?

  • You do wonderful things for electronics. Once again how do I get to order ps5 game console from you. It is hard to find one. I am ps5 less. Plus no Xbox series x neither so 😢.

  • @TronicsFix can you tell us why exactly you started with the redriver chip to replace ? Is this just a feeling or a common failure checkup , cause i understood that at least they were not shorted, no indicator from outside that this might is faulty right ? cheers (I am not gointto replacing stuff on that for myself, its more like i want to understand how you proceed through this) ;)

    • @TronicsFix thanks for your answer ;)

    • Experience. There's not much else to this HDMI system and the redriver was a major problem on the One X.

  • why do they sell the broken console ? is there no warranty ?

  • The internal ssd cant be upgraded but what about hacking the external expansion card on the XSX?

  • He is impressed with the package, and I'm impressed with how someone break an hdmi port.

  • $572 for a broken XSX. Retails for $500. Ridiculous….

  • Why did he charge over $500 for that system is broken and they don’t even cost that much brand new

  • Thats it, this person is a scammer

    • You guys might not believe me but hear me out

  • Mashalla mashalla

  • The thermal paste jabs never get old. lmao

  • Hello Steve! A quick question, i've bought your recommended automatic screwdriver, does that screwdriver also allow the bits of the Ifixit Mako screwdriver set, or is that a different size. Kind regards,

  • Did you send the seller this video? I'd love to receive it if it was my attempt.

  • This was nice :)

  • Impressed with the seller? He's selling a broken Xbox for $572 dollars

  • can you put your content up on odysee also please - i wish to migrate completely off youtube platform and would like to view your videos there