Zelda TotK Best Highlights, Builds & Funny Moments #6

čas přidán 20. 05. 2023
Zelda TOTK (Tears of the Kingdom) - welcome to Top Gaming Plays! This is episode #6 of our Zelda TOTK WTF & funny moments series. Enjoy the video? LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more Zelda TOTK videos.
Today we've got a new DUPE GLITCH that is super easy to pull off. In our example, this glitch lets you dupe 20 diamonds in less than 30 seconds.
In today's episode, we've got a player that builds a MECH and unleashes chaos on Hyrule.
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  • I hope we get a DLC focusing and expanding on the vehicle and building crafting aspects.

  • The fish zapper is actually an in game schematic you get from a Yiga base, the design is different but same principle

  • Fun fact: If you finish the quest given by the Deku Tree to find the Master Sword, The Light Dragon will permanently fly much lower to the ground (slightly lower than the Skyview towers launch you). Wether or not you already have the Master Sword, you must receive and finish the quest to trigger this.

  • I knew we’d be breaking the game within a week. It’s good to see the spear plank launch. I can imagine this being used in speed runs

  • BONUS: If you fuse your shield with a mine cart, you have an skateboard that also can travel red goo but faster.

  • I'm glad players are finding ways for us to get endless power in game since that will lead us to mega builds

  • Nitmedo just needs to give us a co-op game set in the Botw/ToTk with the building mechanics.

  • The Carok is twice as funny knowing that civilians cant see Koroks

  • Now it's time to use infinite power in a mecha build.

  • I only wish this game had come out a year ago that way there would be enough content to binge this all day

  • If you have two objects you can stand on, use ultra hand on one to move it, then use recall

  • 1:00

  • I’m interested in exploring that shock emitter recharge power cheese with some sort of flying war barge, or a ground tank at least.

  • Gannon is the diversion, link is the true villain of the Zelda series.

  • Just adding to the dupe glitch. If you do it once and are still midair, you can do it again but with whatever item you want. The drawback with this is that it will take from the slot to the right. And if there isn’t enough there, the dupe doesn’t work. The maximum amount you can dupe at once is 4 times otherwise it despawns

  • Thanks for featuring me in your video. I'm working on a consistent setup for the spear-plank-launch/spear-wing-launch. Tutorial coming soon!

  • I like the guy who made the car made out of koroks. They really DROVE me crazy 😂.

  • Oh so if you use a roller or minecart on a shield, you can skateboard past a few points =D Use this a lot in the depths whenever I don't have a Stalhorse, bike or car handy! =D (Which is surprisingly often...), also helped me in the mazes.

  • 5:35