Yolanda INTERRUPTS Rehearsal To Confront Abby | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 8

čas přidán 17. 07. 2019
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Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 8. Hope you enjoy!


  • notice how at 3:32 she pushes Gianina out of the way?

  • Why would u push someone by there neck any way 🤨hMmmMm

  • I agree with Yolanda tho....

  • Yolanda is right though, stacey can't hack the truth being told to her.

  • yolanda i just want to say you are lying because you did put your hands on her neck try looking cause you did...! ⚠️ psycho ⚠️ 🔹no hate🔹

  • All I can say is... GiANiNa

  • First day back and she’s already saying, “I’m done with this!”

  • Okay, maybe Lilliana did say she yelled in her face, when she didn’t, but she put her hands around her neck. I agree with Stacey.

  • Yolanda is trying 2 deflect about her choking Stacey bcuz she knows she tried 2 choke her lol

  • guys i think its fake because there is a video that yolanda and stacey getting back togheter

  • yolanda would have been booted as a member of the ALDC for good if i was abby

  • Anybody saw how Sarah sort of pulled Gia back so she could tell the moms what Abby said?

  • “We are not looking at Elliana we are looking at me” hahahaha...I’m dying!

  • This is how many times Stacy says CALL THE POLICE ⬇️

  • They need a soundproof window upstairs

  • Can anyone who is screwing at abby show some respect?like,abby lost her mother,her dog, had to go to jail,and then got cancer and lost her hair, and is now unable to walk.and yet the moms have the audacity to scream at her...?

  • Lmao I’m not mad at Yolanda for choking her....watch your mouth and mind your manners and your own kids

  • I think yolanda has become her period haha

  • Is it just me or is sarah stick her but out ever dance ?

  • 3:54 you're welcome

  • I love beef 🙊

  • Sure miss the old crew these moms are the pits.

  • Can u stop fighting for once like let the kids live

  • Did they forget to edit out the part where Sarah was meant to go upstairs and tell them what happened? Lol it was obvious the producers told her to go up first and explain why the duet stopped rehearsing and Gianina must have forgot or didn't realise. It seems so staged.

  • Yolanda: “I pushed her back!” Me: it’s litterly showing that you grab her neck and tried to push her down 😒

  • “The judge really doesn’t get to say too much.” Uh huh. Has she not seen an episode of Judy, Milian, Alex, Hatcher, Mathis, Joe Brown, Rinder, Mabelin, and the others?

  • I don't like these new smart mouth ass kids. I miss the old crew, all they did was cry and shut their mouths.

  • These are the new little bitches of ALDC. LOL hope these mothers are proud

  • Where's Elliana?

  • Anne at 3:08 is a mood

  • i love sara,, she was bitch no

  • Man... I really hate Sarah

  • She crazy af

  • Dance mom more like petty mom's. Jesus how old are these ladies. Act your damn age. What a bunch of pathetic joke

  • I feel so bad that Abby has to cancel the kids dances Bc of the parents when all they want to do is dance

  • 10 pirouettes ? Is she professional or is she crazy? Mikhail Baryshnikov can do this, but he's Principal. She's not a teacher. Do you love your children? Why are you please staying in that "school"??? They are many good educators in your Country. Your kids deserve much than this disrespectful woman , who always howls towards them. Dancing isn't synonymous of humiliation. Do you stay because TV is here? I can give you the results yet. Kids devastated, crying, losing their courage and their tenacity. I'm going to report this in International. I am a choreographer, Dancer, my students respect themselves as I respect them. What's this SHIT ???????????

  • Someone needs to call CPS. This is all very abusive abnormal behavior. A real mom would pul that bitch out of her wheel chair and beat the shit out of her then go to jail and own it.

  • The mothers are the kids here

  • It's Gianinna's mom fault for bringing up the incident instead of just lying. Just because that black mom wanted to know where 'The Strangler' idea came from, doesn't mean she had to say that .

  • Why is she there if elianna isnt