YouTube Rewind 2019, but it's NOT MADE FOR KIDS | Real #YouTubeRewind

čas přidán 5. 12. 2019
Time to #CS-tvReMIND everyone What happened this year! We’re Celebrating videos, people, music and memes that made 2019. PLANT SOME TREES at
With every year - it seems there’s more and more drama happening on CS-tv. This year with a serious hit by the knees with the Not Made For Kids option. Having the “happy” community on board being constantly demonetized is definitely not what we want from this platform. Please CS-tv, it’s your turn to take the hit for us.
As you guessed this is not the famous CS-tv Rewind video.
Although I love their Bollywood Version Year Reviews - as I write this - they uploaded a montage just a second ago (im a bit delayed - they are earlier this year…)
The same as last year (2018) I just wanted to do something a bit more honest and less advertisement friendly. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know which Rewind you prefer more?!

#TeamTrees #CS-tvRewind2019
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This video is just a mix of everything amazing (or sad) events, things, memes that happened this year - and the real creators and the ones mentioned below.
@Jesus Christ - I need your help:
@Anna Akana - Intervention: (most underrated Creator of the Year)
@TheMeanKitty Leaving CS-tv:
RIP - Etika Last Video:
@Logan Paul Lost. (against @KSI):
Late @Lilly Singh Show:
#Icecream Challenge
@Doctor Mike Saves Guy's Life:
Susuke Choke:
Ok, Boomer:
@Herr Fuchs AREA 51 Song:
@Elixir Naruto Run:
Ryan Creamer:
@Lil Nas X - Old Town Road:
Black Hole:
Sekiro Flying Enemy:
Mafia City Ads:
@Ed Sheeran - Cross Me:
@Ninja Joins Mixer:
@belle delphine eats Gloria Borger - RIP:
RIP - King Of Random:
RIP - Grandpa Kitchen:
MF Tea:
@T-Series Reaction:
@Trisha Paytas Drama:
Trisha vs @h3h3Productions:
​@James Charles vs @Tati:
@Nerd City CS-tv Tags:
@Daniel Howell is “Happy”:
RIP - Bruno Ganz:
@jacksepticeye Laugh:
@Billie Eilish - Bad Guy:
@Cody Ko vs @Jake Paul:
Greta Thunberg Speech:
@Jacob Laukaitis Mumbai Clean Up:
#TrashTag / #TrashTagChallenge
Fatboy Slim - Right Now Remix:
Unfriended Hamster
Keanu Reeves is Breathtaking
Underwater Cleanup:
@Aspect Science on Trees
​@MrBeast Tree Planting Fundraiser:
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@Lil Dicky - Earth @Charming_Jo 조매력 & More Cover):
World of @shane & @jeffreestar
@StephaniePoetri - I Love You 3000 (@Anna Akana Cover)
@Ryland Adams Proposal:
@Tana Paul Wedding
Felix & @Marzia Wedding:
H3H3 Baby Announcement:
Niki and Gabi - Rise and Shine Song:
@Jennelle Eliana
@CaptainSparklez - Revenge:
Ahh man, it’s the end.


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    • Next year should be alternatively called "Decade Review"

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    • So Glad you put Hong Kong in this review! Fight for freedom! Stand with Hong Kong! Five Demands not ONE less!

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  • I’ve seen this 3 times now and it’s always funny, but every time that damn hamster pops up I just jajajajajaja

  • There is half life 3 in area 51

  • 3:25 don't worry if you are familiar with India a single video is nothing we have also blocked the internet in Kashmir for over 500 days. Moreover we also have the highest internet shutdown record in the world. And we also have a tendency to file an FIR to any video we don't vibe with. As I'm typing there is are 2 # trending in India one being boycottnirma which is a company that makes detergent for clothes they have done the same for surf excel in past it was all for an ad, other one being boycottchhapaak which is a movie releasing on 10 jan its about a acid attack surviver. Main motive of the protest is that the lead actress of the movie went to a student protest that was held against the attack inside JNU university where teachers and students where beaten up by the goons. Fun fact: no arrests have been made. Also fun fact: goons didn't let ambulance to enter the university. Also fun fact: goons went to the hospital so that the injured can not get medical help. Also fun fact: JNU students are called anti national all thanks to tha media that played a fake video about them protesting against the country. And nobody talked about it when it was proven fake. Also fun fact: everyone knows goons belong to the leading right wing party and are students of ABVP. Also not so related fun fact: few days earlier police went to Jamia university and brutally beaten the students and treated them like terrorist and also called them that. And also threw tear gas grenade inside the library everyone maintained silence after that, the brutally was so intense that surviver had to get amputated one of them lost on of his eye as he was beaten up by police stick on the head and eye. Also fun fact: even the police didn't let the medical team get inside the campus of even let the injured leave the campus. All this happened in the capital city. I got carried away. Sorry, if that was dark if you can't tell I'm mildlyinfurated by this.

    • Another naxal chut!ya spewing venom and spreading falsehood. Get well soon Jackas$

    • I'm sorry I got carried away. I just think this is something that should be highlighted and the majority mainstream media is blaming the victims. Anyway I love your videos.

    • thanks for sharing - thats a lot to unload 😯

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  • You know what I told this to my friend. They took an x-ray on me and they found you in my heart. The doctor asked me to remove you, but I said no, I want you with me in 2020. Send these hearts to everyone you don't want to lose in 2020, including me. Try to collect 12 hearts, it is not easy. Send this message to everyone who made you laugh this year ♥ And now I am gay

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  • Goal: Get more likes than the original Rewind. ChrisAwake: A A few moments later: PewDiePie uploads the 2019 remake video. ChrisAwake: *Left the chat.

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  • CS-tv Bots: “why are you gay?”

    • No worries - we're already demonetized. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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